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Raina watched what was going on with awe. These people were awesome fighters. She only knew Takeo...the other three were strangers. The shield being created by Mai and Maika was still around them, so they were invisible. She was listening to their chat, cautiously.
Both Mai and Maika were breathing heavily.
Maika gave Mai a worried look. "Raina, I don't think Mai can hold up much longer. These people don't look bad so let's show ourselves to them."
"N-No it's okay. I'm fine. You don't have to, onii-chan.", Mai said- she was panting at the same time though.
Raina looked at Mai, and gave the same worried look Maika had given her. "Stop using your magic, Mai. I was about to go down there anyway. Both of you go back to normal and then jump down- I'll catch you."
"Sure", replied Maika.
Mai said "Okay...", in an exhausted voice.
Raina smiled at both of them and jumped down from the tree.
Maika turned back to normal first- jumping into Raina's arms.

Raina caught her with ease and put her on the ground gently- then turned around to catch Mai.
Mai turned back to normal, but when she did so, she fainted- falling out of the other side of the tree and landing in the bushes.

Raina watched in shock as one of her sisters fell out of the tree and landed with a solid 'thud' in one of the bushes next to it. "Mai!", she yelled. She didn't care that there were other people there- that was a pretty far distance to fall from- they had been sitting on one of the higher up branches.
Maika had been just as shocked as Raina, as she watched the nightmare, of her beloved twin sister falling from about 5 metres into a bush. "Mai-chan!", she yelled. She ran over to Mai. The first thing she saw was the body of her twin...the next was...blood. Quite a bit of blood.
Raina was right behind her, and she picked her sister up from the bush and placed her on the soft grass, infront of the tree. Upon doing so, she realised her sister had broken her right leg really badly by the looks of it- it was at weird angles- and there was a long and deep cut down her left one. Raina tore off part of her under shirt and used it to bandage her sisters cut. She examined her sister's body carefully and saw her hands were covered in cuts and scrapes- so was her head.
Maika looked in horror at the bloody mess her sister was and started crying. "I-It should have been me...not Mai. I deserve it more than she does!", Maika screamed. Tears were streaming down her face. This was the first time she had cried since her parents death. And that had been the first time.
Raina then remembered there were other people there. "Hey!", she yelled urgently, "can any of you please help!? Please!" She then turned back to her sister, only to see Mai's eyelids flicker.
Mai felt a huge burning pain in her right leg, and a sharp one in the left. There was also a pressure on her left that she couldn't identify. Her hands stung as did her face. Then she remembered what happened. She had been sitting in the tree and had turned back to normal, when she fainted. " me...?", she said- noticing that it took alot of effort to talk.
Maika noticed that her sister had woken up and walked over to her. She held her sister's arm. "You just had a bit of an accident. It'll be fine soon".
Mai noticed in shock that her sister was crying. That never happened. "M...Maika...w...why are you...c-crying?", she said. She was scared. The only other time she had cried was when their parents had died.
The real reason why Maika was crying, was because the amount of blood that had come from the cut, reminded her of her parents death. "Oh, this. Silly. I'm only crying because you shocked me, falling out of the tree like that", she said in a matter-of-fact tone, while wiping the wetness from her face. It was a lie. She knew it was. But the main thing was Mai would believe least she hoped Mai would believe it. To Maika's relief, Mai looked like she believed it, as she sighed in relief.
Raina on the other hand was still very worried. If one of the others couldn't help she didn't know what to do. Mai was the only one in their small group who had healing powers...and she couldn't use them on herself in this state.
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