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Posted 6/1/11 , edited 6/2/11
So... Here I start posting again, so my second post after a long time is about the late song that have been around and my opinion about them. If you haven't heard then, check the MV.

Mirror Mirror - 4Minute

Well, I am a really big fan of 4Minute. As usual, the girls are showing their sexy bodies. This song is from their 1st full album and It's a tittle song a long with Heart to Heart. I enjoy listening to this song since the lyrics reminds me of Cinderella's villain.

Heart to Heart - 4Minute

As I said above, this is a tittle song along with Mirror Mirror. I really enjoy looking at the music video since it's funny and fresh. By fresh I mean that I have never seem a music video were a girl makes so many pranks to a guy. In the MV, there is a F.T Island member, playing the role of HyunA's boyfriend.

Fiction - B2ST

My favourite boy band besides Big Bang. As the girls of 4Minute are ending their "Mirror Mirror" and "Heart to Heart" presentation, the boys of B2ST are taking over with their 1st full album "Fiction and Fact", with the song called Fiction. In my opinion, the guys have been improving a lot in their singing skills lately. It seems as Cube Entertainment is taking advantage of the months of May and June.

Lonely - 2NE1

2NE1 is my favourite girl band beside 4Minute. After finish their performances of their 1st full album To Anyone a while ago, 2NE1 came up with a mini-album. the tittle song it's called Lonely. In my opinion, it seems like a too romantic song for 2NE1 style (it's just what I think).

Don't Cry - Park Bom

This song is very energetic. It's on the new mini-album along with Lonely.

5Dolls / Co-Ed School

This girl group it's new but they debuted long time ago in a co-ed group (Co-ed School). I notice we haven't talk about them and neither Co-ed School. So for those of you who don't know them. Co-Ed started as a group composed by 6 guys and 4 girls. they debuted long time ago with a song called Too Late then followed up with Bbiribbom Bberibbom. After finished these two performances, their company found a new girl and added her to the group, Co-Ed haven't make a come back since they finished Bbiribbom Bberibbom preformances, giving room to 5Dolls to debut. 5Dolls have been performing Lip Stain, Your Words, and now Like This or That.

Dr. Feel Good
- Rania

This 7 member girl group is new. They know 3 different languages (i'm not sure), but they are really good, I like the song as well.
Korean version
English version

And that it for the moments!
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