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[2011 KDrama] Protect the Boss
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Posted 5/29/12 , edited 5/30/12
I love this drama, although there are so many of office/business dramas already.
No Eunsol is very realistic and not irrational like other KDrama leading ladies, which makes everything so entertaining. Also, despite being a full-time Cassiopeia, I have fallen in love with Cha Jiheon in this but the adoration for our lovely Cha Muwon is still there. I still like Jiheon's character more, though. And Seo Nayun is so gorgeous. I can't hate her.
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Posted 7/27/12 , edited 7/28/12
JYJ Kim Jae Joong "Protect The Boss" Popular In Japan, DVD To Be Sold In November Places #1 In DVD Reservations

SBS TV Drama "Protect The Boss," that group JYJ's member Kim Jae Joong acted in, received a great deal of love in Japan.

The drama that aired last summer in Korea, "Protect The Boss," aired starting on the 12th on Japan's largest private broadcaster, TBS. When "Protect The Boss" ended, it received attention when it was introduced in Japanese channels KNTV and DATV.

Also, when it was announced that "Protect The Boss" special making dvd will be sold on November 28th, it placed #1 with reservations on HMV Chart, Amazon Chart, Rakuten Chart. As it is taking the lead in various charts, it is receiving a great deal of attention.

The reason why it is gaining a great deal of popularity is because of Kim Jae Joong's Korean narration. The upcoming DVD contains around 180 to 240 minutes of Kim Jae Joong reading his script, the making of his scenes, behind the scenes stories, Kim Jae Joong's special footage, images of him singing and acting.

Netizens responded, "Kim Jae Joong's popularity is incredible," "I'm curious about Kim Jae Joong's Special DVD, I want it and want to buy it!," "I want his DVD to be sold in Korea too! I'm jealous of the Japanese fans," "I should reserve the special DVD right now. "Protect The Boss" DVD good luck."
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