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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/17/08
OMG! *DROOLS* he's HOT! k im gonna b watchin hotelier
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Posted 1/16/08 , edited 1/17/08
ks im up to ep 8 now..and omg! byj is sooo perfect...i saw the pool scene.he has a great bod! and it was sweet how he "saved" her his expressions r so cute...glad im watching it now!
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
Hotelier did get better, I was gonna tell u all that in ep 12, the guy from Legend, the one that plays the other prince, Ho Gae or wats his name, he has small part in hotelier!!! he seems to like "song hye gyo", surprising
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08
OMG!!he sooooo hottttttttttttt!!!i wanna meet him in person!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for sharing the pics mymy!
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
oh! heheh forgot to say that yoon tae yong was the CRAZY guy there.
when LEGEND started i didnt managed to memorize the real name of hogae bec almost everybody in the bae family was calling him "THE CRAZY GUY FROM HOTELIER"
to think that he is the son of the SAMSUNG owner :)
btw, he said that HE is the one who intoduce the HOSPITAL that YJ oppa went, but YJ oppa stayed there for 9 days only.
rumours says that its bec some of the fans went there.
i know everybody want to meet him but i think that was like over the line.
i know i know i just want to post these photos :blush:
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
im gonna sneak a kiss for him..since my hubby wasn't here....
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Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
try clicking the photo

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Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/18/08
Thanks for the photo mymy, n yea he is the crazy guy form hotelier...wat a concidience that they were both in hotelier...!
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Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/20/08
THANKS JOANNE!!! these interview was from BAREFOOTED YOUTH ERA. thats 10years ago.
and somewhat we can see that YJ oppa hasnt really changed a bit :)

ill add some photos in here (kindda not realated though ^^;)
Jini re-posted this on Freeboard of's byjintorontoCafe.

Forever prince in our time 'BYJ'
Re-writing my 'barefooted youth'


BYJ who came back

He is in Brown tube(TV) if Han Seokgyu is in screen(Movie).
Four years since his debut, he never experienced failure in even one piece among the works he appeared in.
Ranked first place as secured check for viewing rate.
His appearance in 'Barefooted Youth' is more wonderful than previous ones.
(This is) a report after 2 encouters on how he spent his time before he came back.

Perfectionist who even would not rashly trim his fingernails

BYJ dreaming to be a delicate actor.
While watching video, how can I be in accord with main character's emotion,
(he) always agonize over, and when he gets drama script, he would read it about 100 times.
Without completely drawing each and every scene in his brain,
He would not even stand in front of camera.
When he feels like that part of connecting scene is not smooth even a little bit,
he would discuss it with director, and he put efforts to result in the best work all the time by doing that.

Even then, he would never come to filming site late.
Arriving earlier by about one hour average, he would read script once again, and also
make a final check on his costume and hair style.
Although he expressed his discontent saying, "As my body stiffened as much as absent period, I am not able to act properly",
as far as his attitude toward working at acting, he looked shrewed more than any other times.

Police Academy in Yongin, Kyeonggi Province

Filming site of 'Barefooted Youth'
He was looking for a nail clipper out of blue and
the reason for it was because he was to film (a scene) of playing a guitar next day.
That scene was
(where) he showed playing 'Somebody to save me' by 'Cinderella', a US 4-person group, as if he was professional session man.
Although it was the first time he played guitar,
it is unimaginable for him to ask other person that role'.
It was he, who was playing on guitar strings until right before filming, sitting alone in a cafe
even while all staff went out for lunch, after he learned to play codes from his friend.
Although (guitar playing scenes) appeared only in 4 episodes in the drama,
would his such apect be exactly a driving force for popularity, making him to rise to stardom, would't it?

Natural person BYJ!

"I feel uncomfortable to hear a word, top star.
From the past, I have never felt anxious about (what shall I do) if I lose popularity.
I wanted to become an actor who would do all the best for responsible character, in a given situation.
Reality is that I cannot (accomplish above desire) well as I want.
I would like to hear just a word 'actor BYJ'."

His thought is that actors "may probably have to become clergymen in art part?"
He added that he makes an effort as a public figure so that students can model after him.
Is it because of that?
He does not have any fan club which all entertainers would have one or two.
It is because of his thought that making fanclub without clear aim is meaningless
although it might be all right for singers.
Instead, his thought is that he would make a club loving a baseball in future, if he is given a chance.

"I would like to spend time meaningfully
as we meet together to play games, and do volunteer works, etc."

Polite way of talking adding without missing 'Isn't it like that' or ' yo' to each ending of sentence.
However, although he can be unnessarily misunderstood 'to be arrogant' because he does not give interview frequently in ordinary time
there is hardly any change in himself in the past or present.
If there is any changed point, it is the fact that
he knows names of world-renowned fashion brands like Armani, Versace, etc., which he neither knew nor heard of before his debut.

Moreover, (the fact) that variety of brands compete themselves to give him free of charge as well as discount coupon of course, asking 'please wear our clothes'

In ordinary time, BYJ is an entertainer who is thorough in managing self

Being indifferent from common notion that 'Scandal and popularity are proportionate(?)',
he has never up and down in people's conversation due to any scandal worth mentioning.
Moreover, he never showed his face in entertainment programs or talks shows.
What is the reason for it?

"First, I cannot talk well.
Second is becaue of thought that my age is early (young) yet,
to tell in detail stories on how I had lived.
I could appear (in those shows) when I am a little older."

The thing he hates more than anything is to force people to tear unwillingly.

Ordinary fashion style is training (suite)

For a while, when he was eagerly exercising, he even went about wearing only training suites all the time for a week.
One day, probably fed up very much, a worker at a sports center
greeted him saying,
"You probably like black color in particular."
When he answered "This is the only outfit I have,", atmosphere was such that all of them took it as his joke.
However, that was true.

"I either wear comfortably or, if not, I would rather wear formally.
If I had a girlfriend?
I would like my girlfriend to wear either comfortable clothes or formal wears.
I feel that pant suites would be really pretty.
If I buy (her) clothes among displayed ones in a show-case in department store?
I feel that brown color would be good."

The costumes he wears in dramas are mostly those which coordinators gives him from sponsors.
As such, he rarely buy clothes at ordinary times.
However, when he goes shopping, he would not forget (to buy for) his younger sister.
He make sure he provides (for her) even after asking sizes on a telephone if he does not know them.
It is exactly the appearance as we have been used to watch in Brown Tube (TV screen).
If one sums up his appearances he showed in drama until now in a word,
'tender and good-natured'. While being that, there was a toughness.
However, his explanation was that there are more of introspective aspects in his real personality.

(Explanation of photo*there is no photo in this posting:
BYJ, who had been absorbing himself entirely in practice playing guital strings
until right before filming as he stayed alone even though all staff went to eat
Nori maki he eats by taking a brief breaking time is just delicious)

Place he frequents is Jamwon-Dong river bank

I was curious about his own 'barefooted youth' of hard time
which one cannot feel at all from his prince-like appearance.
However, when he is asked questions that he feels uncomfortable to answer,
he always pass by answering vaguely,
making smiles for a while.

His dream during high school was an architect

Although he tried again after failing a college entrance examination, the result was again a failure.
Because he put efforts working hard (literally-wrapping his tightly) for 10 months as he went to a temple all by self,
he has never regretted for not being able to walk into college gate.
Just, he envies those who freely meet friends and study freely.

"Because I thought that films are the same (as architect) as one draws plan and set up pillars to build a house,
I jumped into Choongmoo-Ro('Hollywood' in Korea) without any plans.
That was with thought that this way could be a little faster to goal I was going to,
no, probably with vague sense of expectation that I might be able to become a film actor."

That was (because) he had countlessly heard offers 'to work as a model' from people around him
due to possessing tall height, handsome look, and million-dollar smile.
However, due to his personality of not being able to step forward easily in any places,
He wandered roaming about entire nation for a while without being able to making decision on his path in life.

Along with high school alums, there is any place he did not go
from Haenam in Jolla Province to Sorak Mountain in Kangwon Province.
All he had in his pocket for travel expense was only for transportation.
The rest was provided in local areas, and
he never avoided selling good mixed with merchants, as well as laboring in construction sites of course.

,p>At the time at JHapdong Film Company

Even when he was working (employed), his pocket was always empty.
A frient he met at that time was talent Kwon Ohjoong, and them became the best buddies as they became close while eating boiled egg and one pack of milk for meals.

He confessed in an interview (held) long time ago that
There was time that once they wanted to drink a cup of coffee in a cafe
suddenly while they (BYJ & KOJ) were walking on a street,
they told 'please give us one thousand won worth of coffee' because there was only 2000 won even after they emptied all pockets.
Is it because that he realized importance of money during that time?
Even after receiving guarantee at several hundreds of million won in each CF he appears like See Channel Glasses, Hite Beeer, 019PCS, Plant Nation, etc.,
he would never waste money 'immoderately'.
It was a long time ago that he gave cell phone, a must for busy entertainers, to his parent.
Even when he meets Kim Taewoo, a very close friend, at ordinary times, the place he goes is only one place
That is Jamwon-Dong river bank.

"You know, there are convenient restaurants made from large buses.
(soup made with lumps of flour) is delicious and there was time that I ate it without knowing that it burned roof of my mouth.
After that, when we sat along a river after taking out a cup of coffee from a vending machine, entire world was mine"

Reported by: Shin Dongho
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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/20/08

I would like to share this article during the Image Vol. 1 days in 2004 translated by koyuki and posted in KOB.

Posted on KOB by Gaulyeoja
Translated from Korean to English by koyuki

Nickname: chestnutpose
Title: (Scan) Design your body…shot 1. “JP, you told me that I could eat!”…
Originally posted on BYJ gallery

Shot 1… “JP, you told me that I could eat!”

Once, there was this episode with Yong Joon.

While we were staying in Phuket for the photo shooting of the book, Image vol.1, one of his fans sent us a basket of mangosteens as a present. Mangosteen is a fruit, sort of like a combination of strawberry and grape. At that time, Yong Joon was on a diet for the photo shooting, so he wasn’t supposed to consume any types of sugar or salt. But since YJ’s face seemed to be getting a bit saggy because of a heavy diet, which I was a bit worried about, and since I had to go out for the day to go to a hospital, I told him that he could eat some if he really wanted to. But I didn’t realize that I made a big mistake until I came back.

When I came back, all mangosteens were gone. He ate up all the mangosteens on the spot. I remember there were about 80 mangosteens, but by the time when I came back, they were completely gone. I couldn’t believe myself, and almost yelled at him “YJ, how could you eat them all?” And with his soft voice, he replied, “JP, you told me that I could eat if I wanted!” I said, “I told you that you could eat some, but not all of them!”

I really felt like crying at the moment, but at the same time I could also understand how much he must have been craving for sweets, so much that he could finish 80 mangosteens all at once. I couldn’t do anything but just laughing, and neither did YJ. And then, with this child-like expression on his face, he said, “JP, I didn’t know that mangosteen would be this delicious.”

*This is one of the episodes of JP(Il Jong-Pil) with YJ during his stay in Thailand for the photo shooting of the book, Image vol.1
* JP(Il Jong-Pil) is YJ’s personal trainer

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Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
ty to bb onni and sweet sister
original in japanese: KBoom March 2008
scanned & posted by: daisukibyj / byjgallery
translated into english: a sweet sister / bb's blog

TWSSG, Kim Jong Hak’s Production Staff Speaks about BYJ and E Ji Ah

BYJ Doesn’t Forget Consideration toward the Younger Staff Members

Because BYJ, in the role of Damdeok, was known by the label of top hallyu star,
it was difficult for anyone to approach him in the beginning.
We had also heard the rumors that he was by nature a perfectionist…

The first contact that we had with BYJ was just as the rumors said;
he was very thorough in his approach to work.
For each line of dialogue, if he was not satisfied with his own pronunciation,
he would request a re-shoot any number of times
until he was satisfied with his performance.

At first, we could not understand why he was doing that,
and the truth is that we thought he was being excessive.
But realizing that the nature of his requests was correct,
we slowly began to understand him
and believe that the star, BYJ, exists today because he has this aspect.

One day after the day’s filming had ended;
the staff and BYJ had an occasion to go drinking.
BYJ normally doesn’t drink and he continued to politely decline all invitations
to drink with senior staff members.
Due to the all-day filming in the sun,
by the time that filming ended, BYJ would be physically exhausted
and it would be no surprise to anyone he would want to refrain from drinking liquor.

It was at that time that the youngest member of the lighting team
bravely approached BYJ and said, “Hyong-nim (older brother)
please have a drink” as he offered BYJ a drink,
and BYJ who had firmly refused liquor up until then,
and on top of that, he was being offered soju which he normally doesn’t drink,
but he cheerfully accepted the drink.
Then after that, each of the young staff members began saying,
“Me too, me too”,
as they each offered BYJ a drink
and BYJ cheerfully accepted a cup from each staff member and drank it,
and in the end, we had the opportunity to see a red faced, flushed Yonsama.

We always felt on the film site that
even if it was the youngest staff member of the lowest rank
that he showed concern for,
we again felt that those who are top stars of today
are not objects that just fall from the heavens by accident.

(omit part on E Ji Ah)
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