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Text on the Graphic:

Have you read the rules?:

Have you invite your buddies yet or uploaded 8 pics on the payment ablum?: (show proof)

Extras? (optional):

Size? ( 200x500, 200x600, 200x700 ):

Picture ( from on spoiler ):

Do not copy there's form ♥

When you become a mod, behave to others. ♥

If you needed help, just because you just started a program ♥

Do not rush yourself, just take your time ♥

Please invite your buddies on screenshots ♥

Payments: Invite buddies AND Upload 8 pics on Payment Album

If you are reading this stuff please make sure to put this quote next to the rules. ♥

We only accept High Quality pic from

commen on the Comment forum

Please Do NOT Quote this post ~!!! ♥
"No More Posion" put this next to the forum

Please post your comments on the forum.
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