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It is basically, a story/storylines that fans of animes/dramas/etc come up with, using the characters from the main story. Therefore the story below, isnt real.

Put this disclaimer for everystory you submit:
Disclaimer: I do not own any Bleach characters, or ideas. All belong to the creators Bleach. I also dont own any Ocs that the people listed above created and let me use. The only thing I own is the few Ocs that I have inputed in this story.

Here's something to start with:

Arrancar vs Soul Reaper: Protect the Seireitei
The soft desert wind blew around the barren landscape of Hueco Mundo, the pale white sand blowing in the wind and moving to a new location. A humanoid type Hollow, with several spikes horizontally placed on his back, with a mask that was formed in a creepy smile, walked slowly into the Las Noches, to await his transformation. He slowly picked up the pace through the enormous palace and finally made it to the Espada meeting hall.

“Are you prepared for the risk?” A figure in the shadows asked. The Hollow grolwed angrily. “Well than if that is your wish.” the figure smiled. Suddenly, a pitch black arm appeared from the shadows, the immense spiritual pressure caused the Hollow to fall to his knees, the arm grabbed the Hollow's mask. At first the Hollow howled loudly then the howl slowly turned to an eerie, bone-chilling scream.

Its black body slowly shrunk and turned into human flesh and in a minute's time that giant Hollow turned into a female, who was in the fetal position. “Can you talk yet? If you can say your name.”

The woman stood up slowly, she was confused a little.

“Yes, yes, it does feel good, doesn't it?” the man grinned. “Now state your name.”

“Cielo...Cielo De La Schatten,” she whispered in short exasperated words. She was breathing heavily but her stomach stayed in as if it was bound. She felt her body and wrapped her arms around herself. “Finally a body and a voice,” She said aloud. “And hair.” She moved her dark sky blue hair behind her ear, then went on to touch her face then her forehead. “Whats this?”

“Its a remnant of your mask,” the voice said.

“Oh, its in the shape of a diamond...i think its cute!” she laughed.

Oh, whats do know Sáriel is going to be real mad, a naked girl, I cant wait to rub it in his face,” a voice said in a creepy tone..similar to Gin.

“Kaito, get her some clothes,” the figure ordered.

“Why should I have too, I had to get my own clothes when I first--” Kaito arugued as he stepped out of the shadows. A dim light shinned on Kaito's face. Cielo looked back at him to see that Kaito looked kind of bored. Kaito's long blue hair was in a ponytail and it shined in the light that also revealed his mask on the right side of his forehead and stopped at the bottom of his ear.

“Do you dare defy me?” the voice shouted.

“I wouldn't dare think of that, first,” Kaito rolled his eyes and turned towards the door. “I would never even dream about it,” Kaito grinned. “newbie follow me, and I will get you your shihakshou.”

Kaito and Cielo turned to the door and left the room. “ it?”

“Yea, newbie...”

“Who is Sáriel, you said he would be disappointed to not see me.” Cielo asked.

“Oh, well he's kinda...we lets just say he'll seduce you.” Kaito grinned.

“Oh,” she smiled.

“Well speak of the devil.” Kaito chuckled. “Thats his pressure,” Kaito sighed. He still will be disappointed.”

Cielo looked dumbfounded. “Why?”

Sáriel turned the corner and looked up to see Kaito and Cielo and nodded at them.“Kaito and new girl who just happens to be naked.” he smiled and just continued to walk.

“Oh, that wasn't so bad,” Cielo told Kaito.

“Wait for five, four, three, two.” Kaito looked at his fingernails then closed his eyes. “One.”

Suddenly, Sáriel slowly turned around and his eyes widened as he quickly ran to Cielo. “Hi, how are you?” he asked as he grabbed Ceilo's hands compassionately. “I'm...”

“Sáriel, I know.” Ceilo smiled as she tried to pry her hands out of Sáriel's grip.

“I see my name gets around.” Sáriel smiled. “Ummm..Kaito I will get this lovely lady some will be my duty.”

“Kaito, Sáriel, Ceilo, hurry up were leaving for the Soul Society. Gather your soldiers, and be quick about it.” Castizo ordered. Castizo had black hair and dark black eyes, Ceilo stared in them and felt lost. “And can someone please put some clothes on her.”

Okay sorry I know its pretty short but I didnt have enough time to write it all but chapter 2 will be up by midnight tomorrow so yeah we need more arrancar so if you could...thanks. Im about to start on chap 2 so we might have it tonite.

Author: Takashi Sato
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