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--- By Koko c:
Song: Frozen Oceans ♪

High school- The first meaning I could come up with would have to be:

One- Drama.

Two- Relationships.

I was especially boy crazy, I knew every guy in school since my Freshmen year here in Eagle High. I am anyone’s role model, and everybody is my friend. I get good grades, no- superb grades. Everyone adores me. My boyfriend since 8th grade- he adores me the most.

I love him.

We want to get married right after I graduate, maybe even the day after I graduate. We’re always together anyway, he even visits me in my dreams! We’re crazy about each other... and each time I see him, I always get those same sparks. He never grows tired of me, not of my nags, not of my odd habits, not even if I want to shop all day and spend his earnings.

He has a job.

He works part-time at a Sporting Goods store. I think it fits him well, with him being an athlete and all. I’ve been a cheerleader since Freshmen year, and still even now I come to all the games and cheer for him. And when his team wins, everyone goes out to celebrate and its the best feeling in the world.

He deserves all those trophies and medals placed on his cabinets.

My summer... it started; it ended. I spent every waking moment with Adam. Summer was ending with a bang, and my boyfriend was hosting a big house party tonight. Everyone who was anyone would be coming, and I prepared myself in the bathroom to make myself presentable, and the best looking. It took time to look this good.

Hair, make-up, the perfect tight-skinned dress that complimented every curve...

Because my appearance meant my reputation as well. Once school began again, we would be Seniors. I feel like crying, but I’m wearing mascara.

I knew every face when I walked through the door, each face smiled at me knowingly and some guys winked, too.

My two best friends had their arms linked around mine, and we strut as if the red carpet was placed underneath our feet. Everyone stopped and stared, their alcoholic drinks freezing in mid-air, and I found my boyfriend smiling at me in a circle of friends, welcoming me with open arms.

We kissed then, and gave a little flirtatious show for our audience. I kicked my heel in the air, kissing him. Then we laughed, and Adam dragged me suddenly into the kitchen around the corner, I screamed, but it was a cheerful scream.

We found a couple layed across the counter, holding each other intimately...on top of each other. “Guys, take it to the bedroom please...” Adam had a humorous yet serious look on his face, I nudged him playfully. The unfazed couple looked at us for moments and then decided to take Adam's advice.

I gigged as I leaned against the counter, “So, what did you want to talk to me about, Addy-honey?” That was his nickname. Cute, isn't it?

He leaned forward and smiled in my face, I smiled back. “I just wanted some privacy to tell the best girlfriend ever that I love her so much.”

We shared a passionate teenage kiss, that seemed to last forever. And that's how long we will last, forever.

I woke up in the morning with a slight headache. Maybe someone slipped a little something in my drink? Either way, I only drank a little bit, I wasn't as extreme as the others... plus, I needed to drive back home, right...?

Or did Adam drive me back? I couldn't remember.

My alarm waking me up marked the beginning of the end. Senior year... Although I didn’t like making new friends, I wanted to see just how stupid and sluttish the new Freshmen would be acting. Facebook gave me all the deets I needed. Girl friends are too fake anyway, you can gossip with them, but sooner enough they will gossip about you next. That is why men are diamonds.

I ate a compete breakfast served by the best Mom and Dad, then I waved them off as I drove away from the parking lot. The road ahead of me was gladly clear, no traffic meant I had time to check myself out in the mirror. I looked perfect as ever even in driving mode, and the sun rising in the morning was a great compliment on my flawless skin. It was going to be a good day.

I parked in the driving lot for students, I had my Senior spot marked ahead of time so only I could park there. I smiled friendly at some familiar faces that thought I was their friend, and didn’t stop to actually offer a, 'How was your summer so-and-so?'

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and smiled, Addy-honey.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“Meet me in the front of the school... :)


I ignored the friends around me and headed directly to the front. There, I found myself smiling uncontrollably as I jumped into my soon-to-be Husbands arms and kissed him.

“Well hello there, stranger.” He said as he held me close, walking toward a bench. Just the mere touch of him, it blew me away to Wonderland.

I lay my head against his chest, enjoying hearing his heartbeat. It beat for the both of us, honestly. “I love you.” I whispered, he held me still.

I know everyone peeked over at us, enjoying our little displays of affection. They were just envious, jealous even, I wouldn't blame them.

I would be, too.

“So... you ready for that Gym class first period?”

The sound of 'Gym' and 'class' in the same sentence, almost made me cringe. I groaned. He held me, protected me.

“I hate how my stupid counselor put me in that class! Who does she think she is...” I was grumbling by now, forming worry lines. That was not attractive at all.

What else was not attractive? SWEATING! I hated it... I hated feeling so soar right in the morning. Even after doing just a few pushups or situps, I would be worn out! Cheerleading, on the other hand, came natural to me. It was just a bunch of jumping around and smiling a lot.

Adam had a certain glow to him. A glow that made me think I could do anything. I could climb a mountain and not break a nail, I could climb the Eiffel tower and kiss him in the rain. It was a dream I had...

“I know you can do it Nattie, you’re my superwoman.”

I arrived to class one minute late. So? The Coach wasn't even there yet, late to his own class... what a great example.
I found a seat on the bleachers, away from the little children. Freshmen... Great. I just figured this would be a class I just wouldn’t talk in, but that small girl on the other side of the bleachers kept staring at me... did she have staring problems? Staring problems really needed to me medical problem.

I gave her a nasty look, laughing right after. I must have scared the poor girl, because she immediately looked away. I sighed, dreaded each minute of this. The little boys here haven't even like, reached puberty!

Five minutes later... The Coach came. “Sorry for the tardyness. I go by Coach Clark. Welcome to My Gym class. Or as I like to call it, Your Personal Hell. The rules are going to be simple, and your going to follow them.”

I was scared. I was scared for my life... he seemed like a hard-ass. He seemed to not take any bullshit...

He had a whistle necklace tied around his neck, hands to his hips while still holding a clipboard. He looked like one of those tough coaches who made you run 24/7...

He caught a poor group of chittchatters below me.

He yelled, “NO talking while I’M talking! 10 pushups for you all at the end of class!”

I groaned. Some seemed to notice and look toward me, some ignored it because the Coach was definitely eye-balling me hard.

“No cellphones, either.” Well that’s going to be a problem... I rolled my eyes at him, putting my cell phone away temporally.

“Will this be problem for you?” he checked his clipboard for my name, “Mrs, Cellphone?” A few idiots laughed at the 'joke'. Big mistake on their part.

“WAS THERE SOMETHING I SAID THAT WAS FUNNY!?” He was terrible, I already dreaded my whole year in this class. I imagined it now, me coming out of class tired then ever, sweating, in a bitchy mood. That would be a pleasant sight for my boyfriend...

And Coach Clark was STILL talking. A bunch of mouth vomit.

“You run when I tell you to run, when you hear the whistle. You do 30 pushups for every time you swear, 20 for whenever your absent.”

I mocked every word he said, I didn't want to respect this man at all. He didn't respect us as students, so why should we respect him?

I looked around at the Freshman's faces, panicked... I wouldn’t blame them.

“Okay, now that you understand, let’s take attendance...”

My name was called first. I raised a hand, but in ignorance.

“Ah, Cellphone girl. Prepare to do some extra running today Natalie Aprom.”

This was officially something I should put on

I don't care what anybody says, Cheerleading is a sport.

A sport I was good at. A sport where everybody watched me, where everybody thought I was so skinny.

The breeze flowing up my skirt had always gave me a rush, our chants and our smiles were one of a kind. Our football boyfriends would hear them, and they would win.

This was youth.

“Come on, Aprom! Do em' situps faster! Everyone’s already done!”

I was groaning and moaning, a little sweat trickled down my forehead, 7... 8... 9. 10.

I realized that everyone was done with their daily exercise, and I was the slow turtle. I got into position to the pushups, my hands were shaking.

I could not tell you how many times I've heard the blow of the whistle, loud and clear in my ear.

We ran 4 miles outside. I was lightheaded, I felt dizzy, I fainted almost accomplishing the 3rd mile.

It was official.

The nurse lady with the white outfit peered over me, her eyes big and brown. “Feel better, dear?”

I just stared up at her. My whole body felt so exhausted...

Coach wanted to kill me.

“Because it’s the first day and you’re not used to Gym, I’ll let you stay here the rest of the hour.”

My face was beginning to brighten up a bit, but I still couldn't sit up right.

“But, if you’re so out of shape, I suggest doing some home workouts. Trust me, it helps.”

I nodded, barely. My neck hurt. I wasn't myself, I've never felt so sick in my life. The nurse whos' name was Dorris on her name tag- she left the room I was occupied in.

The room was small with two beds, three flower plants and an open window. There was a trashcan right next to me. Just in case.

I was beginning to drift into sleep again, when I heard the soft feet of something coming in, and as if I managed to get super hearing, I heard the whole conversation through the walls.

“Oh, Chase... are you skipping Gym class again? You know I’ve told you to pick up your medicine before class starts that way you won’t miss out.”

Even if the nurse whispered, I could hear it. It kind of scared me, I shook my head and lay back down on my pillow. No more ease dropping.

Yes, I told myself I would stop. But then I heard something more. A tune, a familiar beat, like words from a song. The song became louder, traveling to my room.

I saw him. The boy who carried his medicine across the room and grabbed a glass of water next to the other bed on my side. I looked at him, his blurry figure. I tried to blink and see clearly, but he remained a blur. He left like a blur, and my heart sped up for some reason.

I knew that song... I used to always hear it on the radio.

Frozen Oceans, was it?

When school ended, the only placed I wanted to be was Adam's arms. We were back at my house, my parents were still away at work for 3 more hours.

We were on the couch, he was behind me massaging my shoulders, as I vented about everything today.

“And then I fainted, right then and there in front of everybody! Next thing I knew, I was in the Nurses office.” It made me feel better, talking it out. And it also felt better when he touched me with those perfect hands of his.

I was smiling when he said, “You know what I think you need?”

I turned around and pecked his lips, “What do you recommended, doctor Addy-bear?” I whispered seductively, he was laughing.

“A nice... hot... bath. To soothe your muscles, because I need those muscles to work during the night.” ...He made each word sound so heavenly.

“Pfft, I guess I have to listen to the doctors orders.” I giggled enchantingly.

“Damn right.”

I was lifted up off my feet like Cinderella, I was Cinderella today. Adam was the Charming Prince. He took me upstairs and into the bathroom.

“Wait,” I whispered, just before he dropped me off into the bathtub, I kissed him forcibly, even if I wanted to stop, I couldn't. I tuned out the world like usual, it was only me and him.

He pulled away reluctantly, I was still cradling my hands around his perfectly shaped head. “Go my lady. We shall continue this in the bedroom.”

I dropped my hands to my side, pouting, he turned and closed the bathroom door. I looked at the mirror in front of me and tied my hair into a ponytail.

Yeah, I’m probably not going to have time to exercise anytime soon, sorry, Dorris.

Adam's first game would be in 6 weeks. After last night, that would probably be the last time I see him in my room for a while. He'll have to be staying after school for practice for a few weeks. And I know how he gets after practice.

I'll have to cheer him up in someway... that would be simple.

“The guys want me to stay the night at their house. It’s for training. They want me to get to know the new teammates and stuff like that, you understand right? As team captain...” He kissed me longer, making his words disappear from my mind for a while, he knew I was okay with anything he decided.

“I love you, Addy-bear.” I told him once the kiss ended, then kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you more, Nattie-bear.”

He held my hand as he walked me to class, Gym class... I almost wanted to turn away and skip with him.

“I’ll text you, okay?”

I nodded, he wrapped me in his arms embrace for a long time, then I walked into Gym. (Aka: Hell)

I looked around the Gymnasium in which each freshmen eyed me, including the girl with the staring problem from last class. I took a place at the top of the bleachers, the top of my class like always. Everyone else was below me. Well, despite the one who just walked in.

Headphones so loud, tuning the world out, there was an echo beat inside the spacious Gym. He took a seat at the far right. Alone. I looked away from him and looked to the Coach walking in.

He walked as if he owned all of us. Just the sight of him made me shrink.

“Good morning, students! I hope none of you are sore from last class, because today will be way tougher! Also,”

I felt like throwing up. He. Is. A. Demon.

I didn't hear the next part he said at all, I was too busy holding my head in agony. “Did you hear that, Aprom?”

I was still holding my head, answering in a weak tone. “You know what... I don’t think I feel so good... Can I go see the Nurse-”



“You heard me.”

I guess trying to play sick and fool the Coach wasn't an option at all.

I heard my phone vibrate in my jean pocket, it was probably Adam. But I couldn't exactly answer it with the Coach eyeballing me, still talking about something.

“As of today, I will assign you partners. Today, we are blessed to have the presence of Chase Collins.”

Coach held his clipboard to his chest, like it was his life. Everyone turned their heads to the loner. Except me, I pulled my phone out to read Adam's text message.

I made the mistake to giggle.

“You still alive, right?

I hope so.

♥ Te Amo.”

I dug my phone back into my pocket, but it was a failed attempt. The Coach had eyes at the back of his head.

“Cellphone girl! You truly are a glutton for punishment. ”

“It was an emergency!”

“Did someone die?”

I went silent, shaking my head.

“Then it wasn’t an emergency, Mrs, Cellphone. Hand it over.”

I didn't get up. Giving me phone to a complete psycho was not an option. He was walking up toward me. Everyone stared, it was so annoying.

“I rather turn my cellphone in to a hobo!” I burst out, standing up. Everyone looked at me in awe for my bravery, the Coach on the other hand, turned an ugly color in his face. Fuck.

I expected the worst when we were face to face, but I continued to stand face to face.

Then he smiled, “Alright then, we will now announce partners.” he turned to face everyone else, then faced me again. “Mrs, Cellphone and Mr, Chase will be partners.”

Was that supposed to scare me? I just gave him an idgaf look, and sat back down, crossing my arms. When the Coach walked off seemingly proud of himself, a kid below me whispered with a small voice, “Aren’t you scared? I would be.” Then he turned back around like a good little boy.

Stupid kid. I rolled my eyes and pretended I never heard him, not caring about what the Devil was saying.

“By the way, next time make sure to bring acceptable Gym clothing. Tennis shoes are fine, sporty wear of any kind. Girls, make sure not to wear small tank tops that show cleavage, we don't want the boys mouths to drop every time during exercises.”

Why did he look at me especially long!? Asshole.

This man was seriously getting on my last nerve! I hated being messed with.

“Oh, and by the way, Chase. If you do not take those damn headphones off right this instant-”

“Fuck off, old man.”

...Okay, I was actually surprised. Impressed, too.

I didn't see that coming at all. Who knew such a quiet guy could pack a punch?

The class was definitely shaken in fright, the coach looked so pissed. Great. Now I’m not his only enemy.

The music grew louder, he was probably turning it up just to piss him off.

I liked my partner already.

The time seemed to have slowed down, and the tension in the room was so thick you could cut a string with it. I didn't have a partner anymore. Coach told him to go to the office, and the loner gladly left. I don't know if he was smiling or not, his hood covered his face. But I bet he was smiling.

“What are smiling at, Aprom!?”

“Oh, nothing...” I gave him a sweet and fake smile, staring him down.

“I hope you know that, without a partner, the exercises will be harder on you.”

I looked at him, crazy to even smile at that threat. But somehow I felt such a rush, such determination.

“Bring it on.” I grinned. But what was I thinking?

I ignored the whistle, I kept going up and down, even though my sides hurt from the situps, I kept doing them without pauses. I finished situps and pushups at the same time everyone did. I ignored the pain. Usually, if I had my partner, he would be holding my feet as I did situps, but I didn't need him anymore.

We ran around the Gym for 4 minutes, my heart was pounding so loud against my chest. We did a few stretches and then played Dodge-ball. I was already worn out, and just wanted to sit the game out. But that wasn't an option, I had to give it my best.

The balls kept coming like flying debris, and I dodged elegantly. Cheerleading helped my reflexes a bit.

“Hey, you’re pretty good...” said the girl with the staring problems beside me, why not, I thought. I might as well form a crew and take down the Devil Coach himself.

“Thanks.” I said to her, throwing a ball into the gut of a scared looking little boy.

“There’s only 5 people left on the other side... its getting intense, huh?”

I didn't reply, I was too busy catching balls. I hit another.

“I-I’m Ashly, by the way!” she chirped, getting the air knocked out of her.

Idiot. Too much talking!

Each side had four people left. It must have been the adrenaline pumping me up, I felt like doing something crazy!

Crazy and dangerous.

While I dodged a ball, I picked up one and aimed it well,

Everyone stood motionless and froze their throws, Ashley was shaking her head, “Don’t do it-!” Nobody thought I would actually do it, but they didn't know me at all when I was at my peak.

The Coach had no idea that my ball would be aimed just for his ugly face. He held his face and threw some curse words around, I ran.

Laughing, I ran.

Since I was clearly high off something, I decided to see the Nurse. It was the safest place to be at this time, anyway. I ran into the room and the Nurse behind the desk slapped her hand against her heart and gasped.

“My god...! Natalie Aprom? What are you-”

“Hi. Is Chase here?”

“Umm... well-”

“Never mind.” I spun around and looked to the room with the music,

Adrenaline was still going crazy. I clearly wasn't myself.

I heard the song play in one of the rooms, I knew he was there. I held my hand against the wall to keep myself balanced, panting.

He was laying on the bed, legs hanging down and hands under his head.

“I knew you’d come.” He said, sitting up and grinning. I heard Frozen Oceans and smiled.

Reality seemed to hit me with a ping.

My pocket vibrated, Adam... my boyfriend of almost 5 years. The boyfriend that was loyal, considerate, and smart. Adam Scotts, I love you. I had to tell myself that a few times over.

I blinked a few times, having to realize what the hell I was just planning on doing in the Nurses office. “I don’t know why I came here....” I mumbled stupidly, seemingly looking puzzled through the eyes of Chase Collins. He was still sitting up, laying his hands on top of his knees, his hood pulled back, revealing silky black hair with small spikes. (Not that I was looking at every detail...)

“I don’t know why I’m here...” I trailed off, looking around anywhere but him.

“You just said that.” for the first time, he took his headphones out of his ears, and looked at me, really looked at me.

I gave him a glare, and turned around to leave without looking back.

Honesty, what was going through me when I chose to come here? It must have been the adrenaline, some dangerous adrenaline that was...

I couldn't exactly go back to Gym... the Coach probably already called the office on me and I'm probably being hunted down as we speak... he's probably going to turn a harmless incident into something criminal. I decided to hang out in the girls bathroom stalls.

I texted Adam there.

“Hey... I love you.”

He replied immediately.

“I love you too, Nattie. ♥”

I didn't reply back. I didn't want to tell him of my malicious intent deep down inside, I didn't want him to worry about me. And it's our Senior year. I can't be acting like this.

I just wanted to jump into his arms and feel better. Is that too much to ask for?

I came out of the stall still in thought, washing my hands and fixing my hair a bit, just to consume time.

I might as well just march into the office right now, and hear my punishment.

This was so stupid.

I was acting like a Freshmen.

I haven't got into the office for no other reason but perfect attendance, or my counselor discussing how well I'm doing. College talk. Helping the desk ladies fill out papers and telling them how much they've lost weight, or how much I loved their outfit. I didn't. They were so out of fashion.

“Well, here is the trouble maker now!”

I knew that voice.

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