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WELCOME TO LONE ACADEMY. After you have been approved you may roleplay here. :D
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Kusari gave a barely audible sigh as she walked towards the academy. The road she took was empty, no signs of life whatsoever. It was still very early morning and no one would be getting up except people who had early work to do. Her surroundings were silent and the wind was blowing calmly yet to the normal person it would be giving off an eerie sense of feeling. The sound of Kusari's footsteps echoed ever fervently as she neared her destination. She stopped in front of the gates and the echoes stopped as the lock of the gates clicked, opened by an early arriving janitor for Kusari. She entered the campus and walked quickly to the side of the school towards a shady tree.

Sitting down she looked up at the sky, it was a clear day and the clouds were floating by gently, birds chirping a sweet melody without a care in the world. Kusari leaned back against the tree and looked at her watch still an hour left until anyone would actually get here, hmph I guess I should enjoy the quiet while I can she thought to herself. Laid down next to her was a guitar case, and her school bag.
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