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Here missions will be posted on a virtual board. Anyone can do a mission and multiple people can conduct a mission. When you choose a mission you go to that area(forum post) and conduct the mission (do it by RPing). When you have completed the mission come back here for payment:
Mission #01
Rank: C
Orders: Kill James Frankenburg, No civilians harmed
Briefing: The mission is to kill James Frakenburg, the right-hand man of drug-lord Christ Flano. He will have 10 armed men around his with bulletproof vest and concealed SMGs. He is located in Decorum CIty. Mission will result in failure if he escapes or civilians are harm. Dismissed

Mission #02
Type: Exorcism
Rank: D
Orders: Purify and exorcise Novum Village
Briefing: Novum Village has been infested with Low-level demons that are suspected to be Imps. This should be a cake walk for the average R.T.F.C Member so come back quickly and avoid any property damage. Dismissed

Mission #03
Type: Escort
Rank: D
Orders: Escort the caravan to the Armory
Briefing: We will be expecting a shipment of new weaponry for our troops. But due to the size of the caravan and the shipment it has become a target for bandits and pirates who plan to take and use our weaponry for there purposes. It is imperative that you do not let them take the shipment. Dismissed
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id like to take mission 1 if i can!! i belive i can do it without any civilian harm
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