[Role-Playing] Select a character
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Select a Character
One morning you wake up as a Pokemon and you will be accompanied by another pokemon you will become your best friend.

-You must Select A Pokemon from the following list below
-You must either be the leader pokemon or partner pokemon
-Minimum of 2 members
-Max 4 members
-Team name Required!

Please Fill out the following
-Pokemon you turned into
-human name
-Team Name
-Your Characters Quote
(what do they say all the time ^^)
-Picture(In Spoiler)
(picture not required)

List of Pokemon

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-I turned into Charmander (i am partner)
-human name - Palina
-my leader is Torchic ( Brat), and parnters are Mudkip (Kip), and Bulbasaur (Saur)
-Team name :Crunchers"
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-Username: Yui_Inaba
-Pokemon you turned into: Pikachu
-Human name: Judith
-Bio: Judith is a young girl who worked for one of the most top pokemon agency her partner at the time was grovyle. When Judith and her partner were assigned to go back to the past and stop the world from being engulfed in darkness. While traveling Judith and Grovyle get separated and she washed up along the beach as a pikachu. There she met her best friend Pippi the Piplup
-Partners: Piplup (Pippi) & Munchlax (scooter)
-Team name: Team Pokepals
-Quote "Don't let anybody tell you, you can't be something amazing
-Judith the pikachu
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With Le~ S-Club
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-Username: Kalulu13
-Pokemon you turned into: Vulpix
-human name: Shion :DD
-bio: She was just an average pokemon trainer. Along the way, she made friends with many pokemon but didnt bother capturing them unless the pokemon itself wanted to come along. Shes known to be really hyper most of the time. However, in more serious occasions, she gets more "darker" and will go a bit...off. She then saw a Grovyle go through a portal so she followed him, and thus, began her exploration. Washed up along the beach shore and met a pokemon...Riolu.
-Partner(s): Riolu, Cubone
-Team Name: Team Darkness
-Your Characters Quote:
"We will fight on, even if it means dieing!!"
-Picture(In Spoiler)
(picture not required)

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F / Digimon & Pokemon...
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-Username: Juvairo
-Pokemon you turned into: totodile
-human name: Ju-chan
-bio: Ju-chan is a young girl. She was one of the greatest rangers because her big deal it was to protect all the pokemons of the world! but one day a Grovyle was capture by the team rocket so she tried to save it. When she did it Grovyle was grateful for her because she saved it! So she told her in (pokemon language XD) to turn her in a pokemon...but she couldn't understand it..so Grovyle started to pull her and then she push her in a portal then she waked up in a forest and met a pokemon..Chikorita
-Partner(s): Chikorita and Cyndaquil
-Team Name: Team Destiny
-Your Characters Quote:
-Picture(In Spoiler)

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Username: G-Eirini
Pokemon you turned into: Chikorita
human name: Eirini
bio:Eirini is a pokemon trainer whose father is a scientist.Her father was working for years on a project that he can find a way to become a pokemon.He finally did something but he wasn't sure.He went out of his lab for a minute to inform the others for his discovery.Eirini was looking for her father and she entered the lab.She was holding her chikorita and she saw a machine with one red button.Her favourite colour.She was too curious to find out what that was but she wasn't sure.Then her chikorita jumbed off her hands and presses the red button.Eirini turned into a Chikorita and she woke up in the forest.
Partner(s): Eevee and Totodile
Team Name: Team of Dreams
Your Characters Quote: "It's too good to be true"
Picture(In Spoiler)
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