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On Route 28 there are rumors of a Team Chaos base being hidden behind a rock wall. Tons of gym leaders and Chaos members await; plus getting inside requieres a special TM or passcard that only Team Chaos has access to. To gain entrance one must either be a member or be ready to be a robber. For Team Light members a new idenity is needed since Team Chaos has most of the members recorded on the database. If you can manage to gather up a uniform from Team Chaos it will be easier to slip in but once you start battling two at once things might start to get iffy. Keep low, battle people that are alone and do whatever it is you are instructed. Whether it be defend or break in.
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Cynthia was walking around looking for her hideout.
She finds it and walks in.
A member of Team Chaos asks
"Who is it?" in a rude voice.
"Its me. Cynthia, one of the leaders of Team Chaos. Let me in." Cynthia replies in an ignorant voice.
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With a black wig and dark blue contacts, Okami now going as Mei was planning on infiltrating the gym. Her Oshawott and Litwick were in their pokeballs and her Espeon was out.
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