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Posted 12/31/11 , edited 1/1/12
Name:Sukii Yokoshino
:curious, kind, adventurous
:None,Can control Shadows but doesnt know it yet therefore useless unless is theatened
:She lived with her mother in the ShadwZ Realm.Her father was banished esewhere for getting the Queen pregnant. Her mother was queen until the ppl decided to throw her off her throne and put Sukii in charge, despite her being only 4 years old....

How death happened:
Mommy took me to a secret garden. It was full of pretty flowers and a cute little baby deer!
"Lay down sweetie. Mommy wants you to relax."she said to me. I lied down in the midde of the field of flowers. Mommy sat next to me.
"Close your eyes." I closed my eyes.
"Imagine a beautiful, trouble-free world"I did what Mommy told me to...Mommy put a hand over my stomach.
"Goodbye Sukii..."
"Goodbye? Where are you going?"I opened my eyes and sat up to face mommy. She had a meanie look in her eyes.
"Im not going anywhere...I will not let you take my queendom away from me. YOU are the one who must go away."
She started to push on my tummy.
"I-I don't want to g-"I couldnt breathe...and all I saw...was the red on mommy's fingers....and everything turned back...
I woke up. I looked around. Where am I? It's so scary...mommy? Mommy where are you!? MOMMY!!!
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