Thoughts on the up and coming Facebook app, The Sims Social?
Posted 6/9/11 , edited 6/9/11
Announced at E3, the Sims Social is a (you guessed it) Sims game for facebook (free of course) where users can create their character based on themselves, and date other facebook users playing the game
Now at first, I thought this would be just another facebook app, I have never been bothered to play any of them anyway, but then something in the trailer really surprised me
Players can have sex with each other. That's right. Its not very graphic, and like the "Woohoo" in the Sims games, its behind some kind of screen (usually under the bed sheets)
In this game though the two characters had the sex (I don't think they call it "Woohoo" in this game) in the shower
Now, getting your own created characters in a personal game of the Sims to "Woohoo" for the sake of creating a child (or to gain mood points, either way) is one thing
But having your own virtual character date and then potentially have sex with someone else's personal virtual character doesn't ring will in my book
First off, what's wrong with just dating the person in real life? Much better, and a hell of a lot more enjoyable
I'm sorry, but this game just seems like it will be sued by the numerous paedophiles and perverts lurking on the internet as a way to "catch their prey" as it were

Your thoughts? Check out the trailer on youtube, they also have a facebook page where you're supposed to "Like" it to be first to gain access to the game when it comes out
Posted 6/9/11 , edited 6/9/11
I got my Facebook deleted, glad I did, and if I still had it, I wouldn't use this app anyway. First off, it'd be pointless dating another virtual sim in Sims, and I agree with you, much more enjoyable dating someone in real life, secondly, you wouldn't know who the person really is just by looking at their character. Also agree with you, that app is a way for a stalker, pedophile, pervert, etc. to try to find someone.

So Sims Social, not a good idea.
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Posted 10/1/11 , edited 10/1/11
I play it too. I like it its fun.
Posted 10/2/11 , edited 10/3/11
ewh i hate it, i hate all the facebook apps, i keep getting useless invites i swear if i get another sim request i will burn there house down, D<
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