[GAME] Shugo Chara Story! [RANDOM!]
Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/10/11
So here's another story!

If you want to join in Shugo Chara story just put your real name! & make some shugo charas if you want!
So I'll START!

So One Day....
Amu: Where i can study? In middleschool?
Dia: We have no idea...
Guardians: Whoa! Look! it's Amu!
Amu: Huh?
Tadase: Amu-chan!
Amu: Oh, Tadase-kun? Nani? *cool n' spicy mode*
Tadase: Do you hate me? D:
Amu: Just kidding i'm testing you....
Tadase: Ahh...
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