Who wants to be Taeyang's girlfriend!?
Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/10/11
Majority of the female population wants to be Taeyang's girlfriend. It's not surprising for women to fantasize him as their boyfriend but.....[okay, now this will be very odd]

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS HIM AS AN ELDER BROTHER? Do you find it weird? Are there any girls who wants him as a brother also?

I'm like "brother Tae is so cool and funny! I wish I can find him a girlfriend soon!". Yeah, I know it's strange right? >.<
My friends are telling me that I may be the only girl in the world who dreams not to be his girlfriend but instead a sibling.

Anyway this is my [make-believe] brother Taeyang and our [make-believe] youngest sibling!!! XDD

Oh god, I am so messed up. >.< *face palms*
Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/11/11
You should totally turn this into a poll. p.s. Taeyang is cool!

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