Final Fantasy Dissidia 012
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Posted 6/11/11 , edited 6/12/11
Has any1 played Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 yet( aside from mi dat is)?-->Wat do u think of the new game? Would u recommend it 2 other ppl or not? :happy:
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Posted 6/15/11 , edited 6/15/11
I got the game when it was first released in Europe, and to be fair yes I would say that it is worth purchasing, if you already purchased Dissidia, and if you didn't get Duodecium because it has a better version of Dissidia's storyline in it. Making it practically two games in one. Overall minus a few annoying problems with A.I difficulty getting stupidly hard at points, then having Feral Chaos be really easy to beat. (Especially if you are like me and abuse Yuna's Mega Flare attack). It is overall a good game, though maybe the story for the 12th war could have been better. But with the new characters the game feels fresh again, plus with the downloadable content on the PSN giving you more music, outfits, even Aerith as an assist character. It gives it a lot of replay value, I've already pumped over 100 hours into the game so is it worth it yes it is. Especially if you love Final Fantasy. 9/10 I would say loses out on 10 because of slightly weak storyline and A.I difficultly being all over the place.
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/20/11
Total shit. Just like everything before or past VII.
Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
No...But I heard that its good though. Ive played Dissidia and i liked Duodecim still pretty much like dissidia? Other than the fact that there are more characters and stuff? Well, i'll guess ill buy it anyway, hahaha
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Posted 7/7/11 , edited 7/7/11
i've played it it's really good and i agree with Cloud-the-lone-SOLDIER especially the bit about the 12th war that could of been better
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Posted 7/8/11 , edited 7/9/11
pretty fun.
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