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Posted 6/12/11 , edited 6/12/11
Here you can make an application for a character, if you would like to join the RP of the group. There are several locations, each placed in a topic. Depending on what Force you are, you will be limited to which locations you can go to in the RP,
Example: Angel would be allowed in the areas that are within Paradise as well as Earth, though Angel would likely not be allowed within the Underworld unless given permission by a High-Ranking Demon.

I or a moderator will accept of decline application for a character, depending if they are too powerful or illogical (even illogical to fanatsy standards). Remember that if your character is declined that does not mean you cannot make another, you will also be given a reason as to why it was declined.

As an example to base your application around, I will make one for my character, though due to him being Death he will be fairly more powerful than most.

Username: Durff123
Character Name: Death, guide of the fallen
Character Race: Immortal
Abilitie(s): Able to consume souls, teleportation, regeneration, scythe combat mastery, necromancy.
Nation: Force of Death
Occupation & Rank: Leader of the Force of Death
Background or History: Once a mortal Human, he had become chosen by Paradise and the Underworld to become the caretaker of those who pass on and send them to one of the realms of the afterlife. He had later become bored of his constant neutral style of existance and became corrupt from his own thoughts and ideas, driven to become an evil force that even evil itself fears.
Classification (if any): Grim Reaper
Picture of character:

Just follow the basic guidelines and you will be fine. You do not need to use one of the Usual Classifications from the Nation lists, they are just the most likely occupation for those of the Nation you choose your character to be a part of.

Character Name:
Character Race:
Occupation & Rank:
Background or History:
Classification (if any):
Picture of character:
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Posted 6/21/11 , edited 6/22/11
Character Name:Robbie
Character Race:half demon/ half angel
Abilitie(s):great with weapons, and fly
Nation:earth nation
Occupation & Rank:Rookie
Background or History:was a human but sold half my soul to hell and the other half to heaven.
Classification (if any):I am from the earth nation and i will protect my nation even if i have to give my life up.
Picture of character:
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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11

Alright, you're good. Feel free to go around and do shit.
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