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Posted 6/13/11 , edited 6/13/11
For those that haven't read the rules, Please go and read them.

For those who have and still don't get it...

1. NO One liners , one / two phrases, one speech.

E.g She went to the beach , "Ok let's go." , She went to the beach, "Let's go"

She... who is she? who is the speech directly to? What are you doing at the beach? We need more information please to get an idea of the plot that is being made.

2. Opposite to No.1, PLEASE... The more you type, the better the RP... i hope to see at least 2-3 sentences.

E.g She went to the beach. ...improves to... [Name] walked into the sandy beach, feeling the sun hit his / her face with warmth. She / He smiled as the waves crashed against the rocks, and the children played with sandcastles as she / he sat on a towel to sunbathe. She / He noticed a wave about to hit a child near the she / he used her / his Water magic to move the wave away from the child.

3. As above example, PLEASE use your character's Name... i'm starting to see people having more than one character... so just using "She" or "He" is going to get confusing...

(I'll upgrade when i can think more straight, just got up after feeling a bit sick lol)
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