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Post Reply Ikuto hatemail (imaginary but still)
Posted 7/19/11 , edited 7/19/11

crazy_princessa wrote:

[WARNING. I Apologize for the next use of words;and if I get kicked out, it was for the good]
Look little girl, just shut the hell up. no one gives a fuck on what you think, you'll never change my mind!! and yes a pedophile lived in my street, so I know what a pedophile is. just SHUT THE HELL UP, NO ONE CARES ABOUT A FUCKING ANIME CHARACTER! whatever he does, I don't CARE!! ok? he can tease amu all he wants, he can even make out with her I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! but what is really pissing me off, is that your defending him so much WTF? get a life, he's not real, LEAVE IT ALONE!! like I said; HE WASN'T MADE TO PLEASE YOU! get over your stupid self, and WAKE UP!...[and yes you type like a little kid, and I can't understand what your saying].
I'm sorry group and CR, but she is really annoying T_T

oh man i know why you are insulting me...cause don't have anything to say
i know its a character but i want to teach you pedophiles reallys means ...
i re-watch shugo chara and i begin to understand him more better... and i olso read the manga(i have all collection of shugo chara book...) anyways.. i begin to more like him with amu ..and l know what you will post again: ''you'll never change my mind'' geez...and sometimes i'm like WHAT THE HELL why you have to hate ikuto if i was really ikuto haters i will hate the creator of ikuto!=_=...

note guys:i don't know why ...but its seem that the creator account was deleted marshmellowsnail2...i try to go in her profile but its said this document has been deleted
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Posted 7/20/11 , edited 7/20/11

umm no,cuz Im not INSULTING you directly, I'm telling you that IDGAF. and I don't hate ikuto, like I said; IDGAF on what he does, he's just anime. LEAVE HIM ALONE
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