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Posted 6/13/11 , edited 6/13/11
I honestly love it..
This piece has a really well fledged story, tons of brilliant plot twists, brilliant characters, just GREAT battle scenes IN A VISUAL NOVEL.. And the whole world in which it's taking place is just brilliant.. Simply said, a masterpiece..

There isn't a book, anime, manga, anything that has made me feel the way I felt while reading it..
Even comparing this one with gems like Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, and tons of others.. This one stands out with a shining brilliance that eats the light of my for-mentioned visual novels...

I finished reading it about a month ago, and it took me about +30 hours (Hell who knows.. It might even be 40 hours for all I care..)?.. I still feel it resounding in my heart, just asking to be read again.. And hell I have been stuck listening to the OST while doing other activities..

Minors should really just forget what they read here.. The story is far from being for the faint hearted, or people who aren't mature enough.. Unless they can't live ''in'' to the visual novel.. In which case you won't find anything to your liking here, as there is practically no x-scenes, other then about 10-30 (MAX) minutes of it, in the whole 40 hours of reading?

This might turn into a topic where you revere muvluv alternative... So to keep things from it.. Be sure to tell us WHY and WHAT you felt when reading it.. How the ending was for you (Without spoiling much.) and what are your opinions on it (More then ''Shizz it's so great'' )

So the ending.. Will try to keep from spoiling much.. Still will use it just in case though.

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