[RP] Apple Woods
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hey you! Yeah you! Lets RP Here!! XD
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One shiny day Ju-chan or maybe i have to tell totodile woke up....while she was opening her eyes she noticed a chikorita which it was staring at her in a pazzled glance..totodile stood up frightened and started to run around by telling :
Chikorita said:
-um im not big im the same hight as you. Chikorita looked at her with a big smile!
Totodile while chikorita was keeping to stare at her , she was thinking how a chikorita
could have the same hight as she was..after a hour of staring and wondering chikorita talked to her..
Chikorita said:
Totodile said:
WHAT WEIRDO??? you big leafffff! and started to pull the leaf which it was on chikorita's head!
Chikorita saiSTOP d:
OK OK OK! IT THAT HURTS XD! can you just tell your name ^_^ by the way my name is chikorita nice to meet ya!
Totodile thinks XD:
My name ??? my name ??? my name ??? my name ???
and then answered cant remember it >.< then chikorita started to laugh..
Chikorita said:
OKay im going to call you Mrs Weirdo...hahahahahahaha
then Totodile said:
take your word back you big leaffff! and started to stare at chikorita's leaf with an evil face (muahahahahaha) and chikorita started sweating...XD
Chicokrita said :
okay okay i stop!!! hmm cant remember anything ??? from which letter your name starts ?? A..B...C..
Totodile said:
OH I THINK I FOUND IT ^_^ Jurairo?? Juriro ?? hmm ahhh Juvairo-chan is my name! you can call me Ju-chan it is shorter and more easy to tell it ^_^
Chikorita said :
AHHH nice you are my first totodile friend Ju-chan ^_^ and they started to laugh and smile to each other but totdile notice something in chikorita's words <<my first totodile friend Ju-chan...>>
then Ju-chan asked chikorita...
Ju-chan :
what do you mean totodile friend ???
hahahahaha you are really a big weirdo XD because you are a totodile silly XD
then Ju-cahn saw a lake and started running at the lake and she glanced in the lake and she saw a totodile...
Ju-cahn :
XD OMG what happened to me!!! I CANT REMEMBER ANYTHING!!
then chikorita walked at her and told her...
Chikorita asked her :
what do you mean ??
I was a human....and now im a pokemon how can this happen ????
my dream was to become the greatest ranger..and now i cant..
aaaa this is a really good dream! my dream is to have a rescue team and save pokemons by giving me missions ^_^ but i need two more pokemons...for the team...
AHHH totodile do you want to be a part of this team PLZ PLZ PLZ
i would really appreciate it and also i will help you to regain again your memory i promise!
Ju-chan thinks:
umm...maybe i should join with her because i have lost my memory and i dont know the pokemon world.yeah and maybe this can help me to help all the pokemons of all this world yay!
YAY!! and started jumping around her...OOOPS but we have to find a name of our team...
you can choose it Ju-chan.
hmmm let me think! ahhh well we can use my quote which always i use it!
ohhhhhhh you surpised me Ju-chan! okay lets goo team Destiny!
Let's find a way to get out from this forest!

And from this friendship started a new team with the name Destiny...

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it was a warm breeze passing through the forest judith was on top of a tree catching some Z's she wakes up from the warm wind
Judith: Hmph... i had a nightmare...who i am inside *she pulls out a broken pendent the half pendent says "Ith" on it she remains thinking for awhile
Piplup: Hey pikachu are you awake
Pikachu: yeah i am! Whats up?
Piplup: i think i spot some treasure :DD
PIkachu: Oh really!? i'll come with you *slides down the tree*
*they run*
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SO the first adventure of the team Destiny continues:
While they were running they heard a voice...Help me plz help me!
It was a Cyndaquil which was fighting an angry Torterra!
Omg we have to help this Cyndaquil! let's do it Ju-chan! chikorita said.
But Ju-chan was feeling a little paralized because she thought that she didnt know how to use her powers she was a human not a pokemon....Chikorita recognised that she had a problem about her powers and the she told her. Dont worry Ju-chan just try them. i will protect you if you cant use them i promise! Chikorita raised up Ju-chan's courage.
Ju-chan: okay lets do it! said Ju-chan. Water gun!
Chikorita: Razor leafs!
then torterra looked at them with an angry glance. Omg why is it looking at us like that ?? asked Ju-cahn. DO you want answer?? then ask it! answered chikorita. Torterra: I dont want to fight with you. i just want to take back my food this cyndaquil stole it! Chikorita: what ?? is this true Cyndaquil ?? Cynaquil: yeah sorry...it started to cry im a poor pokemon and i was hungry i dont have something to eat...Ju-chan: Awww this makes me cry....can we help it ?? can we help it ?? plz chikorita :3 Chikorita: okay in fact i will let it to join in our team but you wont stole again food promise ?? Cyndaquil: Yeah i promise but what team do you mean ??Ju-chan: IT IS A RESCUE TEAM! the name is destiny! Cyndaquil: ohhh that is a nice name! then cyndaquil started going in front of torterra by giving it the food. Im so sorry i will never do it this again! torterra: nahhhh dont worry you are such a nice cyndaquil ^_^ then they good bye torterra and the adventure continues with a new member Cyndaquil.
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Mean while with team pokepals Pikachu and piplup were searching for the treasure when the noticed a large amout of pokemon gathering in the forest
Pikachu: what's this a Pidey comes up to greet them! It's terrible he shriek flapping his feathers the forest it's in danger because someone stole the time flue that was sitting on the shrine!
Pikachu: what does the time flute represent
It belongs to celebi he continued we neede to get it back we cannot anger the guardian of the forest!
Piplup: don't worry well get it back for you tight pikachu!
Right let's go piplup
*the head out looking for the flute theif*
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The story continues with 3 teamates now: Totodile (Ju-chan), Chikorita and Cyndaquil.

When they crossed the forest they reached at the pokemon town there were
many shops and banks....etc. But while they were walking at the
post pelipper and there they found many missions to save pokemons
and they also saw that they could also can explore places! so they took some of these
missions too. After this big day everyone were tired! then Chikorita led them at her
house and there everyone took a good nap except for Ju-chan or Totodile who knows what she saw
in her dreams ??

Continues tomorrow XD im tired for today!
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Eirini was in a forest now.A second ago her Chikorita pressed the red button of the new machine.Her father will be mad she thought.She looked around and it was night and all alone.Where was her Chikorita?She looked around but she couldn't find anything.Suddenly she realized that trees and the grass were way taller than they should be.She was minimized?No she wasn't.She couldn't stand up and walk like a human.And her feet were green...She realized that the Chikorita she was looking for was her.Maybe the new machine could turn you in a pokemon but it could switch a pokemon to a human too.It was like she took the place of her Chikorita and Chikorita took her place.
"What am I going to do now?" Eirini said sadly.She started to cry because she missed her family but no one could understand her now.
It started to rain and she had to find a place to stay.She didn't know where to sleep so she climbed up on a tree and she tried to sleep with the drops of rain falling to her body and face.
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