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Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/15/08
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

-Albert Camus-

AN: Mat’s thoughts: June’s thoughts, (): unknown observer’s at the end of this story thoughts. Pairing: June/Mat.

Once upon a time, two years ago I asked myself, why did you want to talk to me? Me, of all people: Mr. Angst! You blurted out what was on your mind the first time we talked. Then the next day you came back again… why? Why did you confide in me? Why did you tell me your secrets? Why do you tell me all of your worries cares and feelings? WHY…?

I came to him (Mat) because of my abusive boyfriend Daizo, Ko. there are just some things I can’t express in words to my brother about that relationship… and about other things too! My brother is relatively innocent he can’t understand what I’m going through… but poor, distant, and cute Mat could!

When I first confided in him, he thought I was nuts and perhaps in a way I was. Because after talking to Mat for 4 months I was finally persuaded to break up with Ko. Then I got to another series of problems than I started and confiding in Mat again.

I thought to myself why did she come back to me again? I’m not a guidance counselor, what could I have that the other chosen don’t?

After we had been meeting for about a year I realize that I liked and Mat so I asked him out…

One day after a long time and of telling me her secrets June asked me out, for a moment I was too shocked to speak but then I said…

To my absolute delight and Mat said yes and we’ve been dating ever since!

Matt turned to June and ran his hand through her beautiful brown hair, then he looked at her and said” do you have any regrets my lovely confessor”

June looked at him and smiled saying” why would I have been regrets about falling in love with you… my safety net?”

Met grinned, “none here either my brown haired beauty!”

They then kissed each other’s slightly on the lips and blushed.

Meanwhile an unknown figure on a hilltop watched them (I'm glad they're happy together, now I’ve got a date myself to get to)…

The figure and then left silently but happy, knowing in his heart that the confessor and the safety net were not only a beautiful couple but also a perfect example of what good trust can do!


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update soon plz
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