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Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
Long long ago, there were only 10 wolves. They continually spoke of the future and were wise creatures. Though there was one more wolf. He used to be the 11th one but he was exiled. There were only 10 elements but when he was exiled it created another element. Darkness. He obtained that power as he was exiled. He was exiled because he was the cruelest of the wolves. Then the gods came and gave the 10 wolves their elements. Sun, Moon, Space, Time, Ice, Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning, and Wind. They were peaceful creatures, and as more wolves were given to the Earth they began breeding. They only bred with certain wolves to maintain a clear bloodline. Deformed wolves were removed from the packs by the Obea and were left to die. If they survived they could come back to the clan as a gnaw wolf, the lowest rank wolf. But gnaw wolves could become sacred. There is a group known as the Ring of Fire and only gnaw wolves can join. Gnaw wolves were chosen by their level of gnaw bones. They use their sharp teeth to cut incisions onto the bones and the best designs would be chosen by the current Ring of Fire. There are 12 members of the Ring of Fire. The Pack Leaders chose the first Ring of Fire.
Now is a time of War between DarkPack and the other Packs. Your wolf exists to battle and serve the clan. Prove your worth.
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