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British Music
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26 / M / London, UK
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
Does anyone here, that's not from the UK, listen to british music?
What genre do you listen to?
What artist(s)?
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
I like the rock bands that have come from there such as The Beatles, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Oasis, Radiohead, Muse, and so on. You can't go wrong with them. They rock. Oh and punk rock came from there the streets of London.
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/17/11
I have a British friend, who told me to steer clear from modern Brit music.
Other wise oldies music by British artists are great
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M / Someplace
Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/17/11
I guess I can claim to listen to British music but I don't see why that matters.
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25 / F / ireland
Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/17/11
Florence and the machine are from the UK and are the greatest band I have ever heard. Gotta love a band that has a harp player. Can't wait for thei new album later this year

Aside from them, there are loads of good UK artists.

Marina and the diamonds -alternative'electropop with a very unique voice
Lily Allen-Ska/electro pop
Kate Bush- She is now a proper legend and inspires countless new artists.
Franz Ferdinand-art rock
Kaiser cheifs-rock
Birdeatsbaby- Dark cabarat, with classical influences as well as pop
Dizzee rascal-'smart' rap
Blood red shoes-Rock duo with a girl on guitar and boy on drums who share vocals
Eseb and the witch-'Gothic' but not goth dark alternative music
Clare Maguire-Pop soul singer with a powerful voice
Paloma faith-Jazzy singer with burleasuque influences
Ellie Goulding-soft voice electropop

The UK music scene is thriving, but the charts are usually full of generic hip-hop from the US.

Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/18/11
The incredible Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine.
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Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
America = a lot of decent bands

Britain = a few really fuckin' great bands

i love damon albarn, gold panda, radiohead, arctic monkeys and boards of canada


oasis has some good songs, but they don't hold a flame to blur
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31 / M / Gothenburg, Sweden
Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
Sure of course!

It Bites - Neo prog
Frost - Neo prog
Marillion - Neo prog
IQ - Neo prog
Threshold - Progressive metal
Ozric Tentacles - Space rock
Tesseract - Djent metal
Opus 3 - Techno
Porcupine Tree - Progressive
Iron Maiden - Metal
Bolt Thrower - Death metal
Jethro Tull - Progressive rock
Pink Floyd - Progressive rock
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F / Crunchyroll
Posted 6/20/11 , edited 6/20/11
<---- guess the band, they are my favourite

still didnt get it?

The answer is Queen
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21 / F
Posted 5/16/12 , edited 5/16/12
I'm listning to One Direction!!
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25 / F / Beautiful British...
Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/21/12
HELLS YES!!!!! asdkfjlsdjfoljow
British music deserves more love
Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/21/12
Yea, definitely.

Muse, Coldplay, One Night Only, and a couple more bands.
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28 / M
Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/26/12
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26 / M / Maryland
Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/28/12
The Rolling Stones ,The Beatles ,Led Zeppelin,Oasis,and Iron Maiden in no particular order.
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Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/16/12
ooh yes ^^ my favorites are: muse, coldplay, the beatles, florence+the machine, the smiths, and queen. i enjoy some of the more 'popular' artists too, like adele, ellie goulding, lily allen, the wanted, and one direction heheh. honestly though, i don't (typically) care about the origin of the music, as long as it sounds good, and more importantly, makes me feel :). which reminds me, i'd always thought pendulum originated somewhere in britain, but somehow get the feeling i'm wrong .___. ?
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