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Posted 6/17/11 , edited 6/18/11

Welcome, weary travelers, to the Palace of Mirrors.
Please stay, for there is a room enough for everyone.
But be warned, that once you step in here, you will never be allowed to go free from this place.
Be reminded, that only those who know not where to go, will end up here.
So why not find out what your true place to be is, while here?
Under special permission, then will you be able to leave the Palace of Mirrors.
But be reminded, you will never be free, for it will stay like a curse to you.
But if you still don't have a character, please create one here .
Create your own legend, and let us discover the many mysteries of the Palace of Mirrors.

Please keep in mind no technology like handphones, or laptops.
No vulgarities and uncouth words.
Create your own stories and actions, and you may choose to interact with others.
If others interact with you, please reply.
Do not control others movements if you involve someone else.
Lastly, enjoy.
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Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/19/11

What a place , a imprisoned palace with servants of
unexplainable features , and positions . With rooms of
glass to only water . With alot of rooms with checker pieces ,
and dead souls . What a place , and what a coincedence I
am the owner of the manor . There 's even a room that looks
like the outside forestry . Animals and insects . . . there 's a room
that puzzles me . This room has doors , doors with locked rooms .
Rooms that cannot be opened . Secrets of this place and
me stay behind the doors .
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