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CR Username:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Character:
Favorite Food:
Favorite solo female artist:
male singer:
music groups:
Favorite genre of music:
Favorite color:
Favorite emotion
Personality: (Not to long please!)
Random fact time:
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CR Username: Ritsu55
Nickname: Osaka
Positions: Singer
Favorite Song: Stereo Hearts and Shiningray
Favorite Character: prussia XD
Favorite Food: cherry ice cream :]
Favorite solo female artist: SooYung
male singer: Dong Woo and Woo Hyun <3
music groups:Infinite and SNSD
Favorite genre of music: Kpop, alternative
Favorite color: gray :]
Favorite emotion: O>O
Personality: (Not to long please!) quite most of the time but loud when i get to know you
Random fact time:
~ i believe prussia is the awesome-est character in hetalia :]
~ blue is an awesome color
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23 / F
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CR Username: Hinami_1010
Nickname: Lin / Hanami
Positions: Singer
Favorite Song: Please, Tell me your wish (genie), the great escape, mr. taxi, Link, Midi Master, Remote Control and Suki Kirai (sorry for so many @[email protected] )
Favorite Character: in hetalia? Korea <3
Favorite Food: noodles, tempura and rice <3
Favorite solo female artist: Yui, IU and BoA (at the moment)
male singer: Kim Hyun Joong, Se7en and Jay Park (at the moment)
music groups: SNSD, 4minute, big bang, b2st, super junior, 2ne1, f(x), after school, rainbow, infinite, SHINee, A Pink, Kara, many! :S
Favorite genre of music: kpop, jpop, pop, r&b, hip hop
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite emotion \(^_^)/ ~<3
Personality: I'm pretty at times, but don't worry, I'll warm up to you eventually. I'm sweet, caring and I like being happy! I'm really sensitive so don't say anything too mean. I love you all! MWAAH! <3 <3
Random fact time:
--I love Kagamine Len
--I love Yoseob Yang from b2st, he is mine <3
--I'm learning how to write in japanese and korean
--there are flying cats outside! o.O
--cats are cool <3
Picture: (posted later :3 )
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24 / F / England
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CR Username: Smished
Nickname: Smish
Positions: Graphics Mod
Favorite Song: Box Pieces of Sweet Stars
Favorite Character: Hungary <3
Favorite Food: Chicken fried rice
Favorite solo female artist:... Gwen Stefani ?
male singer: errr....
music groups: um...
Favorite genre of music: Anything =/
Favorite color: Light blue/light purple
Favorite emotion : =3
Personality: Opinionated, picky, critique (if you want a critique on anything, drawing/singing/anything just ask x3) happy, short fused.
Random fact time:
- I collect anime figures (My collection
- I draw when I can be bothered
- I'm 5'2", I've grown 2 inches over 5 years.
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