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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Write anything. Like,

What Arashi member(s) would you like to see in a certain type or plot of drama?


What Arashi member(s) would you like to see act with a certain actor/actress?


What drama would you like to see redone with an Arashi member(s) in it?
(Or a different Arashi member(s) if it already had one.)

I'd personally like to see Sakurai Sho or Matsumoto Jun act with Hiroshi Abe in a smart thriller mystery drama, like a mix between "Maou" and "Liar Game."

I'd also like to see how "Smile" would have turned out if instead of Matsumoto Jun, it starred Ohno Satoshi, who is already dark by nature.
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