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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/19/11
Josh : -accidently hits a lampost- "My face...." -stops walking-
Ami : -stops walking- "We're here!!" -jumps up and down-
Debbie : -stops walking- "Greaaaat....Wait a minute,why am i with you two again?"
Josh : "Because no-one wants you?"
Debbie : -stares- "Shut it lampy"
Ami : -burst out laughing- "Ahaha! Lampy! Ahahah!"
Josh : -dark aura-
Ami : "Eh?" - -
Debbie : -continues walking- "Leave him,lampost-boxso-man"
Ami : "..."
Josh : -annoyed face- "Now thats just taking the p***.."
Ami : "Eh? We're blocking everyones way by here"
Josh&Debbie : "So?"
Ami : "Er? Well.."
Miss.Wilcox : -trying to close the boot of her car- "Ahh! Damn it!"
Ami : "Hang on.." -walks up to miss- "E-Excuse me? Miss?"
Miss.Wilcox : -looks- "Yes?"
Ami : -grabs remote off miss-
W (i'll do W from now on..) : "H-Hey!"
Ami : -presses button and boot closes-
W : " know your stuff"
Ami : "Meh,just a bit...bye now!" -walks off to Josh and Debbie and walks into school with them-
Magnet : -buzzes up to W- "Thats them"
W : "Them? Pfft.Please..s-surely not...right?"
Magnet : "Hey.I aint lying"
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