King Tadase's Say:
Posted 6/19/11 , edited 6/20/11
No Posting! >:(

Posted 6/19/11 , edited 5/12/13
This is:



1. We want Peace! We have no any Offense to you Commoners!

2. I don't want Saying about Ikuto because we are Discussing about We HATE IKUTO! Understood Commoners!?

3. If you want Debate! Go to this Link: Debate

4. No Amuto 4EVA!!!! Only about me <-- [King Tadase] & Tadamu! & Hate Ikuto!

5. You Amuto Fans only post in Our Polls & Debates ONLY THERE!

6. Our Group will not FADE if there's a tons of Amuto fans! So? If there was!?

7. If there's a Spammer of Amuto Fans & Not stopping our Group Will have a Holy Crown & Ban by: tadaseamu_

8. No Figthing!

9. We hate those who was posting to our WALL. W/ their statements. WARNING!

10. no SPAMMING in our WALL! Just go in here: Spam.
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