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Posted 6/19/11 , edited 7/5/11
HERE IS THE LOWDOWN: due to trying to make this group more popular and also for fun, i have prepared a few traps (mua hahaha). dont worry, they're not bad at all. This is a two part contest. you may choose which one to participate in. if you want to be a champion, try them both! one is an avii-making one, and the other is a scavenger hunt. Here are the instructions for one and two:

1. avii making:

in order to uphold the apocolyptic scene, i have prepared a series of pictures that you can choose to edit. there are three of them, and you may edit only ONE. you may do whatever design you wish with the one you chose. you can cut the character out and put a different BG, i dont care. Just make it look good. there will be 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. here are the prizes:

1st: your avii will be THE ONE for the group. you can also custimize the banners and make whatever you think the group would need to make it look better. You will also be a mod for free. yes, FREE.

2nd: you will be the avii maker for the sister group, Tragix Survial. we will put in a good word for you in case you want us to persuade others that you are an awesome avii maker. you will also be the one to custimize a membership card for the whole group to contribute! you also get a extra 3 characters in RP.

3rd: yours will be 3rd in line. we will also put in a good word for you as well, along with the advantage of making an extra 4 characters for yourself in RP.

Link to this one:

2. Scavenger hunt:

This is a tricky one. it was to start on the 3rd of July, but it's been postponed to futher notice. whoever replies to the forum 1st on what the answer to the riddle is wins! along with a second place and third place. more on it when the topic comes on the forum page.

If you win both (if it's the same person, you may have the 1st prize 4 both of them!

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