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more will be added when they are introducted into the story.


Name: Alisa Shitsu, formally known as Amelia Shitsu.
Age: originally 1,311. She was stuck at the age of a 13. But now in the body of a 19.
Gender: Female
Hair: Used to be blonde, now dark brown.
Eyes: Used to be blue, now right eyes grey and left pale blue.

Personality: Used to not have a care in the world, for she had other's to worry about the little things for her. Now she feels lost, and confused as to why shes in the body she is in now.
Powers: Mind power. Turn anyone into her puppet, put suggestive thoughts in their mind, find all their secrets and turn the brain to mush. Now is unknown if she still has her powers or not. But what is unknown is she can only talk within other's mind.

Likes: Not unknown yet.
Dislikes: Not unknown yet.

Family: Mother, Father, Brother and two sisters. Now all dead.
Bio: will add her past in soon.

(Picture is Alice from X-Down sorce)



Name: Amelia Shitsu, But was given the name Millie for a cover by Alisa.
Age: In the body of 13 year old Amelia Shitsu.
Gender: Female
Hair: pale blonde with a bit of curl
Eyes: blue.

Personality: She acts sometimes how Amelia used to do but at times she doesnt. More to know soon.
Powers: Nothing is known about Millie's powers yet.

Likes: Not unknown yet.
Dislikes: Not unknown yet.

Family: None
Bio: When Amelia woke up in the body she is in now, she freaked as she started to remember her memories. Crying out with no noise, Amelia casted her memories out and what seem they took the form of what Amelia used to look like. Knowing she couldn't walk around with her past name, the past body Amelia, gave the older Amelia a new name. Alisa Shitsu as Alisa gave her a new name as well, Millie.

(Picture is from Ume (Illegal Bible) Mangaka)


Name: Marie Akin
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde curly hair
Eyes: Yellow
Race: Noble Vampire

Personality: Marie is very care free and takes pride as Alisa's maid. (more known later)

Powers: Mind, Spirit and body control. She is able to touch someone's mind, control their body and listen to the dead and take control of them.

Likes: Marie loves the sun and the garden.
Dislikes: People who just can't follow their schedule.

Family: Not known
Bio: Since she was little, Marie was assigned to Alisa for she didn't had any parents at the time. Knowing Alisa who was blind in one eye and unable to speak, Marie took her time to make sure Alisa was comfortable and happy. (More later)

(Picture is Tomoe Mami and the Mangaka is Kunishige Keiichi)


(We will meet the lady soon =] )
Name: Adrain
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hair: short Blonde messy hair
Eyes: Sliver
Race: Noble Vampire

Personality: He is very loyal to his Lady and nothing gets him in his way of his work (more later)

Powers: Not known yet

Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Family: All dead
Bio: Not Known yet

(Picture is from Enk, Mangaka)
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