Gakuin Kijutsu (RP)
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Dear ______
The Magic academy (Gakuin Kijutsu) Lies on the outskirts of a small village high in the mountains, It is the home and learning place of humans and the supernatural with powerful magical abilities. You are invited to join our ranks as a year one student. If you choose to accept the invitation, please fill out the application form enclosed, The rules on the Academy are also provided. The 3 Dormitories are also given, please mention which one you wish to reside in on your application form.

Application form:

Dormitories and residents:

Academy rules:


Ikuto is dating:
Nagihiko is dating:
Tadase is dating:
Kukai is dating:
Kairi is dating:


Other Characters can have a crush on or be a ex of any character,

PLEASE don't every one be best friends, have enemies and rivals too, for added drama x)


O.k Start now
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Name: Em
Age: 13
Gender: female
Dormitory: Andromeda (please)
Race and Abilities:fairy. can fly(duh), cast spells for survival, and sing to put you to sleep.
Personality, Likes, Dislikes and Talents: stubborn, nosy, funny. favorite food: any sweets. dislikes: Vegatables. Talents: When she's not trying to put you to sleep with her singing, she has a good voice.
Background: she's been an orphan for as long as she can remember.
Appearance (please bring a casual, formal and traditional costume):

Guardian Characters: I don't think she should have charas if she's a fairy, but if I have to:
Shuun: her wish to fight for people. chara changes give her wicked fighting skills.
Setsuko: her wish to sing for people. chara changes let her sing without putting you to sleep.
Character Transformations: she doesn't have any.
Other information:
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Race and Abilities:White lighter/Demon/Witch/Human,Can move object with her hands or by looking at it,Premonitions of past or future,Freeze time,heal people,If anyone is asleep with in the same room as her or in a room by her without the door closed she faints and falls into their dreams,Orbing (Transporting/disappearing into a white light/particles),Set some thing on fire by touching it/looking at it/or pointing to it(Controllable some times),It would be best not to make her mad or even upset if you do you will pay the price.
Personality:Shy, Rebellious,Doesn't talk and even when she does she usually is quiet,Loves do artsy stuff like dance,paint,sing,play music,etc. but only when no one is around,She usually keeps to herself not like anyone has tried to get close to her,she loves teasing and bugging people,but she is really sweet and kind and caring once you get to know her.
Likes:Music,art,writing,animals,cooking,the colors:Blood red,Purple,Black,All kinds of blues,loves to read,like girly thing secretly
Dislikes:Gossip,rumors,the color pink,
Background:Her parent "Accidentally" died in front of her when she was 6 she hasn't talked to anyone but her older brother since,Her family has alot of money but she keeps that secret,she loved to sing and dance and play instrument in front of people before her parents died now she keeps it to her self and does it when every one else is asleep,she has to run from the "people" who killed her parents because she saw them do it and with her power can easily kill them if they didn't carry they're dark bow every where

Other information:If you can get her to talk to you your special but if you break that trust she will go back to the same state of sadness and despair she just wishes she could be normal and act as herself she wishes to be more like she was before her parents died she wishes to be...happy again she doesn't express her feelings anymore she doesn't frown,smile,yell.laugh,she doesn't cry cause it shows weakness,she doesn't scream,cause it shows fear the only way to tell her feelings is by her eyes
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(Wanna start?)
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Jade:*Walks around school yard**Thinks:I can't find this damn dorm!*
Mai:Jade-chan is lost
Light:That is pretty obvious
Jade:*Looks at paper again**Sighs**Looks around**Runs over to a really tall tree**Thinks:Perfect**Jumps up onto branch*
Shadow:Again with the crazy antics why doesn't she just orb?
Light:Jade has more fun this way look at her eyes
Shadow:Yeah your-
Jade: *Looks down and sees she stepped on a boy**jumps over to the branch next to the one he is on sits down at looks at him with apologetic eyes*
???:Are you gonna say sorry
Jade:*Just looks at him with the same apologetic eyes*
????:Maybe she is shy Ikuto...
Ikuto:Sure Yoru..
Jade:*Jumps off and grabs branch she was sitting on spins around it(Like amu on episode 2)Lets go at top flips and lands on branch she was sitting on and jumps up toward top of tree*
Jade's charas:Wait!*Fly after her*
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