Faery Fest from Guelph, ON June 17-19 con report
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Posted 6/20/11 , edited 6/20/11
Another merry time was had with the 404s Eastside comedy improv troupe, this time for the first time in the outdoors under a band shell at Faery Fest in Guelph which took place on June 18th as noted at http://www.faeryfest.com/content/entertainment where they had many other events from the Birds of Prey show to Jousting from Ohio’s Knights of Valour to even a huge pirate ship from the Pirate Festival. It was an evening affair for their Masquerade event as we followed a lovely costume contest which had a range of outfits from fairies to gargoyles to even just people in nice capes or wings. During the day one could also see other cosplayers that were velociraptors, Rapidash from Pokemon, and Stephanie from Lazy Town.

It was just a one hour show but it was a blast to entertain such a varied and appreciative crowd both young and old. The crowd suggestions too were nicely varied from the expected fantasy/medieval ones like training fairies for the Pillars scene to a conflict about wenches between a king and his son the prince for the Shakespearian Aside with Soliloquy scenes. But there was also some great outside the box suggestions from the Search for King Garbage using the Random Lines from the crowd like “Is that really your line” to travelling to Jamaica for a vacation with sound effects. Tons of scenes were done within the hour but the big ones were likely the debut of the Bucket Game with 3 of our actors putting themselves on the line during a joust as one would always be underwater in a bucket headfirst, and the ending Marshmallow Scene done to a royal wedding of the audience suggested Psycho and Garfunkel. The audience was into the show and those who came on stage were especially appreciated for their enthusiastic aid in the scenes. The outdoors setting was an amazing change of pace from the indoor shows, and it was neat acting out in the open on stage (I appreciate the throne I hosted from as it was good on a healing back of mine too). The Westside crew might have been in the same weekend in Calgary opening for the great William Shatner, but the Eastside had equally good fun with the audience and even the helpful patrons of the Trolls Feet Pub who served as our opening act inspiration for 99 Things pub jokes on such topics as lemmings to even supplying tables (and refreshments for the cast after the show) for the front stage for more people to enjoy the show. The 404s had a blast with everyone present at this Guelph event and certainly hope to return again in the future!

As always to see all the 404s Eastside videos you got the main website at http://the404s.com as well as my playlist at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PLA0B3C6356020E27B&feature=mh_lolz where all our videos are in order of when they were posted. Thanks for reading!
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