Holidays Trio
Posted 6/21/11 , edited 6/21/11
In holidays time moderators have holidays too.Then we should have " Holidays trio" You gonna choose three pokemon for each month (july,august and september) who are link together (legend trio or starter trio).But remember. Check, before voting, list of used POTW,to prevent duplications .I put three trios to poll but you may choose own trio as well by writing it as post. But remeber those trio must be linked with each other as close as possible.And no double choices. Those trio would substitute pokemon of the week
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Posted 6/23/11 , edited 6/24/11
Well the Entei Raikou Suicune sounds cool to me. :DD
Posted 6/24/11 , edited 6/24/11
i vote for they too ^^
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