Ouran High School Story writing?
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This is a Ouran story that I've been trying to keep going. Please write in paragraphs

This is the beginning that was already created

DAMNIT! SORRY EVERYONE! This was supposed to be going into a Group! I do not know how this happen to be posting in the main forum!
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Haruhi walked down the winding driveway to Tamaki’s house. The sun shinned down on her brown hair now somewhat longer then when she started high school. Since the end of the year festival when everyone found out she was a girl, she thought she’d grow it out a little more. Now the host club was meeting at Tamaki’s house to figure out next years ideas. Everyone was to be there.
As she walked down the driveway she heard a car coming from behind. Moving over to the side she could hear the sounds of the twins laughing and talking about something. The car past her and stopped in front of the large villa that was the home of the Suoh family.
Haruhi walked up to the door, and before she could knock a man with a shiny baldhead and a suit opened the door before her.
"Greetings ma'am."
"Oh... um, Thank you sir," greeted Haruhi.
Suddenly, a gust of wind burst threw the hall and down the stair case which moved the drapes upon the walls, only this was no wind... "HAURHI!" Tamaki yelled. "Daddy has missed you SO MUCH!" He grabbed Haruhi with a strangling hug and spun around. Haruhi had a frustrated face of being shown this much affection, while knowing he saw her but 2 weeks ago. Glancing behind Tamaki, she found Kyouya speculating the scene, stance tall, standing still as ever. She couldn't read his face, however. Was something wrong? Tamaki let go, only to rush her into the main dining room, where they would be holding their meeting, showing various art pieces as they went. He hurriedly sat her down. "Do you want anything? OH! WAIT! You've GOTTA try this new parfait that my chef cooked up! OH! And you should try his famous..." he rambled on, piling more and more desserts in front of her.
"Ummmm..... Thank you Tamaki-senpai, but I don't like sweets, remember?" said Haruhi as she pushed the plates aside.
Hunny-senpai was sitting next to her with a large plate that had cake crumbs on it. He looked longingly at the chocolate cake that was closest to him.
After a few minutes, Haruhi pushed the plate in front of him and it was gone in a flash with a smug little smile on Hunny-senpai's face.
Kaoru knew better. "But Haruhi, What about strawberries, they’re sweet." He latched himself onto her like a kid would his mother. Hikaru took the other side and they began snuggling up against her. "Haruhi, we're bored! Play with us." They said in symmetrical voices.
Haruhi gave them a glare and said plainly, "No." That wouldn't stop them, though.
Tamaki wouldn't stand for it. He grabbed the twins and pulled them off Haruhi. "What do you guys think your doing?"
"Wha?" The twins said symmetrically, "We are Best Friends! We can play all we want! You’re just too old."
Tamaki disappeared into the corner and started to draw circles on the floor, the doom cloud around his head seemed to get bigger.
Haruhi shrugged. It seemed like things were never going to change. She turned her attention to the two upper classman, "So what are you guys going to do when you’re out of high school?"
Hunny-senpai looked up from his third plate of sweets, "Takashi and I are going to Tokyo University to study for are family!" he said excitedly.
Haruhi looked away and thought lucky rich basterds.
By this time, Tamaki perked up his ears. There was a strange sound of a motor running in the air. "Who told her to come?" he asked angrily. From the floor came a motorized caracole with none other then Renge herself standing right on top laughing that strange laugh she was famous for. Haruhi just stood there with an exasperated look on her face. Oh great, she thought, just what we need. The twins just stood there.
“Hohohoho~" Renge laughed as the motorized mechanism came to a halt. She sipped her tea that she held in her hand with her pinky extended.
Haruhi raised a brow and looked up at her, a rather confused look on her
face. "Where does that thing come from exactly?"
Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each other and shrugged then they both waved an index finger at Renge. "Get lost Otaku!!" As the rash and devious twins began their arguments, the host clubs just watched as the harsh words were tossed.
Renge's face began to redden with rage. "IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CLUB MANAGER?!" Her hand began to rise to strike Hikaru's face but before she had the chance to slap him, Mori-senpai held her wrist and Kyouya pushed up his glasses and walked toward the spectacle.
"Let go of my Hand!" Renge pulled her hand away and stepped back. Haruhi got in between Renge and the twins, looking as though she would fight if Renge got to near.
Kyouya stood there while Mori still had a hold of her wrist. "If you were to hit one of the members of this club you would be damaging a valuable and I would have to punish you Renge." said Kyouya. Renge's eyes began to widen.
"Kyouya! Price! You wouldn't would you?!"
"I would have to make you pay for the damages you've caused because I can't have a single member here not be there for their clients."
Haruhi rolled her eyes at this statement. Yet again he was thinking about money instead of the well being of his friends.
Haruhi hated getting in the middle of this...she went away...she found an art room, though she wasn't one who could really do art to save her life. She saw that someone was in the art room. Haruhi took a look at the girl in front of her. "What are you doing here all alone?"
The girl didn't say anything, but turned back to her work. Haruhi was about to sit next to her when suddenly, something or someone burst through the door.
"HARUHI" Tamaki burst thought the door screaming at the top of his lungs, "There you are! GAH! I was so worried you weren't anywhere to be..." he began to calm down as he ranted and realized there was someone with her, and instantly went into Host Club King Mode.
The girl finally looked away from her work and popped her face out of the canvas. The girl was a spitting image of Haruhi.
"Am I interrupting something?"
Haruhi looked at the girl, and then went into shock. She didn't do this a lot so the pressure made her faint.
Tamaki went into a panic completely forgetting about the other girl. "HARUHI! EVERYONE, GET IN HERE NOW!"
First in was Mori-senpai quickly running in and checked to see if she was still breathing, as everyone else rushed in Takashi used his monotone voice to signal that she was just fine to Kyouya.
"Ah," and he gave a nod.
Kyouya takes another step forward, "Put her in this chair please, we cannot leave her on the floor." Mori-senpai gave another nod and did as he was told.
Then Hikaru and Kaoru pushed to the front of the crowd and walked to the girl who was the spitting image of Haruhi. They walked around her and began evaluating what was happening.
The girl looked left to right. "Who are you people? She’s just fainted." She walked over to Haruhi and plopped herself on a chair.
Tamaki stood in front of the girl in her chair now, "We," his hand flew around in front of her and came graciously toward him now, flowers and rose petals were blown through the room by a breeze that seemed to come from thin air, "are the Host Club." The blond prince took a step back in held his hand in a much practiced manner and introduced the rest of the group while they stood in position as they have many times.
The girl scoffed in disbelief, "Host Club, but she's a girl!" She said as she pointed to the girl opposite her in a chair passed out. Leaning forward, elbows on her knees, she studied the girl. "She has the same hair as me, just shorter. We look the same height. Why do we look so much alike?"
Kyouya popped in and said, "I can answer that. Apparently, Haruhi's mother was divorced to a man named Peter O'Conner." "Hey that's my dad," the girl cut in.
"As I was saying, when they were born, Peter took custody of that girl, whose name is Rosie O'Conner while the Fujioka's took Haruhi."
Rosie looked at him in disbelief? How did he know her name? Where did he get this information? Did he read some medical records? Nah, that's illegal. But then... how?
Not accustom to being interrupted, he continued flipping through pages on his clipboard, "As you have grown up in America, Haruhi was raised here. Unfortunately her mother has died, so her adoptive father has been caring for her. And how she has managed to become a member of the host club can also be explained with relative ease."
"Oh, that's sad, her mother died?"
Kyouya paused and pushed up his glasses and went on, "Yes. When Haruhi came to our school she stumbled onto this music room and had broken an 80,000-yen vase that we were hoping to sell at auction. And by becoming a Host she has begun to pay off her debt."
"Not that I was willing to do anything." Haruhi thought in her mind while she was still unconscious.
"Well, if you need the money," Rosie grabbed her checkbook. Her dad was a state attorney... and a good one at that.
"Wow your really nice! Everybody here just calls me Hunny-senpai. What was your name again?" Hunny asked.
"Uh, my name is Rosie."
"Oh well Rosie, before you get to hasty with that check book, although I'm sure Haruhi would be glad you have offered to help, maybe you should check with her. Besides she still has quite a bit to be paid off." said Kyouya.
Rosie looked at Kyouya curiously. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" Wasn't his dad the guy who owned the hospital where her step mom had gotten the surgery for her breast cancer? "Oh, and, I'm sure I can pay for it...and I'm sure she'd be more than happ--"
Haruhi began to stir and everyone turned their attention to her. Rubbing her head Haruhi began to speak, "Oh, w-what's going on?"
Despite Tamaki's efforts to be the first to speak to her the twins budged in. "Haruhi, Do you know the girl who you ran into in here?"
Kyouya took over, and nobody objected. "It seems as though you have a twin."
"A-a Twin?! You must be mistaken Kyouya, Hikaru and Karou are the twins."
Kyouya looked straight at her, obviously they share the same trait of interrupting, he thought. "Yes, that is true, but your mother was married to a man named Peter O’Conner, and when she divorced him to come back to Japan, he got custody of one twin. Obviously your mother came back with you and Re-married."
Everyone was silent for a while. "Oh my poor Haruhi, never knowing you twin sister!" Tamaki began squeezing her.
Tamaki let go and the two girls looked at each other.
"So, what do we do now?" Rosie asked.
Haruhi answered her voice still a bit shaky, "I don't know. I mean, where did you come from? How did you get here?"
Rosie thought for a bit. "Well, I was bored and I wanted to go somewhere, so my dad surprised me by taken me to Japan. He told me he had relations there and told me to go to this address. I was told to wait, and then I asked to be in the art room," She showed her picture of an anime cat.
Hunny butted into the conversation, "Oh, that's and adorable kitty!" he said as he held his Bun-Bun plushie between his elbow and his side.
Rosie looked down and smiled at the small boy and how he clutched to his bunny. "Well, you have a cute bunny little boy."
"I may be little but I’m a senior this year! Aren’t I Takashi?!"
Mori looked down and answered him, "Ah"
Hunny looked up and smiled, and then back at Rosie, "We're both seniors!" He said as he climbed up to Mori-senpai's shoulders.
"Ah" was all Mori would say.
"Whoa! Seriously, I thought you were like Kelly's age or something," was all she could say.
Kaoru and Hikaru came up and hugged her like they did Haruhi. "Hooray! We have another cute toy! But her hairs longer."
"Toy, I’m not your toy."
Hikaru and Karou looked at each other and spoke in unison. "Oh, well, we’ll see about that." They turned their heads in opposite directions.
Haruhi rolled her eyes. "I don’t think I’m gonna like where this is going."
Haruhi turned her attention to Tamaki. "Tamaki, can I talk to you...alone?"
Rosie was skeptical, but let them go. She was too busy arguing with the twins. "I'm no toy! I’m a human being, got it?"
Hunny piped up, "I don't like beans."
The rantings of the remainder of Host club and Rosie continued as Haruhi pulled Tamaki to the corner of the room.
"Yes Haruhi? What is it?"
Haruhi looked Tamaki square in the eye. "Tamaki-sempai, what do you see me as?"
Tamaki began to blush at the question. "Well, I.. Uh... " Then he remembered something. Something that he had overheard but thought nothing of at the time.
(Kyouya turns his head around) "Maybe this could be an awakening love."
*End Flash back*

Kaoru smiled at the other Haruhi. "So Rosie is it? Well, that's cute."
He hugged her again. Hikaru then said, "We're the Hitachiin Twins. One of us is Kaoru, the other Hikaru. Guess which is which. Here's our only clue." Then they both said, "The one called Hikaru is the oldest."
They were pretty sure she wouldn't get it.
"Hmmmmm" She pointed to Hikaru and said, "Well then you must be Hikaru because you look older."
The twins simultaneously walked across, and in front of her switching directions. "Are you sure?" they both said. "I could be Hikaru," and "I could be Karou."
Rosie nodded to them both. "Yup! You're Hikaru! And you're Kaoru! Plus you guys seem to have different personalities," She smiled as she pointed to Hikaru again.
Hunny looked at Mori. "Takashi, she really is like Haruhi isn't she?"
Mori merely nodded, but had a small smile on his face still.
"Awww.. Rosie, your more like our Haruhi than we thought." They quit the act and Karou but the beret he was wearing on Rosie's head. "You win."
Rosie blushed. "Well, you flatter me." she giggled.
Kaoru looked at Rosie and noticed some graphite smudges on her cheek. He took his handkerchief, licked it and rubbed it on her cheek. Hikaru did the same thing.

"Tamaki?" she didn't say sempai this time. She was serious about this question.
Tamaki's face was a bright red now, and his hand was covering his mouth as not to blurt out an answer. "W-what am I going to say. I realize that I do like Haruhi more than a daughter, more than a friend, and a member of this club" the thought to himself.
Haruhi remained standing awaiting his answer.
Haruhi looked at Tamaki. It almost looked like she was going to cry. "Well that's alright...I'm gonna...go to the dining room...so....excuse me." Haruhi ran out of the room, and Tamaki chased after her.
"Haruhi!" he yelled as he ran though the door after her. Haruhi didn't answer, she threw her head down as tears fell from her face.
He paused for a moment then ran faster.
"Haruhi Wait!" he yelled again and finally grabbed a hold of her wrist. She tried to yank herself free, but Tamaki held on. Finally he had a hold of both of her hands and he was holding her. They were both facing the window in the long hallway. "Haruhi," he whispered, "Sorry but your question had silenced me from any words that I had wanted to speak." He was trying to control his breathing, and a lone, silent tear slid down Haurhi's cheek.
Tamaki wiped the tear away and looked at the girl who was disguised as a boy. "Haruhi," He lifted her head with his finger on her chin. Tears had spilled all over her face.

The couple was so caught in the moment that they couldn't hear the screams of the other girl as Hikaru and Kaoru took her away. When she came back, she was wearing a brown headband, a red top, and a black skirt with white flowers embedded all over it. To top it all off, they had cut her hair the size of Haruhi's. "Ah...uh..." was all she could say. When Hunny saw her, he jumped up and hugged her. "Rosie-chan looks so pretty." The only difference you could tell from her and Haruhi was that Rosie refused to wear the contacts.
Rosie looked at the hair scattered around the floor, "Whoa, was my hair really that long?" she asked herself.
"There Rosie, you look even better than before", the twins said.
"Why, thank you." She said blushing and touching the ends of her new hairdo.
Hikaru and Karou were quite proud.

Meanwhile, Tamaki and Haruhi were still out in the hall.
"Haruhi, I don't think of you as a boy. I don't think of you just as a member of this club. I don't even think of you as a daughter anymore. I think of you as, as a very close friend. A friend that, I would like to grow closer to." His voice began to quiver. "And... and I hope that one day, you might think the same of me."
Haruhi was facing him now, but all Tamaki could look at was the floor. He didn't want to read the look in Haurhi's eyes, whatever they might say.
"Tamaki..." she put her arms around his neck and her head was buried in his neck.
Thunder could be heard in the distance, and she couldn't have thought of anything better than being safe in his arms.

Rosie also heard the thunder and jumped.
"Rosie-chan, are you okay?" Hunny said. Mori stood next to the boy silently.
"Ye-yeah yeah I’m fine.." She began to look out the window. When she saw the lightning flash, she quickly looked away.
Mori-senpai leaned down and spoke to Hunny in a shushed voice. "More like Haruhi than we thought."
Hunny gave a nod. "Yeah”
This time, the Twins caught on to the clues that she was afraid of thunder and lightning also. They weren't going to have a repeat of last time. Hikaru walked her to the far side of the room while Karou went to close the curtains and blinds. It was dark in the room now and Takashi and Kyouya turned on the lights and lamps.
Rosie sat there shaking at every sound of thunder just waiting for the winds to swirl and take her away...again. "Its a weird thing, being afraid of a storm," tears were falling silently, but she caught them so no one could see.

Out in the hall Tamaki and Haruhi still held each other. Tamaki spoke just loud enough for Haruhi to hear, "I won't let anything frighten you, Haruhi." And he held her tighter.
Haruhi merely nodded and whimpered at the sound of the thunder.
"Ok, Haruhi, Lets go back inside. You can cover your ears if you like." Tamaki gently raised her up still holding her close. And they walked back toward the door.

"It's ok Rosie, I’m sure LOTS of people are scared of storms." He reassured her. Karou came walking toward her with his CD player and headphones.
"Here Rosie, This should keep the noise away.. just close your eyes and listen." He gave her the CD player as he placed the headphones on.
"Thank you Karou", she said in a whimper.
Suddenly the door to the hall opened, it was Tamaki and Haruhi standing side by side. Everybody noticed that they were holding hands, but nobody said anything. He looked around and walked Haruhi to the couch that Rosie was sitting on. Before opening the door, Haruhi had wiped the tears away, hoping that nobody could tell that she had been crying.

Rosie opened her eyes and did a thorough search on Haruhi's face. She hugged her and said, "I’m the same way. I guess we really are twins huh?" She handed her the other headphone, but she refused it.
Haruhi instead hugged her back and then fell back into Tamaki's arms.
Rosie smiled at the cute unsuspecting couple.
Kaoru looked at her. "I was wondering when they'd get together." then the whole host club minus Tamaki and Haruhi said, "We all were!"
Tamaki looked at the floor, face red and Haruhi tried to keep her face from doing the same. Covering her mouth with one finger, while she leaned on Tamaki's shoulders.
A loud thunder crashed and Tamaki's hand raced around Haurhi's shoulder to comfort her. "It's ok Haruhi" He whispered into her ear. Lightning struck and Haruhi instantly buried her face into the crook of his neck. A perfect fit, she thought. She wasn't listening to the thunder, the cracking sound of the lighting, or the comments of the host club. All she could hear was the breathing and the heartbeat of Tamaki. That was all she wanted to hear.

Rosie left the room to go to the restroom and had accidentally left the headphones in the art room and began shivering as the loud booms echoed in the living room. Then as the storm worsened, Rosie began to cry.
Kaoru found her in the living room lying in a fetal position on the couch. He sat next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.
Rosie quivered at first feeling Karou's touch, but she relaxed when she realized who was with her. "Shhhh Rosie" he said quietly, as if trying not to startle her. "It's just me, it's ok." And she closed her eyes and wiped a tear away. If she was quiet she could hear Karou humming a lullaby.
Kaoru picked her up and began to cradle her in his arms as he continued to hum the lullaby. She began to fall asleep.
Hikaru walked in on the two and shrugged. He knew that someday they had to not share everything.
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Tamaki unconsciously began to stroke Haruhi's hair. The storm kept getting worse and worse, and soon, the power went out.
"Oh... Takashi." Hunny whimpered. "I don’t like the dark."
Just after his remark, Kyouya whipped out an emergency kit and took out a flashlight and several candles. He handed Hunny-senpai the flashlight so he wouldn't be frightened and placed the candles throughout the room and lit the candles one by one.
Rosie was a sleep in Karou's arms and Hikaru walked out of the room without his brother spotting him. He walked back to the room where there were candles in the room. He went to Kyouya and grabbed 2 from his case with a match and walked back to Karou.
"Here," he said as he put a candle on the long coffee table behind the couch.
"These should help."
"Thank you Hikaru" He said with a small smile.
Rosie felt warm for some reason. Some one was holding her. When she fell asleep, she began to dream about a tornado picking her up and dropping her on the street just like her friend...so long ago...
"No...no...help...anyone.." she said in her sleep.
Kaoru began to cradle her again and Hikaru sat next to them to rub her back.
Then it showed an image of her friend after she had hit the concrete. There was blood on her face and broken bones everywhere. "Noooo!" she shouted as she held on to Kaoru as if her life depended on it.
Karou began to reassure her in her sleep, "Shhh. Shhh.. Rosie, it's ok."
"What is she dreaming about?" Hikaru asked.
Karou answered with the only think he could, "I don't know, but apparently it's bad. All we can do is be here for her."
"She seems a bit cold, I’m going to grab a blanket for you guys ok? I'll be right back."
Karou was concerned, night terrors can seem so real, and he didn't know what he could do to help her. He began to gently rub her back and he continued his humming in attempt to calm her.
Hikaru came back with a fuzzy blanket, "The storm looks to be almost over. Hopefully this will all be over soon." He covered both Rosie and Karou with the blanket.
"Would you like me to stay?"
"You can if you like, but there's nothing else you are I can do."
"Ok, if you need me I’ll be in there with the others."
"Ok, and thank you Hikaru."
Rosie began to blink and slowly open her deep eyes. "What... oh ... you're not... I’m not..." then she cried again.
"Shh Rosie. It's ok, Your here now. Don't worry." Karou stoked her hair and continued to reassure her.
Rosie nodded to Karou. "I'm sorry, when I was little, a friend and I were in a tornado and while I survived by landing in a tree, she died when she fell on the concrete. I fear tornadoes above any other storm!"
"Well, we all have our demons to face," Hikaru said.
"I may not be able to stop the weather," Karou butted in, "but, I can try to comfort you."
He was never really able to hide his feelings. Even as a child, he was always like this, Hikaru thought.
Rosie smiled sadly. "Thank you....I think I should leave now, however... I don't want to bother you all." She was about to leave when Kaoru grabbed her hand. He pulled her back down onto the couch with him. "You're not going anywhere. You're staying right here with me."
Rosie blushed at the statement and then nodded.
Hikaru smiled at the new couple and decided to walk back to the bathroom... he was about to take a shower earlier, but then the power went out.
Hikaru walked out of the room to leave the two alone.

Hunny and Mori looked around as nightfall began to show. The storm was slowing to rain, but rumbles could be heard here and there. Renge seemed to have left before the storm.

Meanwhile, Haruhi came out of her hiding place in Tamaki's neck and gave him a teary smile. "Thank you Tamaki."
Haruhi looked at Tamaki go red.
Tamaki didn't know what to do now. Haruhi was in his arms, and Mr. Dense didn't know what to do!
Fortunately, Haruhi knew what to do. She kissed her sempai on the lips.
Tamaki's eyes were wide open and in a slight state of shock. This was one thing he had never expected for Haruhi to do. But his feelings overwhelmed him and he gave into the kiss.
Haruhi broke the kiss and looked at Tamaki. "I've already grown closer to you sempai. So close, it hurts. I love you, Tamaki."

"Rosie," Karou spoke no louder than a whisper.
"Yes Karou?"
"I don't mean to sound straight forward or anything but..." He paused, and Rosie waited for him to continue. " I-I think I like you. I mean, I know I like you. I didn't mean "I think" I just..." He quickly turned to the floor. "She'll never like me now... Gah, why do I ramble when I’m nervous!" he thought.
Rosie looked at him to check and see if he was serious. She confirmed it when he started stammering and mumbling to himself. She put a finger to his lips. That shut him up.
"Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much?"
"Well I--"
Rosie took the moment to kiss the younger twin. She broke away and said, "I like you too Kaoru."

Hunny smiled as he heard this. "Awww! That's so cute right Takashi?"
"Ah!" was all he said.
Suddenly, Rosie ears perked up. She listened and found that her cell phone was vibrating. "Hello? Oh, Hi Michelle...no...of course not....Okay really, now is not a good time...oh and don't worry, I'll be home soon." She hung up and sighed.
She looked at Kaoru who looked back at her.
"Who was that and what were you saying?"
"Me? Oh that was my friend Michelle. She wanted to know what the plans for Mike's moving away party. I'll miss him, but as a brother really."
Kaoru was looking at her with guilt at having kept her here. She seemed to figure what was going on in his head and kissed him again. "I wouldn't miss this for the world though."
Tamaki put his forehead on Haruhi’s forehead and smiled. "I love you too Haruhi. I always have mo ami." He kissed her gently and held her in his arms.
Kyouya found the power switch and turned the lights on. The storm had passed, but it was still raining. They began to light a fire in the fireplace, ignoring Kaoru and Rosie. With the fireplace lit, light danced around the room.
Karou and Rose sitting in front of the warm flames.
Tamaki and Haruhi sitting comfortably on the couch, hand in hand. A truly beautiful sight for anyone to see.
Hikaru jumped in and hugged Rosie. "So I’m guessing you'll be my sister-in-law?"
Rosie's eyes went wide and she began to blush. Rosie couldn't believe that she actually gained not only a sister, but a cute boyfriend as well.
Kaoru glared at his brother.
Haruhi smiled at Tamaki and put her head on his shoulder. The young blonde was blushing proudly.
Karou was looking into Rosies eyes and humming a beautiful song when he took his hand and gently burshed her cheek and placed a unrulely strand of hair back behind her ear and tucked it in. Rosie grabed his hand and moved it back to her cheek feeling the warm smoothness of his fingertips.
Haurhi unwillingly unlocked her eyes from Tamaki's to look around the room.
Kyouya on he keyboard with Hikaru hovering behind. Mori-sempi watching Hunny eating the last slice of cake. Then she spotted Rosie with Karou infront of the fireplace and smiled.
Tamaki's curiosity followed Haurhi's eyes and found the same thing.
"Tamaki, Karou and Hikaru let someone else into their world." She said still grinning.
Tamaki laughed. "It would seem so Haruhi. She really is your twin huh?" He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer. "But you're still cuter." Suddenly, as if to spoil the moment, Renge came into the scene and confused Rosie for Haruhi. She grabbed her hand and started forcing a very cute cat suit on her. "yah!!!! what's going on??"
Karou removed his hand from Rosie's face as he turned to look, yet despetly hopeing, that there was no mecanical platform appearing out of the floor. To late.
Renge, holding the cat down, laughing her horrabe laugh.
"Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh. Club Check-Up," She yelled as her platform came to a shuddering halt.
Let's be honest. Rosie felt RIDICULOUS! "What's going on here? Should I be afraid or something?"
Hikaru was getting pretty annoyed.
Kaoru glared at Renge with an icy stare as bad as Kyouya's.
She stepped down from the platform and looked all around. "Kyouya, check, computer as usual. Hikaru, check. Mori-senpai watching over Hunny. Check!" She looked up from her clipboard and noticed Karou. Not only Karou, but with someone other than his brother. The light flickered and she noticed it was Haruhi, but he was holding her hand. She whirled around and stared at another Haruhi holding her head upon Tamaki's shoulder. She whizzed around again and walked up to Karou.
"Who is this girl?" she demanded. Then she got a great idea and started grabbed a portable fitting room and pushed it near the two. She grabbed Rosie and through her into the fitting room and started throwing stuff onto Rosie. Then Renge pushed her out of the room.
Now Rosie wore a large Kitty suit. "Ummmm I'm Rosie...and WHAT ARE YOU MAKING ME WEAR?!"
Renge laughed. "Why that is the suit for the next host club meeting. Oh dear Haruhi, why didn't you tell me you had a twin?"
"Because you left. Now I think Kaoru would appreciate it if you let her down," said Haruhi.
Kaoru was still staring her down. He grabbed Rosie's hand a pulled the cat suit off. When it came off, her hair was a frizzled mess and she looked frightened.
Karou spoke through his teeth, "Thank you Haruhi," he turned his head back to Renge, "I would very much like it if you left Rosie alone."
Renge took another step back as Rosie tried to de-frizz her hair.
"Thank you." she whispered.
Kaoru whispered back a "your welcome" and then put his arms protectively around her.
Suddenly, Renge made a run for Haruhi after she had recaptured the suit. She was about to put it on her when Kyouya took the kitty suit and gave it to Hikaru who smirked and threw it into the trash.
Hikaru with a twisted smile leaned over the trashcan in order to keep it in there when Renge tried to snatch it back out.
"Oh! But she'd look so CUTE in it!" She whined desperately.
Tamaki wrapped his arm around Haruhi with a slightly smug grin on his face, crossed his legs, and pointed accusingly at Renge. "Haruhi is already cute enough. And you shouldn't force someone to do something you want to do when you know well enough that they don't want to do it."
Haruhi couldn't help but smile thinking, when was this side of Tamaki during the bunny suit incident?
Renge slumped in defeat, but then grabbed a sailor suit, and soon enough, Haruhi was standing next to her sister and were both wearing the ridiculous outfits.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" They began running, and then they formed an idea. "Alright Renge, we're gonna play, 'Which one is Haruhi?' Game!"
Kaoru and Hikaru liked the idea of that. They grabbed the girls and took them to the bathroom. While in there, Kaoru decided to work on Rosie to talk to her. "Are you sure you know what your doing?"
"I think I know what I'm doing. You were my inspiration mostly." Kaoru smirked and kissed her for that one. When they returned, both Rosie and Haruhi were wearing long blonde wigs to make the sailor look authentic and put little crescent moons on their foreheads. Of course, only the Host members knew...but Renge was a completely different case.
"Oh... um..." Renge was trying to decide. She didn't know which one was the real Haruhi and in their sailor suits, Rosie and Haruhi began mirroring each other, trying to make it more difficult. They began smiling and then Renge pointed to Haruhi and said, "You're the new girl!"
"Are you sure?" They put their hands together and looked at her at the same time while saying, "You're wrong, bye!" In the way that Hikaru and Kaoru would do. While standing back to back Haruhi revealed herself. "I'm the real Haruhi," She said. Then Rosie took off her hat and posed exactly like her sister, "Or am I?" and she couldn't resist to laugh. Karou smiled at her in semi-darkness and her eyes twinkled at his.
Renge then stated, "Well, I guess I could just take you both and dress you however I want to...” But that idea was shot down when both Tamaki and Kaoru gave her the "If looks could kill" glare. Renge quickly turned her head to the side and raised her nose to the air. "Well, fine then." she said in a smug tone. Knowing she'd been beaten.
Hunny sitting upon Mori-senpai's shoulders muffled a giggle. "She doesn't like that she lost does she."
"Ah" answered Mori.
Kaoru ran up instantly and hugged his Rosie. He was so proud of her devil side.
Tamaki walked up and put an arm around Haruhi.
"If I didn't have a twin Rosie," Karou said teasingly, "I believe you and your sister would have taken our places as the Devilish type."
She laughed at this. Kaoru took the moment to kiss her again.
Hunny gave a big smile at this and said, "Awwwww, Takashi, isn't that cute?"
Takashi gave a faint hint of a smile. "Ah" he answered.
Hunny hugged bun bun and gave a nod.
Tamaki found a piano in a secluded part of the room. "Come on," he said to Haruhi and he grabbed her hand.
That's when Kaoru broke away and looked at Rosie. Something was definitely distracting her. When he turned around, he saw a microphone. Apparently Tamaki had wanted to experience Karaoke night with the club.
Meanwhile, Tamaki sat at the piano bench and motioned Haruhi to stand next to him while he played.
She could only nod and smile as he began to play.
Rosie gasped. The song was something she knew well. It was a lullaby she had heard once. It came from the musical Les Miserables. Without realizing it or even remembering she had an audience, she began to sing with the piano:

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
when hope was high and life worth living.
I dreamed that love would
never die.
I dreamed that God
would be forgiving.

Then I was young and
And dreams were made
and used and
There was no ransom to
be paid.
No song unsung no wine

but the Tigers come at night.
With their voices soft
as Thunder.
As they tear your hope
As they tear your dream to shame.

He slept a summer
by my side.
He filled my days with endless
He took my childhood in his stride
but he was gone when autumn came.

And still I dream he'll come to me
that we will live the years together
but there are dreams that cannot be
and there are storms we cannot weather.

I had a dream my life would be
so different from this hell I'm living
so different now from what it seems.
Now life has killed the dream...
I dreamed.

Everyone sat motionless, except for Tamaki who continued playing.
As Rosie sang along, Haruhi wasn't entirely as nervous as she would have been singing by herself, and started to continue also, louder this time. While singing along, Haruhi began to drift off in her thoughts. "Have I heard this before?" she asked herself.
Rosie finished and smiled. She went into the piano room and hugged Tamaki making him stop. "How did you know that song? I'm sooo happy," she beamed.
"When I was younger I enjoyed the piano so much I started playing anything I could get my hands on for my mother," he answered back smiling politely.
Tamaki switched his gaze to Haruhi! She was still frozen where she stood, deep in thought.
Noticing, Rosie commented, "Haruhi? What's the matter?"
Haruhi looked at her. "I could've sworn I've heard that song before."
"Well, I'm not surprised. I've known that the woman who's my mom is not really my mother. My dad told me about this lullaby and then he'd sing it to me at night. Our mother sang it the night we were born."
Haruhi imagined the image of a beautiful woman with two twin daughters, cradling and singing them to sleep. She gave a smile. "I'm really glad... we met Rosie."
Kaoru put his arms around Rosie. "So am I."
Rosie looked at everyone in the Host Club and then thought of her own friends at home. She had been gone a week, not counting today when she had just met everyone. She'll have A LOT of explaining to do. Rosie thought to herself, Michelle is going to go nuts finding out about my sister, my TWIN sister. Not to mention, I'm practically dating another twin. Rosie gave a faint smile. "I'm glad I met you guys too."
Kaoru snuggled up to her and kissed her hair. He felt great whenever he was with this girl. He could shout it to the world, but he'd go at it one step at a time.
Rosie closed her eyes and let a smile light up her face. "Kaoru, you know...I'll have to go back home sometime."
Kaoru twitched a bit but recovered.
Haruhi piped up, "Why don't you go to school here?"
"I would," started Rosie,” but I don't know what father would say. And my friends would kill me if I leave them without saying goodbye."
"But you wouldn't be able to see me," Kaoru's face fell and he hugged Rosie even more.
"Selfish, selfish boy." She said trying to muster up a warm smile. "I know I wouldn't be able to see you, and that saddens my heart Karou." She squeezed him tight. In attempt to make a joke Rosie pushed him back and said, "You wouldn't happen to be interested in a really long distanced relationship would you?" with a weak smile.
Karou looked at her with saddened puppy-dog eyes.
"Bad Joke." He said.
"I know." Rosie admitted.
Hikaru, seeing how sad his brother was, wrapped his arms around him and said, "At least you have me to keep you company at night."
Karou couldn't help but fall into the role that he always played as the homo brother and said, "Oh Hikaru..."
Rosie looked at the two brothers and wondered what they where doing. She had never seen to people act like that before. She started to walk away but Karou grabbed her hand.
"Rosie! Don't...!" Karou paused and his voice softened. "Don't go." Seeming to forget that the rest of the host club was watching, Karou grabbed Rosie's other hand pulled her in close. "Rosie, I...” At this point their arms hung loose, fingers intertwined, holding the other's hand. Karou was resting his forehead on Rosie’s shaking it back and forth whispering.
The sight of those two Haruhi slid closer to Tamaki, and without saying a word or even looking at him, she lifted his hand and locked their fingers to hold hands.
Hikaru started to get a little pissed off and said, "Umm.... Rosie... didn't you have to go somewhere? Like to a party of some sort?"
Rosie blushed and said, "Your... right... I have to go..." She hid her face and tore herself from Karou, "I'm sorry..." She ran out the room.
Haruhi looked at Tamaki in an 'I'll be back' look and ran after her. Haruhi dashed off after her newfound sister only to find her talking to a man. 'Must be her father... no...Correction, OUR father.' When she looked a bit closer, she found that there were tears in Rosie's eyes. Well you would guess after a blow off like that you would cry too. She walked over to them and saw Rosie looking at her.
"Oh, Haruhi...sorry you have to see me like this...my friend, Michelle was in a car accident...she's in the hospital...I have to go... and tell Hikaru I'm sorry for taking his brother's heart...or at least a little portion of it. And tell Kaoru...well, just tell him I love him...I really have to go."
Haruhi was in shock. All she could do was nod as she accepted her hugs and watched her leave.
Kaoru ran out the door but he was too late, Rosie had left. He sat down on the ground and looked down in exasperation.
Tamaki walked out and put his arms around Haruhi and hugged her, "What happened?"
Slowly the rest came out and stood beside them.
Haruhi was shaking as she retold the tale. It was about Rosie’s friend. Who was in the hospital from the incident of a car accident. Hikaru looked surprised.
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A girl was in the hospital bed with Rosie at her bedside. She was going to live, but poor Rosie kept on crying for not being there sooner.
The young girl in the bed placed her hand on Rosie's head, "It’s not your fault." Her voice was sweet but horse.
Rosie took the hand of her dear sweet friend. "But I didn't come sooner!" she was somewhat in a panic, " I could of stopped this!!"

Back at the House, the host club were busy. Well, all but Hikaru who hid in a corner where he was in the shadows. No one could see the tears that were falling from his face.
The others were trying to find out where Rosie had gone and if they could do anything for her friend. The Host Club modo "we live to make young girls Happiness" was in all their minds.

Rosie flipped her phone and remembered something! Hikaru had given her his number. "Just in case!" he had said. She dialed his number and called. "Hikaru?"
Hikaru wiped his tears and picked up the phone. "Hello? ROSIE!"
"Shh...not so loud!"
"Sorry...*whispered now* I'm guessing you want Kaoru?"
"No, I want you! I want you to meet Michelle... you're stubborn enough... maybe you can help convince her to stay. She's planning on leaving tomorrow and her wounds aren't healed yet."
"And what does she have to do with me?" asked Hikaru as he leaned on the wall. He did not like being called 'stubborn' in the slightest.
Rosie was in tears now and said though gasping sobs, "Please... I really want you to come and talk with her. I need your help!"
"Fine, fine, I'll come. Stop crying, just tell me where you are and me and the others..."
"NO, you can't tell anyone else."
"Wha... and why..."
"You just can't! Especially not Kaoru. I don't want them to have to get involved. I just need you to come and help. I'm begging you. We're at the Tokyo Emergency Hospital."
"Alright, I'll go," with that he hung up and quietly went back to the limo, got in, and left.
Kaoru looked to where his brother used to be and was shocked to find he wasn't there. "Where did Hikaru go?" he asked Haruhi.
Haruhi shook her head and said that she didn't know.
When Tamaki heard that Hikaru was missing he grabbed everyone and asked them if they had seen where he went.

Hikaru arrived at the Hospital room where Rosie and her friend where. He sighed and opened the door. There was a bed with a young girl laying on top of it. The girl was full of scratches and IV's sticking out of her. Although she was banged up, she was still very pretty with long wavy black hair with red tips and ivory skin. Her eyes where hazel and when she looked to see who had come in, the light reflected off of them giving a almost magical affect.
Rosie sat next to her with the worried look that she always had when people were hurt.
"Michelle, Please, please don't leave the hospital."
"But I have to! Otherwise I'll feel like a guinea pig again."
"No you won't."
Both girls looked up and Rosie ran over to Hikaru hugging him. "Thank you. Sorry about calling you stubborn... I just... never mind, can you talk to her?" She kissed his cheek in gratitude and then walked out the door.
“Wha… wait… I didn’t want…” But she left leaving Hikaru and Michelle alone.
Hikaru looked back at Michelle and shrugged. Why do I have to always get dragged into this stuff. He walked over handsomely and bowed to Michelle, “My lady…”
“You can knock off the Host act,” said Michelle as she tried to sit up, “I’m leaving and that’s that.”
“Hold it you,” Hikaru walked over and placed his hands on her shoulder, “I think not. I may not really care for doing this but I do know one thing, you are not leaving now.”
“Let me go,” Michelle tried to move but Hikaru forced her down on the bed.
“Listen, if you make Rosie cry then that will make my brother cry and I can’t have that!”
They stopped their fight and looked at each other dead in the eyes, a look of shock and realization.
Hikaru had somehow managed to get on top of the bed and was in a really weird stance. He jumped off the bed and faced the window standing really straight.
Michelle sat up and was red from blushing.
“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” came a more sweet voice from Hikaru.
“No… not any more then I was…” Michelle said in a quiet voice.
They stayed like that for about a half hour.

The rest of the Host Club was freaking out.
Kaoru began shouting for both the names of Hikaru and Rosie. Switching on and off on the names.

Rosie had gone to grab some ice cream, and when she returned, there was an awkward silence in the room.
"What's going on?"
"Nothing, chica...I just decided that I'll stay. I don't want you crying anymore though!!! Have a daiquiri in my name!"
Rosie sighed. Daiquiris were always Michelle's solution to EVERYTHING.
Rosie sat down in the chair next to her, “na…” She looked at Hikaru and then back at Michelle and then she started to giggle.
Michelle looked at her, “what?”
Rosie stopped giggling and wiped a tear from her eye, “nothing, Hey Hikaru… you mind stepping out with me for a sec?”
Hikaru shrugged and walked out the door following Rosie.
Rosie pulled his hand out and looked at Hikaru after turning around and making sure she wasn't within ear shot of anyone. "You...you hate me, don't you?"
This question shocked Hikaru more than anything.
“You hate me…”
“NO!” Hikaru backed up into a table that had a vase of roses in it. The roses fell over and the little pebbles seemed to dance down the table. He scrambled to pick them up.
“Then why do you always act like this around me, always trying to stay away. You think I’m going to take your brother away?” Rosie looked down and kicked a little pebble that had stopped by her feet.
Hikaru stopped and looked over his shoulder at Rosie. It was hard for him to make out what her expression was because her hair covered her face. “No,” Hikaru said but in his mind he was thinking yes. He stood up straight. Kaoru is really going to hate me if I make Rosie cry, he thought and walked over to her. He put his charming face on and lifted her chin ever so slightly saying, “How could I ever hate you. You are so beautiful.”
“Stop with the lying,” Rosie said with a blunt face.
Hikaru was token aback.
Rosie folded her arms. She could be dramatic, but only when she had to. Other times she was as stubborn as a mule. Hikaru could see that from a mile away. "Well...so what? It seems my brother’s already chose you over me, so I guess I have to get over it huh?"
At this, Rosie's expressions softened. "Is that why you hate me? You think I'm gonna steal Kaoru? I see...” She walked back into Michelle's room and found her asleep.
This was a good thing since she needed time to think. She loved Kaoru, but she didn't want to hurt Hikaru...
Hikaru walked in behind her, “Listen, don’t go hurting Kaoru. He’s had enough going on as it is.”
Rosie turned around and looked surprised.
“Your just like Haruhi, would think of others before yourself. But if you think of me then you’ll only hurt both of you.” He brushed his hair back with his hand and looked to the ceiling.
Rosie was about to say something, but then, Michelle woke up again. "Flippy, they give me too many meds here, c'mon! Let me--"
"WE SAID NO!" both Hikaru and Rosie shouted at the same time.
Rosie slipped back down into her seat for the 4th time that day. The whole day was just so tiring…
Hikaru left leaving Rosie sleeping by Michelle and went back to the house.

When Hikaru stepped inside the villa, everyone gathered around him hugging him and giving him lectures about never doing that again. The only person, who had said nothing at all, was Kaoru, who was standing outside the crowd. When the excitement faded, Kaoru hugged him with tears in his eyes. "Why did you leave me? It was bad enough that Rosie left! Why you?!"
Hikaru was about to say something, but then remembered what she had said. "NO, you can't tell anyone else."
"Wha... and why..."
"You just can't! Especially not Kaoru. I don't want them to have to get involved. I just need you to come and help.”
Hikaru stammered, “I-I was just going to go look for the best place to buy a large cake.”
Kaoru looked at him oddly and then hugged him again, “So you did miss Rosie! That’s great! Where did you find one?”
“I didn’t find one yet…”
“Well then, we’ll look together!”
Michelle woke up suddenly. She got out of the bed and slowly crept out the door. She didn't want to worry Rosie, but she also didn't want to be here. She HATED hospitals. She snuck down the stairs, past the receptionist, and out the door. There, she began to run.

Hikaru and Kaoru were walking down the street. The bakery was near the hospital. They saw a figure running at them at top speed. Kaoru was hoping it was Rosie, but when she ran into them, he noticed she had wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a hospital gown on her. Hikaru looked pissed.
"I thought you were supposed to stay at the hospital?"
“Well… I was…” Michelle started. She was creeping away as she spoke.
Hikaru grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him making her have to look up into his eyes now course with anger, “And?”
Michelle sighed, “I can’t stay there… I just can’t! I can’t tell you why but I hate hospitals! Don’t make me go back! Don’t make me go back!” She started crying and couldn’t stop.
Kaoru looked from Michelle to Hikaru then back to Michelle. “Hikaru… who is this?”
Hikaru froze and a sweat drop slid down his face. He didn’t know what to say but he knew he couldn’t hide the truth now. He sighed, “She is Rosie’s friend that should be in the hospital. I had to go to the hospital to help Rosie with her and she told me not to tell you…” He looked at Kaoru and gave him a shy grin, “Sorry bro, but she begged me not to tell anyone.”
Michelle looked up and was startled, “Yo-yo-you have a twin!”
Hikaru blushed and was a little embarrassed because of her yelling.
Kaoru looked to his brother like ‘you DIDN’T tell her?’ and then said sarcastically, “No… I’m just someone who looks just like him in every way.”
By this time, Michelle was getting very dizzy, not just from pain, but from confusion as well. "Just let me go! Why do you even care so much?"
"Because you're Rosie's friend. And if you make her upset, then what kind of friend would you be to her?" Hikaru snapped.
Michelle looked shocked. No one had ever said that to her. She had always been so good at standing her ground, but not this time.
She fell to the ground pulling Hikaru on top of her. Hikaru jumped up really fast though and noticed that she was losing blood again. He grabbed her and Kaoru grabbed the other side of her and they rushed her to the hospital.
A little while later, Michelle was back in her bed half asleep and Rosie was in Kaoru’s arms and sitting on his lap in the chair she had normally sat in.
Hikaru sat on the end of the bed with his knees up watching them and Michelle. His mind was deep in thought. Why did she do that? She could have killed herself. And what’s with Kaoru? He barley knows Rosie and yet they fell in love in such a short time? This doesn’t make any sense.
“Thank you again,” Rosie said snapping him back to reality.
“No big,” Kaoru said and squeezed her.
“Ya… what he said,” Hikaru said and half heartedly waved his hand torward the couple.Then Hikaru’s cell went off and Tamaki’s ring tone echoed in the room. It woke up Michelle and she jumped up so sudently that is Hikaru hadn’t of jumped on her she would of probably had hurt herself more. But when he did that he fell and ended up kissing her on the lips by accident. They both jumped though it wasn’t as bad as what could of happened.
Kaoru and Rosie just stared with large eyes at the two silent people as Tamaki’s ring tone sang though the room. (Just so happens that the ring tone was Sakura Kiss)
Michelle didn't understand. When they broke apart, Hikaru answered the phone with quivering lips. "Ye-Yes Milord? Right. Sure, okay. We'll be there soon." He closed the phone and turned to face his brother. "Um...Taka wants us to bring two cakes instead of one. Apparently, Hunny wanted one to him self and he some how mysteriously ran out."
Kaoru looked at Rosie and hugged her even more tightly, “I’m not going.”
Hikaru looked at his brother first in shock and then he sighed. “Fine, I’ll get the cakes. I guess I’ll see you back there.” He left.
Michelle looked to the door and then looked back at the two love birds. “What was that all about?”
Rosie nodded in agreement to her friend's question. "I seriously don't know at all."
"He's like that. He doesn't know how to control his emotions so he just blows them up in people's faces." Kaoru replied.
“But he didn’t blow up at me… he kissed me!” Michelle started to shake.
“Well… that was an accident. He would never kiss anyone. He never even kissed our Mother,” Kaoru shrugged, “He’s just really weird sometimes.”
Michelle looked at Kaoru with wide eyes, “That was his first kiss! That was like… my 8th!”
Rosie laughed at the strange expression on Kaoru’s face and explained, “In America they kiss a lot more.”
Then Rosie's eyes went wide at Kaoru's hurt expression. "Then, that means...”
"What? nonono!!! I'm not much of a kisser...well, until you, that is. YOU were my first kiss....actually." She blushed at Kaoru.
Michelle butted in. "Yeah, I tempted her many times, but she STILL wouldn’t' kiss anyone!"
"Thank you for that Michelle." she said glumly.

Michelle wasn't one to be stereotypical, but she had always thought that rich Japanese people were stuck up and kept to themselves. She also thought that they had no emotion. Rosie and Kaoru had left the hospital room to walk back to the bakery to catch up to Hikaru.

Hikaru stomped off to the bakery, all the while touching his lips, now and again. He couldn’t believe he had kissed anyone. He could still feel the sweet lips on his and could still smell the sent of her cherry blossom body splash. He slapped his face hard. What was he thinking! She was from America. And everyone knows that Americans are only into sex and rock and roll. Or where they? He looked to the window that looked into Michelle’s hospital room and saw that the lights where turned off. He sighed. What was he going to do? Slowly he walked back to the bakery. He felt something hit his back hard. He fell to the ground and looked up at Kaoru’s smiling face.
“Hey, you looked so out of it I thought to snap you out of it.”
Hikaru looked at him with angry eyes and started to walk away.
Rosie began to look down cast. "I'm going back to the hotel...it was nice meeting you both...” she walked away and felt regret form over her features.
Kaoru pulled him up and looked at him. "It was only a joke Hikaru."
"WELL GROW UP THEN!" shouted Hikaru. Not realizing what he had said, he began to race off again. Only then did he realize did he stop and look back at Kaoru, who looked stung.
“I’m sorry,” Hikaru yelled back and started running again this time towards a bad part of town.

Michelle crept out of the hospital again and walking into the bad part of town as well not knowing where she was going. She bumped into a old man by accident. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to… I…”
The man grabbed Michelle by the hair and pulls her into an alleyway, “Your going to listen and do what I say,” He said meanly.
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Hikaru and Kaoru began to hear voices. Hikaru recognized the scream and ran to the ally. There he saw Michelle being attacked. His anger rose and he rushed in and hit the guy hard.
When the man looked up at Hikaru, he saw a look that could've killed, and not just as a figure of speech. That look was MEANT to kill who ever deserved it.
"You. Go. NOW!" The man backed away as fast as he could and dashed down the ally.
Michelle was unconscious again, but no blood was coming out. Her wounds hadn't been interfered with...yet. If he had been mere seconds later...he wouldn't think of that right now. What he really needed to do was call Kyouya after taking Michelle to her room. Maybe he could bring reinforcements to guard her door.
Koaru caught up with them, "What? Her again? She really hates being in the hospital huh?"
"Ya... I don't know what to do with her now," said Hikaru.
"Why don't we just bring her back to the house and have her rest in the living room or something. The Shadow King can get one of the doctors from he’s hospital to talk care of her."
"Ok.... we'll do that."
"I'll go get Rosie. She must be really worried now." Kaoru ran off to find her.
Hikaru picked up Michelle and hugged her gently. He couldn't help it, he knew that he had fallen in love with her somehow but he would never admit it to anyone.

Rosie was sitting in her hotel room by herself.
Kaoru knocked on the door. Opening the door, she was pulled into his embrace.
He felt like he had been cut off from her for forever, even though it had only been a half hour. It was then that he remembered why he had come here.
"Your friend was nearly attacked. She's being taken back to the house instead."
“BUT HOW?!?!” Rosie could not believe her ears.
Kaoru filled her in on the details as they walked to the car that was waiting with Hikaru and Michelle.
It seemed that Hikaru wasn't going to let go of Michelle anytime soon, so Rosie sat in-between the twins. It was a very uncomfortable silence in the car. No one dared speak.

Tamaki was holding Haruhi. No one seemed to be in the mood for anything at the moment. Everyone was waiting...Why were they so late coming back with cake?
Hunny was behind the couch where everyone had been waiting. He was having a tea party with Bun-bun and of course Mori-sempi was not far. As Hunny tried to get Bun-bun a drink he muttered to himself, "Cakie, cakie, cakie."
Haurhi leaned over closer to Tamaki. "What's going on? I wonder what's keeping them. I have a feeling that... maybe someone's distressed. Does anyone know when they'll get back?"
Tamaki gave Haurhi a tender kiss on the head and gave her hand a secure squeeze.
The twins and girls came bursting in, Hikaru held the unconscious Michelle in his arms, Rosie was being supported by Kaoru, she hadn't slept well.
Haruhi was the first to get there. "What happened? Who's this?" All her questions came tumbling out at once.
"This is Michelle, the friend of Rosie's that was hurt." said Hikaru with a solemn face. He went over and set her on one of the other couches. “Kyouya, can you get one of your doctors to come over and take care of her?”
Kyouya looked at Hikaru and then pushed his glasses up his nose a little, “I can probably get someone in the morning but why is she not in the hospital right now?”
“She hates the hospital,” said Rosie sleepily. She sat down and Haruhi sat next to her. Haruhi let her lay her head on her shoulder. “A while back she had a bad experience there and never wanted to go back.”
Kyouya was flipping though page after page of his interesting informational book but could not find Michelle anywhere in there. It was almost like she didn’t even exist.
"You won't find her in there!" Rosie sleepily got up and looked over Kyouya's shoulder and caught him by surprise. "The Mercy Hospitals in America decided to keep her problem a secret. You see, she broke her bone at a weird angle and became the first person to break it that way. They did countless surgeries, and after five months, they found that they had been going at it the wrong way. All she really needed was a screw to keep her bone in place and a cast. So they shut the whole thing up..."
Kyouya looked at Rosie and pushed his glasses up his nose. “Well, it seems like there are still many things I don’t know about,” he said, but he sounded a little mad.
“I guess,” Rosie shrugged.
Hikaru sat on the floor next to Michelle and tried to re-wrap her bandages that had come lose. He wasn’t very good and in the end Kyouya surprisingly went over and helped tie the bandages the way his elder brother taught him.
Tamaki sat down by his piano but he did not play. He leaned on the closed piano keys and laid his head in his hands. He watched everyone as somewhat a specter and wondered what would happen to the club if everyone got girlfriends. Would the club be able to survive? If he and Haruhi stayed together, would that destroy the club for good? He wondered if it would have been better if he had gone to see his mother and disbanded the whole club before all this happened.
Haruhi saw him and gently placed Rosie’s head on a pillow and walked over to Tamaki. She sat down next to him and gently hugged him, “What’s wrong?” Haruhi put her arms around him.
He clutched at her arm and sighed. "Haruhi, if everyone has a girlfriend, does that mean that the Host Club will die?"
"Sempai..." Haruhi was lost for words...how could she make him feel better? “Sempai… with the way our club seems to work out… I don’t think will have that problem,” she said finally. She didn’t know how it works out but because everyone cared about the club it was sure going to go on.
Michelle woke up from a bad dream and grabbed at Hikaru unknowingly pulling him on her. They stared at each other for a while.
Haruhi looked over at them and giggled. She walked over to them quietly and asked, “What are you guys doing?”
They both jumped somewhat.
Rosie sat next to Michelle. "We have to go soon..." she looked away, "Get better soon... I think we've over welcomed out stay here, Michelle."
Everyone looked at Rosie after she had made this statement. She couldn't really be thinking about leaving.
Hunny hugged her to him. “Please don't think about leaving, it would make us sad. If you left," Hunny continued, "then there won't be another set of twins. And how would that make Karou feel?" He looked up to her with large eyes as he tugged on the hem of her shirt. "Bun-bun likes you too... who will eat cakes and tea with us...” He ran off the coffee table and came running back with bun bun. "You could take him with you. Then you can't forget about us!" He lifted his arms up towards her holding the stuffed rabbit.
Rosie smiled and said, "Fine, will stay a little longer."
"YAY!" said Hunny and he danced around.
Hikaru looked on as the party got a little more rowdy. He had moved over to the shadows and was looking from the outside of the whole thing. Then he quietly left and went out to stand on the balcony. Michelle saw this (she had finally woken up) and walked out on the balcony behind him. The full moon was out and the sky was clear.
Hikaru had heard her footsteps. "Shouldn't you be getting better?"
Michelle smiled. "I couldn't sleep."
"You should still be lying down at least," he said and looked up at the moon while leaning on the balcony.
"Tell me something," said Michelle, "Why did you come out here?"
Hikaru sighed. It looked like she wasn't going to give up with out a fight, but he also wasn't going to give in either.
"I just wanted to...really...”
"Yeah I'll believe that when Bush becomes a good president."
"Never mind, It means I don't believe you."
Hikaru looked at her and then stood back in shock. She was wearing a black dress with sparkles all over it. “What are you wearing?!?”
Michelle looked down and blushed. “While I was in the restroom, two strange girls that looked like twins in maid outfits grabbed me and dressed me up in this… I have no idea why though…”
Hikaru looked up and blushed. His brother was really getting annoying. Making their maids dress her up in it like he did with Haruhi.
"The Tag had said Hikaru...did...did you make it?"
Hikaru looked shocked for a moment. He had made that hoping his mother would put it in her fashion show. But it looked even better on Michelle.
“Or… or is it… yours?”
Hikaru’s face fell and he almost fell of the balcony. He hit his face hard on the ground with his left foot high in the air. He did not expect a question like that. He looked at her and yelled with tears in his eyes, “Do you actually think that I would wear something like that?!?!”
“Somewhat,” said Michelle blankly.

Hunny grabbed Bun Bun again and then began feeding cake to it.
Rosie smiled at him and then picked up some of the cake she was offered. Tamaki rushed up from behind before she could even take a bite. "YOU'RE SO PRECIOUS!!! DADDY IS SO HAPPY!"
"Uh...err...Daddy? Why are you currently dating my sister and your OTHER daughter?"
Tamaki ran to his corner of woe and Kaoru began laughing really hard.
Haruhi walked up to Rosie and said, “Don’t pay any attention to him when he’s like this…. He calls Kyouya Mother…”
Rosie looked over at Kyouya as he was writing something down in his book. “What? Did he have a sex change or something?”
It got quiet and then a lot of laughing.
Kyouya had a sweat drop the back of his head and when she had said it, his pen scratched the paper and made a large tear in it.
Rosie began to quote Space Jam "but Mommy! I don't want to go to school today..."
Kyouya looked nervous.
"I want to stay home a back cookies with you!"
What the Hell? Thought Kyouya, looking up with shock at over hearting this nonsense. After a moment, he managed to re-gain his composure. "Ahem..." he pushed up his glasses and began to write yet again. “I'd appreciate it if you'd keep it down."
Rosie couldn't stifle her laughter
Everyone was laughing, even Tamaki.
Rosie was in a fit of giggles. When she finally stopped she acted serious for a few seconds, then started giggling so much, she had to head to the bathroom so she wouldn't be a disturbance to the other Host Members.
Kaoru followed her and asked if she was ok.
“Ya… I’m fine,” Rosie said though her tears of laugher.
Kyouya walked out of the house and out the front gates. He was just going to take a walk. He wasn’t paying much attention to where he was walking and bumped into someone. As he reached down apologizing, he noticed that it was a girl who he had seen sometime before out of the corner of his eye at his father’s Hospital.
She was young and pretty, about his age, with beautiful auburn hair and a streak of white in front of her face. She had dark blue eyes and skin that was somewhat tan. Her clothes were only plain as a commoner wears.
She put a lock behind her ear and looked at Kyouya. "Can I help you?”
Kyouya stayed silent.
Kyouya held out his hand and helped the pretty girl up. She was almost as tall as he was. “I’m sorry again for bumping into you.”
“Oh, that’s fine. It happens a lot for me,” She said brushing off her skirt, “The names Kitsune Momogashi. Yours?”
“Kyouya Otomi,” He bowed politely to her.
“I’ve seen you before I think. Are you from that rich family that owns all thoughs hospitals?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Well it seems my father works for your Dad then. It’s a small world isn’t it?” she giggled a little, “Well, I better be going, see ya!”

Tamaki had insisted that Kyouya stay the night. His friend looked a bit odd that night, so he had decided to let him stay the night.
Kyouya walked down to the breakfast nook and saw a very odd sight.
Tamaki and his father where sitting together looking at a strange book that was spread out on the table. The book looked to be old and had many pictures in it. As he sat down, Kyouya noticed that it was photo album of when Tamaki was young. Most of them were of him and his Mom. Kyouya could tell that Tamaki’s looks where from his mother easily. She was tall and slender and had wonderful purple eyes that seemed to light up the world. But she did look sickly. No amount of smiling could change that.
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Tamaki looked up and noticed Kyouya looking at the album. He smiled kindly and surprisingly was rather quiet and tired-ish. “So, what do you think about my mother?”
Kyouya looked up and was startled at the question, “Ah… she looks nice…”
Tamaki smiled and nodded and looked back at the pictures with that stare that he was daydreaming something wonderful, “I wish I could see her again.”
His Father got up and left not saying anything.

Rosie got out of bed and walked downstairs to get breakfast at the hotel...she didn't know she had company.
Something tapped Rosie on the shoulder. Before she could turn around to see who it was, she was knocked out cold. There were circles dancing in her eyes and she kept groaning. Oh why her?
Hikaru dragged the limp form of Rosie to the car.
“Hikaru! I told you to be qentle with her!” said Kaoru.
“I was! She just fainted I think,” said Hikaru and they placed her next to a tied up Michelle.
When both girls woke up, the looked at each other, then at the twins, then at each other again.
Rosie did something she usually did in a situation like this. She screamed bloody murder!
Kaoru raced to her side and held her close, “its ok… It’s ok… We wanted you to come to our school for a day. That’s all. Please don’t scream anymore.”
Rosie kicked and screamed some more.
Kaoru looked upset.
Michelle on the other hand, was having a blonde moment. What a nasty smelly place, she thought. Oh, wait, this isn't home, I'm not supposed to be thinking these things.
Rosie calmed down long enough to get a good look at her kidnappers and then apologized.
Hikaru looked at both the girls and shrugged. He was strangely quiet and just looked out the window.
Rosie gave a weird look in Hikaru's direction. She would've tapped his shoulder if he hadn't already tied her up.
Hikaru felt her gaze and looked back at her. The trip to the school seemed very long.
Rosie sighed. It was INDEED going to be a long day.
Kaoru looked at her and said gently, but cautiously, "Better?"
"Still don't know why you guys stooped to kidnapping."
Michelle agreed. "Yeah, I mean, we would've gone willingly...you know."
Hikaru, for once, smirked. "Yeah well, where's the fun in that?
Michelle looked at him and laughed. “We think the same way!”
At this, Hikaru looked away to hide his blush. When the car ride was over, Kaoru got out, took Rosie's hand into his and walked her into the huge school. Michelle waited patiently as Hikaru untied her.
“Those two are perfect,” said Michelle once the two where out of earshot.
Hikaru glared at her. "Yeah, whatever." He didn't want to be reminded that he had to share his brother now.
Michelle looked back at him and sighed, “I heard from Rosie that you guys do a yaoi brother love thing right? Well… If you guys really aren’t a yaoi pair then maybe it’s best that he does find someone else. Actually, me and Rosie did something like what you guys did when we were younger. Still do it sometimes. It was because we were teased since we were so close, both of us didn’t have any other siblings so we ended up being like sisters. They kept saying we were lez so we ended up acting like it.”
Hikaru looked at her strangely, “That’s different…”
“How so?” she interrupted.
“Your girls.”
“That has nothing to do with it,” she said and started following Rosie and Kaoru, “You’ll see that if you two keep to yourselves and have nothing to do with the outside world including sharing each other then you’ll grow to be two very lonely people.”
Hikaru just stood there watching her walk off, the last words echoed in his ears.
Michelle came up behind Rosie and put her arm around Rosie's free waist side...Kaoru had the other side. She then said, "Hello my not so biological sister!"
"Why hello there!" They mock kissed, and girls actually squealed.
Kaoru looked at them with shock. He had no clue what was going on.
Michelle and Rosie just kept laughing and flirting with each other until they got into the building. Then Rosie turned to Kaoru and gave him a large kiss on the lips as the doors closed behind Hikaru. “Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you Kaoru.”
Kaoru looked from Rosie to Michelle then back again and shrugged. He was never going to understand girls.
Hikaru remained quiet and couldn’t think of anything to say. He was way to shocked by the fact that the girls in front actually seemed to of liked their antic even more then the brotherly love antic he and his brother did.
Michelle turned to face Hikaru and smiled. "And I haven't forgotten you!" She put an emphasis on 'I'. She ran up and kissed him on the cheek before heading into the school building after the other couple.
Hikaru was shocked. He had never been kissed in his life like that and he actually liked it. He walked to his next class and sat quietly in his seat reading and trying to forget.
Michelle and Rosie were apparently "guests,” so they sat in seats next to Hikaru and Kaoru, and left the middle seat open for Haruhi, since they said that's where she sat. It was hard for the twins to concentrate though.

Haruhi's eyes had widened when she found a limo parked near her house, ready to take her to school. She knew Tamaki had brought it there.
Haruhi ran out the door and down the steps. Her father watched out of the door but when he saw Tamaki getting out of the car to let Haruhi in, he became very angry. He walked down the steps fast and then pushed Tamaki into a brick. He placed his hand on Haruhi’s shoulder and walked her away from the whole seen without listening to Haruhi’s stuttered explanations as she lied about asking Tamaki to pick her up yesterday.
"Dad, I think you're overreacting here!" she complained. Before she knew it, her father had walked her all the way to school. Boy, what an embarrassment for her.
Tamaki had gotten to school ok but he was a little sad after what happened. When he went up to try to talk to Haruhi again, Haruhi’s father shot him a look that would of scared a ghost into running. There was no helping it. He wasn’t going to let his own daughter go out with Tamaki.
"Dad, You're going to have to let this go...there's more to me and Tamaki than you know...we're..."
"I don't want to hear it. Now, have a good day, Haruhi." He walked away, still shooting death glares at Tamaki.
Tamaki ran into the school without even saying a word to Haruhi.
She had opened her mouth, but when Tamaki just brushed past, she looked down and walked to her next class. She knew it would be peaceful when she saw that the twins were busy entertaining their guests.

Tamaki banged his head on the wall of the men’s restroom. Of Course, he thought, Haruhi’s real father would never let him date her. There was no way that he could be near her when her father was around and he wouldn’t give them the chance to be together.
Kyouya walked in hearing the sound of the bang. “So here you’ve been,” He began, “You were supposed to be in class. We have that test and we’re partners or have you forgotten?”
“Not right now, Kyouya,” Tamaki replied.
Kyouya sighed. He couldn’t afford to get bad grades because of his father but Tamaki didn’t look in the mood for any of that lecture. He started to wish that he had picked a different partner when he had the chance. “What’s wrong?” He asked thinking that if he could get the problem solved in time that he could spare his grade.
“HARUHI’S FATHER HATES ME!!!” Tamaki yelled overreacting once again.
Kyouya looked at him in the ‘I really want to beat you up right now’ look he always gave him. “Well, if you overreact like that then no wonder he would hate you.”
Tamaki looked up with tearful eyes and then started bawling like a baby.
This wasn’t getting them anywhere in a hurry. Kyouya sighed again and kneeled down next to Tamaki, “Look, If you help me get an A+ on this test, I’ll see what I can do to give you and Haruhi a little alone time away from her father.”
Tamaki Jumped on Kyouya and started hugging him and waving him around saying, “OH YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”
Kyouya had a large sweat drop on his head.

Hunny looked left, and looked right. Every where he went, it seemed like his friends were in some sort of Distress, what with Kaoru having a girlfriend, Hikaru hanging with the girl's best friend, Haruhi and Tamaki can't be together because of an overbearingly protective father, Kyouya...er...being Kyouya....Where did that leave Hunny? He was BORED!
Mori noticed this when his cousin only ate HALF of the large cake. This was very unusual, and Mori was worried... Mori looked over at Hunny and asked, “What’s wrong? Your tooth hurting you?”
Hunny looked up at Mori and said, “No… Why is it that the younger people get girlfriends and we don’t?”
Mori looked at him questionably.
“Everyone in the club has a girl friend except you and me!”
Mori was about to answer, but thought better of it...why didn't they?

Kyouya was walking down the hall after his Test.
Tamaki had at least been able to pull off a miracle and gotten them a passing grade so he had to help the overbearing king.
He turned the corner and saw a glimpse of auburn hair and white pass out of the corner of his eye. He turned and saw a girl about as tall as he was walking past with half-moon shaped glasses on the tip of her nose. “Miss. Momogashi…”
She turned to him with a surprised look on her face, “Oh, Ootomi-San…”
“What brings you here?” Kyouya asked thinking she had been sent by his father.
“I go to school here,” she said surprising him, “My father helped me get a scholarship here so I could get the best education. I didn’t know that this was your school.” Her dark blue eyes sparkled in the soft light.
“Well, I must be going. I’m running late for a meeting,” said Kyouya quickly. He didn’t feel right around her, “Good Day, Miss. Momogashi…”
“It’s Kitsune,” she said smiling, “I don’t really like my last name much. It was too hard to spell when I was little so I never liked it. I guess I’ll be going as well, good day Ooto…”
“Kyouya,” He said, “You may call me Kyouya.” He walked off without saying anything more to her and leaving her standing in shock at the coldness he had given her.
He turned another corner and rammed his hand in the wall. Why was he so cold to her, why was he so surprised that she was here at his school and above all, why did he remember her at all?
Kitsune felt like she had done something wrong. But then again, she also felt like she hadn't. Oh, why was she feeling messed up now? Maybe she was just surprised that a member of the famous Ootori family had actually spoken to her, and called her by name. It interested her quite a lot.
As Kitsune walked down the hall, she heard some girls giggling about something. She didn’t want to ease drop but she heard the words ‘Host Club’ and got interested. After school she went to find this ‘Host Club’ and see if she could join. It sounded fun to her and wanted to try it out.

Kyouya was working on his books again counting up the profits from last week while the twins were over on the other side of the room talking with Michelle and Rosie, both where doing the little yaoi thing that they did.
Tamaki and Haruhi were getting things set up and Hunny and Mori were not back from there other clubs yet.
The door opened gently and a cooling breeze came through rustling the papers on the table. Kyouya looked up and saw Kitsune standing in the door way with her long hair and dress swaying in the breeze and his face turned red.
Tamaki jumped on the occasion to act like a host to her. “Hello, what a charming young lady has come to our door.”
Haruhi looked at him oddly then rolled her eyes. Well at least he was only doing this because of the Host Club.
Kyouya stifled the growl at the back of his throat. He 'accidentally' pushed Tamaki out of the way and held his hand out gently to Kitsune.
Rosie and Michelle turned their heads to see the commotion.
This seemed to upset the twins since they had wanted to occupy all their time. They turned to see what they were seeing, and saw Tamaki knocked out and Kyouya over him trying to lead Kitsune in. The doubled over laughing at the unconscious form of their so called "king."
Kyouya led her to a very nice sitting arrangement that Haruhi had finished setting up. “Now what do I owe the pleasure of you coming here?” He asked a little coldly but still trying to play his role.
“I… I didn’t know that you were in this club too,” Kitsune said bowing as she sat down, “What… what I was hoping to do was join the Host Club.”
Kyouya looked at her strangely, “I’m sorry my dear but as you can see, we are a boys only club.”
“Then why is she here working,” Kitsune pointed to Haruhi. It was strange to point to her and say ‘her’ when she was dressed in boy clothes.
Kyouya looked from Haruhi to Kitsune and chuckled, “That ‘she’ is a he as you can plainly see,” he lied.
Kitsune looked at him with cold eyes that took him back, “No see here… I’ve worked most of my life learning about heath so I know if a girl is only dressed as a guy. I also have 5 brothers so I know. Now I will ask again, May I please join your club.”
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Kyouya began to get a bit nervous. No one else had been able to crack the secret outside the Host Club.
As for Tamaki, he gained consciousness, only to go into his cloud of doom.
Haruhi ran over to comfort him...by patting on his shoulder that is...she needed to play a guy, but suddenly the girls were like, "KAWAIII!!! HARUHI AND TAMAKI!!"
She sweat dropped.
Rosie stifled a giggle. It didn't work as she was clearly heard and the fan girls all turned around a saw her for who she was Haruhi's twin. "Uh oh!"
Luckily the fan girls where to stupid to figure it out and only thought that Rosie was a furfural twin to Haruhi.
Rosie did an anime "Trip and drop" sort of style and her right leg kept twitching.
The twins came over her head and decided to have a staring contest with the unconscious body.
Kitsune laughed and turned to Kyouya, “Some of these girls are so baka… they can’t even…”
Before she could say another word, Kyouya grabbed her and pulled her into the back room, “Look, Haruhi is trying to pay us back for something,” He said very importantly and pushed his glasses up on his face, “You on the other hand would only get in the way. I cannot allow you to join the Host Club.”
Kitsune looked at him with the look of ‘I’ll get my way no matter what’ and walked out the door.
Kyouya walked out thinking, She’s never going to get into this club. But then he saw her being really charming to Tamaki.
Tamaki was so token back that someone else could be as charming as him that he blurted out, “Welcome to the Host Club!”
Kyouya’s lower jaw seemed to drop. He had never thought that she could get Tamaki to say yes! Well, actually he did but didn’t think she would go over his head.
Rosie and Michelle smirked. "Well, I guess you got your way." Then Rosie spoke in Spanish, knowing no one would understand. "<Now we have to find a way to get in too...any ideas amiga?>"
"<Not that I know of...you?>"
Everyone stared at them as if they were speaking Alien.
Rosie looked at Tamaki still token back by Kitsune.
Michelle looked at Rosie and smiled meaning she understood.
Rosie walked over to Tamaki and started to speak in French which shocked everyone but Michelle.
Michelle just stood near Rosie and acted pretty and cute at him with her long eyelashes.
Hikaru was started to get mad for some reason.
When Tamaki and Rosie were done talking, Rosie turned to Michelle and said, “We got in!”
Michelle smiled and laughed a little, “<What did you tell him?>”
“<That we would be able to keep the twins in the club if he let us in. He needs them for his club so if we can do that then its good to have us around.>”
Michelle looked at Rosie and smiled.
Rosie stopped smiling and had to walk out the door, Michelle followed her and the twins almost did until there designated girls came in. Hikaru and Kaoru were able to do a flawless performance, but something was picking at their minds on the inside. What had those two said, and why had they acted that way around the king? Kissaholic indeed!!
Rosie wanted to go home but didn’t want to. It was going to be a hard line to walk on. She sat down in one of the chairs in the hall and cried with Michelle holding her tightly. She needed a good cry.
Rosie wiped her tears after a few minutes of crying. She had her decision. She'd be in the Host Club until it cooled down at her old school. There had been an uprising at her school and her father had forced her to get out of it. Michelle was on her way to visit her hotel when she had been in the accident. They both got up and held hands and looked at one another. "We can make it!" They walked back to the Music room and saw that the twins were hosting someone. As they looked around they saw Kitsune sitting with a couple men and chatting with them.
Kyouya stood in the shadows looking very pissed off. Kitsune had decided to start right away and already there were boys lining up to see her. He wanted her all to himself but he didn’t know why. What was this feeling that he felt in his heart?
Before they knew it, Michelle and Rosie got the same attention. It was quite interesting really. When they spoke Spanish, the boys were awed, when they did a "Sisterly" act; the boys went as wild as the girls did for Hikaru and Karou. It really was a sight to see. Hikaru and Kaoru where not very happy with this, they wanted the girls to themselves. After Host duties, Rosie exhaled, and went dizzy. "How can they STAND to do this for 2 hours?" Rosie felt an arm around her waist and she smiled up at Kaoru.
Hikaru smiled, “If your sick of it, why don’t you just get out.”
“Oh no,” said Rosie with a look that was almost to scary, “Your not getting rid of us that easy.”
Michelle smiled, “I actually kind of like this. I don’t have a boyfriend so it makes me feel a little more womanly.” She laughed but Hikaru’s heart sank. He was pretty sure that he had concealed his features, but Michelle saw a pained expression for a nanosecond in time. "Hikaru?"
Hikaru looked away and started to walk out the room.
Michelle grumbled to herself as she followed unnoticed, "Geez what’s your problem anyway!"
Hikaru seemed fed up with Michelle and turned around to face her, “You know what the problem is…. You really want to know what the problem is!” Hikaru yelled, “The problem is that you seem not to want to take care of your body and don’t see what’s in front of you!”
Michelle looked at him with her mad eyes, “What the hell are you talking about!”
“I’m talking about the fact that you just got out of the hospital, you don’t seem to want to rely on anyone and you’re becoming annoying!”
“Well first off, it’s my body and I don’t care what happens to it and second, don’t even get me started on having to rely on anyone because you have no clue what my life was like!” Now she was yelling.
“I don’t care what your life was like before! Let me protect you!” He stood shocked that he said that and turned and ran.
She just stood there for a sec not believing those words, then ran off after him.

Rosie blinked once, then again. Someone had been tampering with her sketchbook. She had accidently left it in the host club room, and when she went back to retrieve it, there were notes everywhere about what she could do better on and a few comments like that. "What the hell?"
Haruhi was hanging out with her. "Don’t look at me; I had nothing to do with it."
"I never said you did. By the way, what's up with your dad? He didn't seem so happy to see Tamaki..." her voice trailed off at Haruhi's expression.
“Dad might not want Tamaki to be around me because he is like Dad….” Haruhi said bluntly.
“Err...you mean when he was calling himself Daddy?"
“And more… its like they’re twins sometimes the way they act.”
Rosie laughed. "Okay, now THAT is weird."
"I told you."
"I know you did but still,"
"It's scary." They said together.
Both of them laughed and Kyouya walked over to them. "I need one of you to assist Kitsune with setting up one of the tables outside on the veranda. We are going to be taking people out there tomorrow and it needs to be set up now."
Unlike Haruhi, who usually didn't volunteer for these things, Rosie stood up and began walking out the door to help out. "I wonder what's wrong with Kyouya lately?" she said to herself.
Out on the veranda, Kitsune was busy getting things ready. She thought about what Kyouya had said after her last hosting, (Start flashback)
Kyouya: I don't think you should be around some of the men that are coming in here.
Kitsune: And why not?!
Kyouya: I need your help getting the veranda fixed up for tomorrow.
Kitsune: You still haven't...
Kyouya: Go on out there and start and I'll get you some helpers *Pushes her to the door*
Kitsune: But!
Kyouya: Go on!
(End Flash back)
"Wow!" said Rosie when she went out and met up with Kitsune. "I wonder why Kyouya's bitching around you. Pardon my language. It's an American thing, sorry." She laughed nervously.
Haruhi trudged behind. "Why me?!"
"I guess because he might hate me," said Kitsune sadly.
"Why would he?" asked Rosie.
"I keep bumping into him and making him mess up a lot."
Rosie thought for a moment. "That shouldn't tick people off, if you apologize."
"I did."
"Well, then, why would he...?" Haruhi's voice trailed off. Even Kyouya wasn't THAT heartless.
Rosie began to smile in an eerie way.
Haruhi looked at her with a weird glance and then started to laugh. "There is no way in the whole world that that would happen."
"It might have," said Rosie.
Kitsune looked between the two and had a puzzled look on her face. "Uh.... What might have?"
Rosie slowly looked away from Haurhi and back to Kitsune.
"Well... I think that Kyouya-Senpai's having a bad day...am I right?" said Kitsune.
Then Rosie fell to the floor and stood straight up. "No!!!"
Kitsune looked astonished at the two, "May I ask what is going on? If I am in anyway apart of this I would like to know..."
Rosie looked at Haurhi with a determined face. She folded her arms to her chest and said, "What's really going on, is that Kyouya likes you and is jealous that you're getting guy attention!"
"What?" Kitsune was stunned, "That can't be right. There is no way he could have an interest in a girl like me!"
"And why not?" asked Rosie, "Your pretty enough."
"But my father works for his father!"
"There's nothing wrong with that!" said Rosie, "He can't really help it if he likes you. The heart wants what the heart wants."
Kitsune paused. "But why me? Surely your mistaken, he's just grumpy, that's all."
Rosie can't hear them, she's singing an Elvis Song called "I can't help falling in love with you." and every one falls over.
Haurhi took a step forward and smiles. "Don't worry Kitsune, all you need to know is that he likes you, so just take it easy ok?"
"YEAH! I know love, and it's biting him right in the..." Haruhi covered Rosie's mouth before she could finish that sentence.
Haurhi nervously chuckles as she took her hands off of her sister's mouth... "What she's... trying to say is that sometimes love might have a bad side-effect or two."
"I still don't believe it. There is no way the 3rd son of a large company like that would ever fall in love with a peasant like girl like me."
"Hmmm?" Said Haruhi, "And just how do you think me and Tamaki got together?"
"But your rich aren’t you?"
"Far from it."
Rosie laughed, "Did you think she would be rich and still have to be dressed as a boy?"
"Well some do. I'm a regular tom boy outside of school." Kitsune smiled a little.
"Are you guys almost done?" said Hunny-Senpai as he poked his head around the corner.
Mori came around as well and bowed a little to the girls.
"Not yet..." the girls proclaimed and started to do there job.
"Kitsu-chan! Kitsu-chan! Do you like bunny's?" said Hunny-Senpai
"No and why are you calling me Kitsu-chan? You’re a younger class ling!"
"Hunny-Senpai is a senior," Haruhi explained.
"But he's so young!" Said Kitsune.
Rosie sighed. "Apparently he's far from being young."
"Well, he is very free spirited." said Haurhi, "Ever heard of the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover?"
"Ok! Not ready!" Hunny yelled obviously not listening, as he ran back around the corner to tell the others. "Come on Takashi!" and they went back on their way.
Hunny stopped when he saw a really cute little kitten about the size of a large maple leaf. It was running to something. Hunny fallowed thinking it was so cute and stopped when he saw what it was running to. There sitting in a flower bed was a really cute looking little girl. She had beautiful long white hair and cute smile.
Hunny stopped, eyes ever-widening to see every piece of beauty that this girl had. The kitten had made it to the white-haired beauty and the girl began to pet it. Hunny could hear the kitten purring and the girl let out a soft giggle.
Nekozawa was in-between them in a flash. "Oh, I seeeeee youuuu've met my deaaaarrrr cousin." he purred.
Hunny did the little panic attack thingy.
Mori just watched..... He couldn't tell what was happening
Hunny gripped his bunny tighter. He leaned to the side a little bit and now the girl was holding the kitten and looking at Nekozawa curiously. Never the less Hunny was still embarrassed and a little bit scared. "T-Tak, Takashi?" he whispered.
"Neko-kun, why do you always haveta scare my new friends." She looked like she was about to cry. "Oh no, I'm sooooo sooorrryyy myy dear cousiinn Kinai."
Nekozawa dressed in his usual black robes and wig with his cat puppet companion took a polite step back and bowed slightly to his cousin Kinai. "I don't mean to.... scare" Hunny jumped backward slightly squeezing his bunny ever closer to himself.
"Neko-kun!" Kinai protested "Leave him alone!"
He took another step backward but didn't leave them ask Kinai held her hand out to Hunny. "Hi, my name is Kinai."
Hunny hesitated but took her hand. "I'm Hunny. Pleased to meetchya!"
Hunny being his friendly self blurted out "Do you like my bun-bun?" in attempt to break the ice.
Kinai smiled, "Yes, it's very cute." She picks up the fuzzy black kitten "Do you like my kitty? I named her Akia."
"Ohhh!! It's so cute!" he exclaimed as he patted the kitten’s soft and furry head. It kept purring and closed its eyes cutely when Hunny had patted it on the forehead.
The kitten jumped down from the girl's arms and landed safely on the ground next to Hunny's feet, the kitten was wanting attention and started meowing and rubbing against the two's feet.
Mori watched the two for a while.
Hunny asked, "So how old are you?"
Nekaozawa smiled. "I shall bestoooowww a happyy curse for you boootthh..."
Hunny jumped and Kinai yelled, "STOP IT NEKA-CHAN!"
Nekaozawa looked to her and then glided past to go find some other unknowing person to torment.
Michelle ran into the cloaked figure that was Nekozawa and said, "um...hello?"
Nekozawa smiled.
Seemingly unfazed by the stranger's creepy glance, Michelle kind of shrugged it off. "Oh, Hello there Hunny." She pauses, "What's going on over here?"
Rosie smirked to herself and dropped a water balloon on the twins when they walked by looking for her and Michelle. She hid instantly then giggling behind the wall back enough that she could not be seen from the brother's below.
"WHAT THE HELL!" Hikaru looked up from his soaked clothes and frowned.
Kaoru laughed. He hadn't got hit.
Rosie couldn't help it, she was laughing so hard and had been trying to quite it, but she needed to steal a peek. She leaned over ever so slightly, just enough to get the view.
"Easy for you to laugh! I'm SOAKED!"
"Hahaha... I'm sorry Hikaru" was all he could manage to say through his laughter.
Still angry Hikaru took off his school jacket and tried to wring it out. "Man, if I ever find out...” and then he looked up.
Crap... Busted.
"Oop" Mumbled Rosie as she began to run back into the room and out of the balcony,
Michelle saw this and then to cover Rosie up, she took another water balloon and threw it at Kaoru and ran off as well.
Kaoru stood there dripping wet then whispered to his brother, "You go after Michelle, I'll go after Rosie."
He nodded and then they ran after the girls.
Meanwhile, Rosie was running like no tomorrow, no stopping for her.
She smacked her face on a few walls when she forgot to turn in the hallways.
Running down the halls after Rosie, Karou was on her tail, he as been getting really close while he wasn't paying attention to the other things around him as Rosie took off down the left hall, before he turned, Tamaki stepped out and Karou ran into him knocking them both to the ground.
Tamaki yelled, "What the hell are you doing!!!!"
Karou got up and started chasing after Rosie again yelling behind him to Tamaki, "Sorry Milord!"
Hikaru ran after Michelle and actually caught up with her. He grabbed her arm to hold her. She twisted to brake free and ended up being knocked over with Hikaru on top of her and they ended up kissing. Hikaru jumped and looked away from Michelle blushing.
Hikaru pulled away blushing and holding his knees to his chest. He was too embarrassed that he couldn't say anything. Not even a sorry, or an out of place thank you, but what he really wanted was to try and kiss her again.
Michelle was embarrassed too, but the silence was getting to be too much for her, she broke the quiet first. "Well, uh... this was an interesting game of tag."
Hikaru didn't answer. Her put his arms around her and kissed her again, but more gentle this time.
Rosie sat in one spot finally, hoping she couldn't be spotted inside a janitor's closet while the spinning slowly ceased.
Michelle pulled away looking very confused. She didn't understand why he did that.
Hikaru him self didn't know why he had done this. His whole world began to come crashing down. The one with only him and Kaoru. Kaoru had Rosie now, and slowly, Michelle was becoming his world.
Michelle looked into his eyes and started to tear up. She tried to stop but the tears kept coming...
Hikaru didn't understand why she was crying, but wiped away her tears nonetheless.
She moved away from him. "I can't do this...." and she got up and ran off. Hikaru didn't understand at all what had happened.
Michelle's mind was full of thoughts. She remembered her x that had cheated on her, of all the people that were trying to hurt her... She didn't want that anymore. she wanted it all to end....
Hikaru watched Michelle run away crying with a heavy heart. He didn't understand, not only with her but with himself. Before he only cared about Karou, pranks, and host club duties, but now things have changed. His world that saw only Karou had been slowly crumbling as a new one was being put together with the pieces. What had he done to make her cry? Had he hurt her? Had he done something wrong? He didn't understand. Hikaru sat there in shame.
Rosie was able to escape Kaoru only to be struck down by Michelle. She grabbed Michelle and said, "What's the...rush..." she saw the tears and put her arms around her, "What did he do?"
"Nothing! I don't want to talk about it!" she said trying to wipe away the tears.
"Michelle, I can't help if you don't..." But she was cut off before she could finish.
"I just don't want to be hurt anymore!!" she cried
"Hurt..... Why? Are you hurt? What did he do to you?" said Rosie.
"Nothing at all, but he will, Rosie! He will! He's a guy! All guys are the same!" she sobbed.
"awwwww.... not all guys are the same.... you got to be more open minded..."
"GOT YA!" Karou flung his arms around Rosie and held her tight.
"Not now Karou, this is kind of bad timing..." said Rosie as she nervously looked over at Michelle.
Karou had his arms around her and he cocked his head to the side... "Oh, I’m sorry" he said as he gradually let go. He sensed the tension and noticed that Michelle had been crying.
"What's wrong?" he asked trying to be as nice as he could
"She thinks that Hikaru won't like her."
"Rosie! I mean, look at my past! NO guy would want to go out with me!"
"Stop that! you're so pessimistic."
Karou started laughing, "You think that Hikaru doesn't like you! Where did you get an idea like that?"
Michelle looked at him and then looked down at the ground.
Karou lifted her chin gently, "If Hikaru didn't like you then he would of already left." he said gently
Michelle blinked and smiled meekly, not knowing what to do now. Should she trust them? Or would she believe her gut once again?
Karou went on, “Me and my brother only bother with things and people that interest us. If he's stayed this long near you and actually talked to you then its a sure thing that he thinks your worth his time. You have to be patient with him though, all he has practice with was me and that was because of our brotherly love concept. We never had real relationships and always stayed close to each other."
Rosie hugged Karou around his middle and he hugged her back, “Well, until you guys came anyway."
Michelle smiled and got up and ran to find Hikaru.
Hikaru was in the rose labyrinth sitting in the gazebo. Michelle walked up to him.
"Oh, Michelle..." started Hikaru as he stood up and rubbed his arm, "About what happen...."
He was cut off as Michelle leaned in and kissed him on the lips gently. He was surprised that she could kiss like that after being more like a tomboy.
Michelle had had boyfriends before, she wasn't shy like Rosie.
Hikaru reached out and gently pulled Michelle in. He couldn't help himself. all his actions were scaring him but he still couldn't help it.
Rosie smiled to the new couple blossoming not to far away. She turned around and hugged Kaoru.

Hunny and Kinai sat in the grass playing with the little black kitten. The laughed and giggled as Mori watched them. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw someone but when he turned they where gone.

Haruhi had gone back inside and was talking with Tamaki about the people that were going to come to the next club meeting.

Kyouya went out on the veranda and was checking that everything was in order. Kitsune came up behind him, “What is your problem?" She asked.
Kyouya jumped and turned around, "excuse me?"
"Why do you hate me so much?"
Kyouya looked at her strangely, "And how did you get Idea like that?"
"You avoid me, get mad at me for joining the host club, and you seem to get angry whenever I'm around!"
Kyouya looked at Kitsune with slanted eyes. He wasn't about to explain himself because he didn't even know what he felt.
Kitsune turned her head and started to walk away.

Rosie snuck out of Kaoru's embrace and found Tamaki sulking to himself about how Haruhi's father wouldn't let him around her. She whispered, "Wanna be alone with my sister?"
"Yes, Why doesn't he want me around her?" he was really asking himself while sulking and looking at the ground.
"I think he's too clingy. He doesn't want to let her go yet, I think." She smiled to herself and then looked at Tamaki. "Don't worry, I'll find a way for ya." She smiled to him now.
Tamaki got a bad feeling up his spine.
After school, Haruhi was followed by Rosie. They knocked on the door and Rosie said to Ranka, "hello, Ranka-san! I'm Haruhi's twin! I'm gonna borrow her for a bit, that okay? Huh Huh Huh??"
Ranka was overwhelmed and said "okay." in hopes she'd leave him alone. Besides, it's not like her twin would do anything BAD to his Haruhi.

Mori walked home alone. It was very strange for him to do so but Hunny had decided to take Kinai to a really nice little cake shop. The day was perfect and sunny and he looked to the sun in a daze. No one understood what he would think about. He was always quiet about it and he used to be teased about it from the others in the host club. One of there favorite games to play was the 'Guess what Mori-Senpai is thinking game' but no one ever won because they never new.
The truth was that Mori was thinking about a girl he once knew when he was younger. he could never get her out of his head. He had met her when his family had visited a friend in Germany and she was a maid’s daughter there. The pretty little blond haired blue eyed girl was the first to greet him before anyone else and she was very shy. She couldn't speak Japanese at all and he only knew one or to words in German but they got along pretty well.
He stopped day dreaming when he felt eyes on his back. He wiped around and thought he saw long blond hair disappeared around a corner. He waited a while and then started walking to his house again wondering what he had seen while a pair of blue eyes watched him.
Mori continued to walk home but as he reached the gates to his front drive he felt eyes upon his back again and stopped in his tracks. A breeze blew by and caused the line of rose bushes to rustle in the background, but as it died down a few yards behind him a twig snapped. Slightly alarmed that he might be followed he paused for a second. Yet another breeze blew by and this time he turned around very quickly hoping to catch the intruder off guard. Standing there facing the street with his hand in his pockets he felt that it was safe and he turned around to have the gates opened so he may walk down his driveway. Little did he know there was a blond-haired blue-eyed girl's heart was racing in the bush but feet away from him.
She got up and ran to the gate but as she got there, Mori's hand reached out and grabbed her blue sweater. She screamed and looked at him very shocked. He pulled her into the gate and had her stand with her back to the wall.
"Have you been following me?" He asked gently.
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