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Posted 6/21/11 , edited 7/7/11
Here is a list of the Long Stories that are in the forums. Click on the title to read it. If there is no link for it, that means the story has not begun being written yet. This list is alphabetical by Title.

Title of Series: The Forgotten Journey
Author: Yuki-kyo-kira
Summary: From riddles, to mysteries. From vampires to gods. From medicines and poisions to deaths. From those who cannot see to those who cannot be seen. And from amnesia to apples? What do all these have in common? Almost absolutely nothing! However, this is not my story to judge. This is what happens when someone falls into Lucifer's trap.
One man begins this story, yet he is not the one to blame. A woman full of wrath meet the man full of greed. These two people are the ones that begin this tale of lies and mysteris with sadness and hatred. One could say that the butterfly effect causes these thing to happen. And this story shows that the butterfly effect is real.

Title of Series: Inescapable
Author: SensuallyYours
Summary: Luka (Norway) has been locked in a tower for 10 years. He meets Andersen (Denmark) who climbs the tower to meet Luka. What will this meeting bloom into? Human names used, take caution this is a M-rated fic...DenNor

Title of Series: A New Bloomed Lily
Author: YuriStar12
Summary: A mysterious girl appears in the middle of battle with Daemon Spade and Yamamoto. (Can't tell you the rest since it's supposed to surprise you..kinda)

Title of Series: Touched by a Demon
Author: ghost819

Title of Series: Stuck
Author: Yuki-kyo-kira
Summary: A boy must live as a girl in order to free himself from his father's desire for him to take over the family buisness. A girl must live as a boy to protect herself and her younger sisters from the mafia. The two meet and become bes tfriends not knowing that the other is hiding a secret. When the truth comes out things begin to change. Will the two find love? Or will the chains of fate keep them apart?

Title of Series: WereWorld
Author: ghost819
Summary: An average boy is now aware of a strange ability he has but is forced to choose between 2 worlds.

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