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Posted 6/22/11 , edited 6/22/11
Well helllooo there!~
Would you like to join me? Okay!~
Name: Death
Age: (That's personal!)
Description: Once a very scary character, he changed his looks to prevent scaring away students. Though he has funny looks, he is very serious with his job: To kill and prevent Kishins from appearing. Loving his students and teachers and pupils is what he does and saving the world from utter chaos is also on the agenda for Lord Death. He contacts his followers through the "death room" (my bedroom!) or a mirror. Once finding out that Tsurah transformed to Kishin with one soul, he knew that this would be a very difficult fight..maybe one he would lose. But not without a fight!
Attitude: Quirky, funny, calm, adult-like, serious when needed.
Picture: Pfft~It's on the front page silly!

Now please, for the sake of mankind, lets kill that Kishin!~
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