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Planking Craze

Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11

and thats what happens(:
Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11
It Looks and Is Stupid As Hell
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Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11

Chained_Angel wrote:

Planking is the new craze from Australia, its now swept the UK and other parts of the world because of Facebook pictures of people trying it out for themselves. Planking is where you lay flat face down on any surface while you're out and about that seems it impossible and take a picture of it. Its close to being a sport over here its become quite popular -__- Here are some examples of planking:

Plank fail:

Its sort of like free running without the running.

Someone has already died trying this out.

It can be quite funny but also very stupid at times. What do you make of the craze?

yeah.. i only became aware of it because it was shown on a tv news..

my first thought about it was "weird??"
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Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/23/11
It's funny, stupid, and weird. I guess I don't see the point of it or the fun of it, really.

Someone on another website argued it's racist because slaves were planked on slave ships or something like that, and that was the first time I had heard of planking.
Posted 7/25/11 , edited 7/25/11
psht yeah, did you hear about owling? now thats stupid.
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