Touched by a Demon
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Touched by a Demon

This takes place 10 years in the future.

Chapter One

"Get me my steak, scum." "Yes, sir!!!" This was just another average day at Varia Base. Squalo was getting hit in the head with many wine glasses, Xanxus never seemed to change, and Levi was his usual self. Lussuria on the other hand was trying to braid Squalo's hair. Suddenly, there was a loud scream from one of the hallways. The Varia were puzzled. There was to be no noise in the hallways but footsteps. "I will go investigate, bossu!!!!" Levi exclaimed. Xanxus nodded impatiently. Levi ran to the hallway and looked for what caused the scream.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The scream resounded from the hallway. "VOI! I'll go handle this myself." Squalo said (screamed). Xanxus nodded again. Suddenly a loud explosion resounded from the hallway. "VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-". The scream cut off abruptly. Xanxus stood up to investigate himself. His guns glowed with energy as he walked to the hallway. The first thing he saw was Squalo lying on the floor unconscious with his sword ripped off. The next thing he saw was Levi and the servant, both dismantled and unconscious. He looked up and saw a girl. More like a grown woman actually, and she was wearing a black cloak. "She took down these scum?"

Chapter Two

"You took down those scum?" Xanxus inquired calmly. The woman nodded quietly, but had a raging aura. "This rage....what caused it? The rage is mine." Xanxus thought. "Kmph. Is this your trash?" The woman kicked Levi, Squalo, and the servant to Xanxus's feet. "Hm. Who are you, scum?" He asked. "Who are you then?" The woman countered. "Xanxus. Leader of the Varia, the Vongola's independent assassination squad." Xanxus replied. "What....Xanxus?!" Xanxus nodded. "I apologize for my misunderstanding. I was sent on a mission and said to find someone by the name of Xanxus and join his squad."


"Your final mission is to find Xanxus, and join him. If you succeed in joining him, stay with him. Never come back." "But why should I join a human, most likely low in power?" "Do as I say. You are his Guardian." "My human has been chosen?!" The man nodded back. "Fine. I accept this final mission." The mission is engraved into her memory. "Goodbye forever, trash," The woman thought.


"Hm? Join me?" Xanxus scoffed. "You won't regret it. I am destined to join the Varia. Do you accept me?" "She seems to be a powerful ally. She might even help me defeat Sawada. The raging aura around her has decreased slightly though. I'll see how she does." Xanxus thought. "I can read your thoughts." "WHAT!!!????" The woman nodded back. "Hm. What flame class are you?" The woman grinned. "You'll see."

Chapter Three

The next day at Varia Base.......

"VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!" THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! Squalo was hit by a rock, a small dagger, and a shoe. "VOI! WHERE DID THE SHOE COME FROM?!" The woman smirked. She pulled out a bottle of tequila and threw it at Squalo, hitting him in the head. "VOI!!!!" "Hit him with a sword." Xanxus said. "Done." the woman replied as she pulled out a large katana from under her cloak and threw it at Squalo, hitting him in the leg. Squalo fell, screaming in pain, while the woman laughed. Xanxus grinned.
"Will you tell me your name and flame class yet?" Xanxus asked. "Not until I know the time is right." the woman replied. "I will give you a hint though. What does everybody have, deep within themselves? What gives you life and emotion? That is my name." the woman said. "Hm.... Brain?" Xanxus guessed. "No! What kind of person has "brain" as their name?!" the woman exclaimed. "Hm...heart?" Xanxus guessed again. "No, its not a body part or an organ." the woman replied. "Hm.... how about your flame class?" Xanxus asked. "You really want to know?" the woman replied. "We ALL want to know!" the Varia replied. "Only Xanxus may see. When the time comes the rest of you will see. Follow me Xanxus." the woman said. "Finally! I will learn her flame class!" Xanxus thought.

Chapter Four

The woman walked down the hallway, into a sealed room, Xanxus following closely behind. They both walked into a large isolated room. "Now, I will need for you to back up because you may be injured when I light my ring." "The flames are that powerful?" The woman nodded. Xanxus backed into the wall. Suddenly, the room was glowing. Xanxus looked at her hand to see that huge amounts of gray flame had emerged. "What kind of flame is that?!" "Hurricane. Its tearing apart the room pretty quickly......Xanxus, you realize you are being slowly torn apart too." "What?!"
The flames died down but still had considerable size. The room lost its glow. The flame died."One more thing, Xanxus." "Hm?" The woman slid many rings onto her fingers. She lit all of them. The room glowed once again, but with multi-colored light. "I have all the flames." "That can't be possible..." "It's possible. If you are not human."

Chapter Five

"Y-you're not human?!" Xanxus exclaimed. The "woman" nodded. "I am somewhat human, but not fully. I can explain what I am and I may as well tell you my story and name." She waved her hand and a chair that looked just like Xanxus's chair appeared. "Sit." The woman made her own chair and sat down. "I will reveal my true identity. It started off many years ago, when the Vongola first started. Primo was choosing guardians. He chose me to be Hurricane, due to my vast power. But since he was unable to see the cruelty in me, he let me stay for far too long. I destroyed everything in my path. He then exiled me, telling me I could never return. He asked for my ring but I ran off with it. I was the Vongola's secret weapon back then. That ring was the one I lighted to create the Hurricane flame not too long ago. I got my revenge though. Are you ever wondering how the first Guardians ever died?" "You mean that..." "I killed them all. I tried to do the same to Primo. I injured him severely, to the point of deformity, but he froze me in ice for 200 years. i was building up my strength. One day I shattered the ice from the inside, without using flames." "That is not possible. You require the Vongola Rings. No the Hurricane flame is really all the flames compressed into one. But it is not able to separate into all the flames. I just broke the ice, like stone. When I escaped from the Vindice, the Vongola were amazed. They tried to recapture me but it was too late. I was long gone." "How did you have those powers? What are you?" Xanxus inquired. "I was just getting to that. My name is Tamashii, meaning soul. That's just what I am. I was a soul, but to cruel to be reincarnated, so I came back down as a Soul. I can change my form and powers." "Incredible." Xanxus said. "To many humans, yes. The only reason you never could see me before was because you didn't look hard enough. I was there during the battle with Byakuran. I sealed his powers, but that caused him to survive. He is powerless now. Does that explain enough for now?" "Yes."

Chapter Six

"That should be enough information to satisfy your greedy little mind." Tamashii grinned. "She looks kind of pretty when she smiles...." Xanxus thought. "Oh sh*t! I forgot she could read my mind....." Xanxus thought. Xanxus looked at her. She didn't hear his thoughts just then because she wasn't probing into his mind. They both left the room.
The Varia looked at Xanxus expectantly for any information. Xanxus glared them down. The Varia shrank down under his gaze. They scurried back to complete their duties. Tamashii looked at Xanxus, motioning for him not to reveal the story. "I won't tell them." He thought at her. She nodded, satisfied. "Bossu! Bossu! Tell me everything!" Levi cried out. Xanxus shot Levi down. Tamashii smiled. Suddenly, the doors to the room opened. "Boss! The Vongola are here!!!"

Chapter Seven

Tamashii's eyes narrowed in disgust and hatred. Xanxus's eyes narrowed in pure hatred."I will handle them. I request of no assistance. An audience is welcome." Tamashii said. She walked over to the window to see Tsuna in deathperation mode. She walked through the door. The Varia gaped. Xanxus just smiled. All the Varia walked out to see what the encounter would turn into. Tsuna stopped and settled on the ground. "Who are you?" Tsuna asked. "Reborn, don't you remember me?" She gave a menacing smile as she looked at Reborn. She blinked her eyes and her eyes changed from red to yellow. "So the legend was true...." Reborn thought. "I heard that, Reborn." Tamashii replied. "You can read my mind?" Reborn asked. "Yes." "What do you know about her, Reborn?" Tsuna asked calmly. "She took down all the first generation Guardians and nearly killed Primo."

Chapter Eight

All of a sudden, Tsuna crumpled to his knees. He rolled over screaming with pain. "Bossu!" Chrome cried out. "JUUDAIMEEE!" Gokudera shouted as he rushed to Tsuna's side. "Why did you come here, Tsunayoshi Sawada?" Tamashii asked, looking at her hand as if she hadn't noticed Tsuna. "W-W-What did y-y-you do to me?!" Tsuna screamed. "You don't need to know. Now why are you here?" Tamashii asked again, with the same patience. "A message.." Tsuna gasped. "...was sent to us that the Varia was going to attack!!" Suddenly, Tsuna stopped writhing. The pain was gone. He felt woozy and fell backwards. "A message was sent to you that we were going to attack? By who?" Tamashii said. "We don't know. The message was anonymous." Tsuna said. "I don't know who you are but it looks like I have to end you. Now." Tsuna said as he stood up. "End me? It's not possible. But if it's a fight you wish then it's afight you get!" Tamashii replied. All of a sudden Tamashii was gone. Tsuna was being whipped around as if he were being attacked continuously. "She has gotten that much stronger?" Reborn thought. "Tsuna doesn't stand a chance." Reborn thought. Suddenly, Tsuna's vision went black.

Chapter Nine

Tsuna opened his eyes to find that he was standing... on darkness. "Mhmhmhm!" The laugh resounded through Tsuna's head. "I'm not surprised you're alive. You are in my world now. Now, in my world, lies cannot be told. Now tell me, who sent the attack message?" "I DON'T KNOW!" Tsuna shouted. "I believe you. But I feel that this encounter has been boring. You can't put up a fight." Tamashii said. Tsuna stood up defiantly. "We will fight. In the normal world." Tsuna said. "Fine by me." Tamashii replied. The world came back into focus. Tsuna opened his eyes to the real world. "Juudaime!" Gokudera shouted. "He'll be fine. But not for long." Tamashii threw off her cloak to reveal a powerful body, clad in black. "She's not human..." Reborn thought. "Correct." Shadows gathered around Tamashii's arms to create gauntlets that looked purely demonic. The edges of the gauntlets were covered in gray flames. Spikes lined the knuckles and finger tips. "Tsunayoshi Sawada. Do you remember when you got the original Vongola Ring?" Tamashii said. "Yes." Tamashii held up her hand to show the original Hurricane Ring. Everybody stared in shock. "I've come for revenge." With lightning fast speed, she knocked Tsuna down, leaving a bloody gash across his arm. Tsuna screamed. "We have to help him! We can't just leave him there!" Yamamoto said. Yamamoto opened his box weapon and released Jiro. "Scrontro di Rondine!" Yamamoto thought. Tamashii heard it all. As Yamamoto attacked her, she flipped him over by impaling him. Yamamoto's expression went blank as he slid off of the spike. "Yamamoto!" Tsuna yelled as he rushed over to him. RIP! SLASH! Tsuna went down. Tamashii whirled around to be face to face with a pale face. He had a pony-tail on the back of his head, but he looked like a lady. Kind of. "Kojiro Sasaki at your service."

Chapter Ten

"Kojiro...Sasaki?! The swordsman?!" Yamamoto said. "At your service." Kojiro replied. Tamashii dashed forward and surrounded Kojiro in a circle of flame. She shot forward again only to be impaled by the sword which had flung itself forward at Kojiro's command. "No!" Xanxus thought and shot forward out of his chair through the flames to rescue Tamashii. The Varia gaped in shock. Tamashii slid off of the sword and fell to the ground, limp. Suddenly, the wound regenerated and she stood up, not faltered by the healing hole in her stomach. She darted forward and left a huge gash across his arm. "You prove to be quite formidable. Until next time. I will destroy you." Kojiro said as he dashed away. Tamashii fell to the ground writhing in pain. Xanxus looked at her. The hole in her stomach seemed to have stopped healing. She finally stopped writhing as she passed out. Xanxus picked her up and slung her over his shoulder. He set her down on a couch inside Varia HQ. "Why isn't she healing?"

Chapter Eleven

Tamashii's eyes opened. The world was blurry. She could faintly make out the image of Xanxus looking at her with a concerned look. "I'm fine now. Kojiro is human. His goal is to slay demons...." Tamashii said. She stood up slowly, with a painful look on her face. "Where is the Vongola?" Tamashii inquired. "They are still out there. You want to finish them?" Xanxus said. Tamashii nodded and walked out of Varia HQ. Tsuna stood there staring. "I am getting tired of interruptions. Time to finish the game." Tamashii said. She pulled out a black and silver box. She lit her Hurricane flame and inserted it into the box. The flames were huge. The box began to shake and rattle. In a fiery explosion, two huge gray wolves leaped at Tsuna, crushing him. Tamashii looked at Tsuna quietly as he was being mauled. Tsuna fought off the wolves with difficulty. Suddenly, the wolves began to freeze. "Deathperate Zero Point Breakthrough!" Tsuna thought. "You like to play around I see." Tamashii said. The Ice melted while Tsuna froze them. He gaped in shock. How was that possible?

Chapter Twelve

The wolves seemed to be melting the flames in certain places only. The ever growing ice that was not melted created large spikes. Tsuna moved away from the wolves quickly to avoid being impaled. "You know nothing do you? And they chose YOU to be Vongola X? How pathetic. You don't even know the past of your family. Even Xanxus knows it all." Her sharp eyes lingered over to Xanxus who was charging his guns. They glowed with intensity. "Put your guns down. Unless you would like to help me drive Tsunayoshi away." She thought to him. "Tsunayoshi Sawada. You have exactly one year to come back here and attempt to defeat me. One year. If you can defeat me then you are just barely worthy to be Vongola X. If you fail, you are simply scum. Now leave, you're making me sick." "Oi! Call the boss Decimo!!" Gokudera shouted. "A loyal one aren't you? You act like a dog to him. Following him, obeying his every order. I thought G told you that what you're doing isn't right. Now all of you leave before I destroy you all." The Vongola picked up their wounded and ran. "Now what are we having for dinner? I'm starving."

Chapter Thirteen

"We have rice, steaks, pizza, and spaghetti!" Lussuria said. "I'll have some spaghetti and pizza." Tamashii replied. A few subordinates brought over the food and Tamashii ate with polite table manners, seeming unusual for a Demon. After finishing the last of her plate, she stood up, stretched, and yawned. "Where do I sleep tonight?" Tamashii said. Suddenly, she realized that the blood that was seeping out of the hole in her stomach was melting through the floor. "...I'll explain later." "You can sleep in the extra bedroom." Xanxus said. "I'm too lazy to move..." Tamashii yawned. Xanxus sighed. He carried her up to the room and set her down on the bed. Tamashii rolled over and began to sleep. Xanxus backed out of the doorway and closed the door. The rest of the Varia were in bed. Lussuria was just doing the dishes, but soon he'd be in bed too. He went to his bedroom, undressed and took a shower. Back in Tamashii's room, she was fast asleep. As a Demon, her body was eternally cold. The bed didn't have any warm spots. Tamashii's eyes fluttered open to reveal glowing red eyes. She felt something hard pressed against her back. She turned around to see Kojiro Sasaki, his sword pressed against her. " That's why you left earlier so quickly. You stalker." Tamashii said as she flipped around and appeared behind Kojiro. "Leave me be. It's none of your business to be here anyway." Tamashii said. "I will leave you, but under one condition." "What?" "Destroy Xanxus." ".... No." Kojiro came flying out of the window and landed face-first on the concrete. Tamashii nodded, satisfied. She laid down again and closed her eyes prepared to sleep. Her door opened. Somebody was walking toward her bed! She turned around to see who it was. It was Levi. "I was kind of hoping that, um, you like me?" Levi went flying out of the window as well, but he got the full effect of the concrete. He smashed through the concrete face-first. Tamashii stormed out of the room muttering "perverted thunder man."
Out of the shower, now sleepy, Xanxus climbed into bed, wearing some black pants. He climbed underneath the covers prepared to sleep. One thought had been running through his head all day. Was he in love? "No, no, NO! Soft feelings like love are nothing! Nothing! I'm not in love!" One half of his conscience said. "Face it Xanxus, you have feelings too. You're a human. You love her and you may as well accept that fact." The other half of his conscience said. He fell into a troubled sleep.
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