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Posted 6/24/11 , edited 8/4/11
Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora English Translation

must feelings of affection
always lead to sadness?
already cut off from you with no one to speak up
and tell me not to cry

the song of a world that keeps being drained of its color
we were all on a journey towards its destruction
and that's when i met you, and it was as if, in the briefest moment,
you had reduced my existence to nothing

i knew for sure it would be there, after we'd spent our time together,
the old town in the distance, where i'd be going with you
beyond the night, even those where you lose sight of love, there's always
a sky of illusions

i still end up smiling every time i have a dream
even if it's bitter
don't worry about what happens after
it's enough just to struggle against the wind, even in vain

i can only hope that our tragedy will befall us
on a quiet, peaceful night
yet, with your help, in spite of it, we're breaking our way out of the shadow
of always knowing but never being able to connect

is there something to strive for at the end of all of this?
something we'll look back on and feel like we achieved?
somehow, there'll be a light at the end simply because we lived through it,
a sky of illusions

even though,
every time you're by my side,
i want time to stop
as i lie in your arms,
i'm stuck in the land of pain

it'll be our home after we spend our time together,
the old town in the distance, where i'll be going with you
if we set our sights on love, the sky passing over us will be
the sky over a tragedy
the wasteland i dream of

Original / Romaji Lyrics

itoshisa wa itsumo
kanashimi e to tsuzuiteru no?
kimi ni mou hitorikiri de
nakanaide to iidasezu ni

iroaseteku sekai no uta
bokura wa owari e tabi o suru
sono tsuka no ma ni kimi to deatta
inochi o kezuru you ni

toki no mukou ni tashika ni atta
haruka na kokyou, kimi to yukeru no
ai mo mienai yoru no mukou ni
maboroshi no sora

yume o miru tabi ni kurushimu no ni
sore demo mada warau no
kaze ni sakaratte
ato dore dake agakeba ii

kono sangeki no yukue ga tada
shizuka na yoru de areba ii
shitteita nda, todokanai koto
sore demo bokura wa yami o kakenuke

toki no mukou ni gooru wa aru no?
tadoritsuita to itsuka ieru no?
ikiteyuku kara douka hikari o
maboroshi no sora

itsu demo
kimi no soba ni iru kara
sekai no toki o tomete
dakishimetai no ni
in the land of pain

toki no mukou ni bokura wa kaeru
haruka na kokyou, kimi to yukeru no
ai o mitsukete koeteyuku no wa
sangeki no sora
yume o miru kouya
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