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school picture #1 you must follow:

Name: Alice Hinamori
Born: July 4
Backround: A dancer and fameous actress. She and her younger sister were taken away to the school at a young age. Her sister escaped but she did'nt.She is somewhat happy.
weight:81.2 pounds
Parents: Unknown
Other: Is only half japanese and is a blonde

This is how it should look!
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hehe this sounds fun and yayyy i'm the first to reply ^^

Name: Mizuki Kato
Age: 14
Skills: Cooking, Singing, Track and field, Swimming
Born: January 24
Background: She's an only child of strict/rich parents who have high expectations from her. She's admired by her teachers and friends and tries to never disappoint her parents. Usually feels lonely because while her friends are out having a great time, her parents make her study at home. At first, she may seem shy but once you get to know her she can be very dependable and friendly!
Height: 5'3
Weight: 90 lbs
Parents: Her parents are divorced
Ethnicity: She's japanese/Irish
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Name: Luka Norge
Age: 15
Skills: Playing the violin, snowboarding, cooking
Born: May 17
Background: Luka lives with 4 other people. He has a younger brother who doesn't go to the same school. The people he lives with has some connections to his parents, as they are all looking for them. Luka hates talking about his family life as it brings back bad memories. Luka is distant and introverted as he doesn't like talking to others. He has somewhat of a sixth sense as he can see spirits and he talks to himself, so many avoid him. He is often teased of looking like a girl and sometimes even confessed to by guys. He plays the violin well and loves sweets.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 91.5lb
Parents: M.I.A. (Missing in Action) Luka and his "family" is looking for them
Ethnicity: Norwegian.
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