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Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/25/11
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Hi Welcome to MissyJokerChan's shop!Here you can request Aviis,Banners and Icons!All you have to do is to fill out this simple form and I will get it done in 1-3 days,Since I'm currently busy.I will also have my freebies on here as soon as possible. You can only request a max. of 2 aviis // banners // icons per post.

Payment Methoods

Aviis = Invite atleast 5 buddies and upload 7 photos
Banners = Invite atleast 7 buddies and upload 1 photo
Icons = Invite atleast 3 buddies and 1 photo

If you request an avii...
-You must atleast use it for a day
-Dont take the copyright out or change it in any way,You need my permission
-Dont give to others

If you request a banner...
-Please use it for atleast a day also
-Dont edit
-Dont give to others

If you request an Icon...
-You decide how many days to use it
-No editing
-You can give to others
To pay,Click here and upload photos!


Nickname or Name:
Avii / Banner / or Icon?:
Extras [bows,flowers,frames,etc]:

Reminder -
When you are Requesting, Type in "CAITLEEN LOVES DIMSUM" at the end of your request to make sure you have read it all.

MissyJokerChan's Freebies

When you taker a freebie,Please comment that you took one.

Have fun Requesting!

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