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Post Reply Mrs. Whibley!?
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78 / F / Doha, Qatar
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/1/08
At first, i was really SHOCKED..but get over it, if u really love Avril, u would accept it..

...aND i think they really suit each other...
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F / Mordor.
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
Well she isn't to youg to get married... people get married YOUNGER THEN THAT! like my parents... they been with each other for almost 19 years! and they got married reealy young.

anyways Im not a sum 41 fan... but They look very happy with each other! and I'm glad she found someone to make her so happy.
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 3/6/08 , edited 3/6/08

RainbowPrincess326 wrote:

no comment T_T


i think it's not the right time for her to marry but

it'zz her choice and i hope she'll be happy with himm...

i'm hopin they should last together though i don't agree that she had marry....

i think shes too


I know avril was 20+ years old now..
so it dosen't matter

Posted 3/7/08 , edited 3/7/08
oh i see..... :)
Posted 3/20/08 , edited 3/20/08
What I thought: There goes my idol. Congrats! Hope you will be a good mother and wife.
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25 / F / Harrow, UK
Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/24/08
Deryck n avril foreva!!

They ROCK togetha!!!
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Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/25/08
as long as she's happy with mr.whibley i'm happy for her as for deryck you're one lucky guy
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Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/20/08
i think theyll last but whos says there wont be alot of drama ( papparazzi are damn bitchs ) that would cause alot of stress but you see they both have to overcome the tabloids and know there love is stronger than what news stands every where are putting out but theyll be each others strength
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Posted 6/10/08 , edited 6/10/08

wildchild357 wrote:

i think they will last, anway...a really good match both into music and AVRIL LAVIGNE ROCKS AND SO DOES SUM 41

agree with that
Posted 6/14/08 , edited 6/14/08
Avril was very pretty and good-looking in her wedding dress...his husband was just fine by me..he's a musician too you know
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
Im not against her marryin young and I wish them happiness!

Also, I think he is very lucky to have such a wonderful person --> Avril Lavigne

I think they are a cute couple and not so showy about it

Avril looks great in her wedding dress and Sum 41 looks great 2
Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
She's merried?

How old is she? she looks kinda YOUNG
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
lol i LOVE sum41!! and when i found out she got married to him, i was happy for her! they make a cute couple :]
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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/25/09
I'm happy for Avril that she found her dream man though he's not that handsome
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