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Chapter 1
Naruto was eager today, well more eager than usual, if that’s possible. ‘Jiraiya will definitely teach me a new awesome technique today!’
Jiraiya, appearing from no-where said, ‘Not so fast! I have research to attend to…, but,’
‘But what?’
‘…If you have to gather all your friends and…’
‘..and?’ Naruto asked desperately
‘Get them to transform into sexy no jutsu, then I might reschedule!’
Naruto’s jaw dropped, he pointed at the man in front of him, ‘E-Ero sennin!’ he yelled as he decided to leave, but then Jiraiya smirked.
‘I think you wanted to learn yet another “awesome” jutsu from me’
Ideas filled the boy’s head. Suddenly, Naruto turned around, ‘A REALLY awesome jutsu?’
‘REALLY awesome’
‘I’ll do it! Dattebayo!’

It wasn’t till the next day Naruto managed to bring all his male friends including Iruka, Kakashi and the two male Sand ninja.
‘Okay Naruto, what are we doing here?’ questioned Kakashi
Naruto was laughing to himself. He had been practising making other people transform.
‘This is going to be so sweet!’ he thought just as Jiraiya showed up.
Then Naruto counted to 3 and then there was nothing but smoke for a while.

As the smoke cleared, Jiraiya suddenly had a nose bleed that sent him shooting back. ‘Is that good Jiraiya?’ asked a sweet, feminine voice that came from a Naruto that happened to be completely nude. Naruto still had blonde hair and blue eyes, though his hair was no longer spiky but long and in two long pony tails. Jiraiya looked around seeing many beautiful women, all wearing their birthday suites this caused the great sannin to pass out from blood loss.
‘Okay, now to change back… uh-oh ’
Naruto hadn’t noticed, right before Jiraiya passed out, he made a seal.

The crowd of friends were not so friendly at the moment. They were demanding to know WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON??
Kakashi didn’t seem to notice the change, but Iruka was going mad. He had looked down into a nearby puddle and saw a hot konoichi staring back at him. He screamed then fainted.

Naruto decided to take advantage on the situation, so he went to find Sasuke. As he ran through the crowd, he saw a pretty girl lying on the floor with blood flowing from her nose. This konoichi had long, black hair which was straight except for a few random spikes. Naruto recognised who this was instantly. ‘Oh Sasuke…,’ he said in his feminine voice. Sasuke could barely lift his head, but as soon as he saw that a pretty konoichi lay in front of him, his nose exploded with blood. Naruto laughed.

When Sasuke recovered, which was when after everyone ran home screaming, he was in his bed. Sitting near to his feet sat the blonde konoichi who he still didn’t know. ‘How…did you know my name?’
The girl laughed. ‘Sasuke, you really can’t recognize me? It’s me! Uzumaki Naruto! Believe it!’
Sasuke went pale and started twitching. ‘I can’t “believe it”, he’s that konoichi,’ he thought, ‘and to think I fell for him too…,’
Naruto had put some of Sasuke’s clothes on. ‘Look!’ he said striking a pose, ‘I’m Sasuke’s girlfriend! We’re so close--’
Suddenly, Naruto passed out.
‘NEVER… do that again!!’ said an aggravated Sasuke.

Kakashi was on his way home when he passed a shop of mirrors. He froze.
‘Oh my gosh!’ he exclaimed, ‘My mask is gone!’
With that he ran home as fast he could. Nothing else mattered…NOTHING!

Sasuke started looking for some clothes to wear that didn’t have his clan’s symbol on it. He found something, but unfortunately, it was a mere bath robe.
‘Curse that stupid Naruto!’

Meanwhile, Naruto woke up, rubbing his sore head that had a large bruise. ‘Curse that stupid Sasuke’

Kakashi called Iruka. ‘I lost my mask!’ he yelled
Iruka, now half deaf said, ‘Kakashi…?’
‘Do you know where it is??’
‘…You were that girl…..right?’
‘What girl? Dude, I’m a guy’
Kakashi stopped freaking out. ‘Hey, wait a sec… I look hot! This is way better than Make Out Violence!’
He went back to the mirror shop. He stood there admiring his long, silver hair and tall figure until he was told off by the shop owner with the bloody nose “-for not wearing any bloody clothes!”

Sasuke and Naruto went on a walk to find all the others. That’s when they saw trouble walking along towards them.
Naruto turned around and sweated nervously. Sasuke pretended to do his hair. It looked like he was actually WAITING to do it to. ‘Hey you two…,’ Sakura began while looking around, ‘Have you seen Sasuke~kun♥, Kakashi-sensei or …Naruto? We were ment meet this morning, but I haven’t seen them for the whole day, I’m a bit worr-’ Sakura stopped looking around and focused on the two konoichi facing her. ‘…You two look familiar but I could swear I’ve never seen either you before…’
Sasuke interrupted her, ‘We are from the Country of Waves-’
‘Yeah, Waves’ Naruto added nervously
‘Shut up!’ Sasuke whispered, and then faced Sakura again, ‘You helped our city and we came to thank you’
‘Yes...thank you…’
Sasuke shot him an evil eye, but looked WAY too pretty to be evil
‘…It’s alright…?’ Sakura said. To her, these two looked very suspicious. ‘Okay then… bye....?’ she said still eyeing them.
Naruto sighed of relief.
Sasuke punched the back of his head. ‘Good job moron, now she’s suspicious.’

Sakura met up with Ino. ‘I saw the strangest thing on the way here,’
Ino stared at her, ‘like what?’
‘There were these two konoichi that I just saw and they said they were from the Waves, but I’m sure they weren’t’
‘You probably forgot. What’s the use of having a big brain that doesn’t do anything but make your forehead larger?’
Sakura grimaced, ‘Ha ha,’ she said sarcastically.
‘Well,’ Ino asked, ‘then what?’
‘They said thanks for saving their town, but what’s really strange was they looked a lot like Sasuke and Naruto.’
Something else Sakura didn’t pick up was the Waves had no shinobi

Sasuke and Naruto managed to find a girl playing shogi. She was wearing a fishnet top and a half jacket.
‘Shikamaru!’ Naruto squeezed the girl, her prickly hair beginning to hurt him.
‘Ah, Naruto,’ Shikamaru pushed Naruto off him, ‘what did you do? Ah. This is so troublesome’
Sasuke glanced at Naruto, hoping for the answer.
‘Well’ said Naruto embarrassed, ‘I used sexy no jutsu on, well…everyone so that ero-sennin would show me…another jutsu.’
Shikamaru looked back at the shogi board, his eyelashes were now clouding some of his vision. ‘What a drag’

Gaara and Kankuro had been sitting in the same spot for a while now. None of them noticed the change. Gaara was baffled about how hair could reach his eyes while Kankaru witnessed nude females everywhere. His nose still was dripping with blood.

Meanwhile Temari came walking along. ‘Oh my gosh!’ she exclaimed,
‘Are you two ok??? Where are your clothes?’
she stopped for a second and scratched her head. ‘You two look very familiar…never mind that come on!’

Temari dragged the two back to their residence. After she dressed the two she looked carefully at them. One of them had red hair. It was up to her neck and was all spiky at the bottom. The konoichi looked a bit like a rebel. She wore thick eyeliner. Temari made a mental note Better stay clear of that one. As she looked at the other konoichi, she saw a brunette with hair same length as the other ninja, but it was caved and smooth. This ninja had purple eye shadow and lipstick.
Temari smiled. ‘You should meet my brother, he also wears purple make-up’
Kankuro snapped out of his vision, he was going to yell at her explaining it’s not makeup and what the heck she was going on about! Then he noticed he was a woman as well. If Temari knew, she’d be making fun of him forever and wouldn’t help at all.
‘Wow,’ he said, ‘really?’

Shikamaru, Sasuke and Naruto went to look for more victims. Suddenly they saw a girl and Akamaru.
Akamaru was growling at the girl as she tried to pick him up.
‘Akamaru! It’s me! Kiba! Can’t you remember my scent!’
The girl looked as if she was going to cry.
Akamaru stopped growling and wagged his tail. ‘Good boy’ Kiba said while putting Akamaru on his grown, brunette head.
‘Hey Kiba!’ Naruto called out.
Kiba turned around, ‘Woah!’ he said looking at the three, ‘Hey! Who are you chicks? Can I have your phone number?’
Everyone stared at him, ‘Kiba, it’s us!’ Naruto said imitating Kiba from before, ‘Naruto, Shikamaru and Sasuke!’
Kiba sweat dropped ‘hehe’
Naruto’s expression changed, ‘By the way…what’s a phone?’
‘I dunno, that just came in my mind, ’

{B.T.W.}you got to remember it’s set when daimyos were around {B.T.W.}

‘Anyway you know what happened to us it also got Shino. He’s buying clothes.’

Shino held a cream coloured t-shirt to his chest. ACHOO!

Naruto and the rest of the konoichi saw another female ninja. She had hair parted evenly in two chestnut-coloured ponytails. She looked as beautiful as a butterfly with her chips and swirls on her cheeks… ‘Chouji!’
The girl looked them dead in the eye. ‘I’m not sharing’
Suddenly, a girl ran in the scene. ‘It is me, Rock Lee! Naruto-san, what happened to us?’
Naruto tried not to laugh, but it was hard. Lee looked so different. He didn’t have bushy eyebrows, but thin ones and his hair wasn’t stuck to the rest of his head. ‘Long..pfft..Story’
Lee’s suit fitted his new body well,
“If only Gai-sensei could see me now”

Sakura and Ino were now feeling quite inquisitive.
‘I wanna see!’ whined Ino as they saw Hinata. She looked lost.
‘What’s wrong Hinata?’ asked Sakura.
Hinata looked around and then went fully red.
‘I-I was going to s-stalk--… m-meet N-Naruto today ’
Ino and Sakura shot a weird look at each other.
‘H-He’s m-missing, so then I was g-going to ask N-Neji where he was, b-but he’s gone too!’
Ino and Sakura shot yet another look.

Shino had come back from the shops, he bought a prettier version of his coat, which covered the same space and wore his same pants.
His hair was the same but sorted in two pigtails shoulder length. Then suddenly something struck him, with his clothes, everyone would know that HE was now a SHE!!

Neji was all alone.
There was no-where to hide.
It was haunting him.
Luckily the rest of the Hyuuga clan had gone to visit the memorial.
There was no-one to see his new shame.
He couldn’t cover it.
‘I have to hide…yes hide, but where’ Neji was going mad. He face looked the same but his body…..Neji peered out his window, he saw lots of unknown konoichi coming near. It was only natural to assume that they where Hanabi friends, but it didn’t strike him their age.
Neji hide in his changing closet. The room door opened.
‘Neji…’said the blonde one, ‘are you there?’
Neji and his bleeding nose sat quietly. He used byakkugan to see them.
The blonde wore Sasuke’s clothes. He seemed MUCH more affectionate than he let on, there was also a dark haired girl, wearing a …bathrobe? The next looked like Shikamaru with a body similar to his own (except with CLOTHES) and thick eyelashes, along side her was a girl with totally different eyes to the rest of them. Her eyelashes were under her eyes not over. There were two more, this one had Kiba’s triangles, but definitely wasn’t Hana , the last looked as beautiful as a butterfly and had same marks as Chouji on her cheeks. He was sure Chouji didn’t have a sister.

Neji thought to be brave, stick his head out, but unconsciously did exactly as he thought.
‘-I-is that you guys?’
‘Uzumaki Naruto is here, dattebayo!’ yelled the blonde, then noticed something that obviously bugged him, ‘You…didn’t change’
Neji blushed like crazy, he thought that Naruto noticed his suit. (birthday, that is!)
‘Huh,’ Naruto was stunned, ‘You’ve got a fever? You and Hinata need a doctor.’
Neji moved forward by accident making him fall out of the closet.

Everyone went blank. NOSEBLOODS ALL AROUND!!!
‘For goodness sake! Where clothes!,’ exclaimed Sasuke, ‘I don’t like this either but at least I’m wearing something!’
Neji ran in the closet again as Shikamaru passed him some of Hinata’s clothes. It was pretty tight on him, but as he got used to the “cooties” it began to feel comfortable.
‘Where’s Shino?’

Shino was walking out of the shops then suddenly sneezed on his beige top with butterflies, his LONG skirt, which was black and a matching scarf.
‘Oh dungbeetles, mucus! This cost a fortune!’
It seemed as if being a girl was messing with his head.

Chapter 2
Kakashi was enjoying this way more than he should have been. He had already bought a whole new closet full of skimpy clothes. He started giggling as he tried them on.

Meanwhile Iruka, awoke his faint. He looked around. No-one was in sight. He ran to Kakashi’s only to find a platinum-haired-konoichi wearing one of her new outfits. He fainted. Again.

Hinata decided to follow Sakura and Ino because they seemed to know something about her missing love. She was so curious as to know where he could be, but these two seemed to know something helpful. Of coarse, no-one would know about her snooping. She activated Byakkugan

‘So Neji could be in it too?’
‘Seems so. So what else do we know?’
‘Other than your humongous forehead, these three might (but most likely) have turned into girls, if so, they’re hiding.’
‘Indeed, INO-PIG. We got to ask Tenten about what she knows and Temari too’
‘whatchya waiting for BILBOARD-BROW? Let’s go!’

With that, the three girls left

Jiraiya had awoken his slumber as well. This was gonna be the best day ever! He ran around the town, looking for some young konoichi, but to his dismay, they seemed to all be hiding. He moaned and reluctantly went home.
‘This is gonna be the worst day ever!’

Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, Lee and Neji left the Hyuuga residence. They all needed new clothes and fast.
On the way to the shops, they saw Sakura, Ino and….Hinata? They ran, well most of them anyway, Sasuke and Naruto couldn’t. Naruto tripped on Sasuke’s bath robe and pulled it off by accident. As they both realized, they had nosebleeds and fell unconscious. Lucky for them, Sakura and Ino didn’t notice their performance, but Hinata did.
She decided that these two needed better clothes, so she took them home, not realising who they were.

Kakashi leaned on top of Iruka as he woke up, ‘Yo!’
Iruka realised something, ‘a-are you…Kakashi ?’
Kakashi stood up. ‘Correct!’ he said as he clapped.
Iruka closed his eyes, hoping for his nose to stay put, ‘What’s with those clothes?’
This made a smile creep on the Icha Icha fan’s face, ‘Like ‘em? Here, I dressed you in some while you dozed off! Now we match! You know it’s rude not saying hello to the person who owns the house you faint on?’
Iruka opened his eyes, and they jetted to his clothes. His nose couldn’t stay put any longer.
He fainted.
‘Aww man! You got your bloody blood all over your beautiful clothes! Once again not being polite and fainting! Geez Iruka…’

Naruto and Sasuke regained their consciousness. They were shocked to notice they were in a girl’s room, on a girl’s bed, but no girl in sight. Or at least Sasuke was, because none of this hit Naruto. Sasuke was getting paranoid about what the girl might do next. Naruto sat up and looked around. ‘Who’s there?’
Hinata appeared out of no-where. Sasuke immediately relaxed. She won’t do anything to him or Naruto because she’s too shy.
‘Oh, it’s just you-’
An elbow jabbed Naruto in the belly.
‘I mean, do I know you?’
Hinata apologized, ‘I’m sorry. I-I saw you two on the floor a-and I decided to look after you. A-Anyway, I’m Hinata Hyuuga of the Hyuuga’s main branch. I-I’ve already changed you into clean clothes-’
The other two konoichi quickly worried but then remembered they were girls now, they sighed.
As for Hinata, she was wondering why the were sighing. Surely dirty clothes weren’t that bad. ‘-I-I think it would be best if you stay here for a while to recover. You to were covered in b-blood.’
Sasuke and Naruto blushed in embarrassment.
‘Arigato’ they said still red.

‘So did you see anything suspicious, Tenten?’
‘For instance, maybe, two or three konoichi? Maybe they were blonde, dark haired…’
‘Sorry, no konoichi, but I saw Neji. He was wrapped in bed sheets. He looked prettier than usual’
Tenten blushed
Ino and Sakura stepped back. They had two clues.

1. Neji had turned into a girl too, if that’s what happened
2. Tenten wasn’t exactly…..straight…

After they established this the ran as fast as they could to find Temari.

Iruka woke up for the 4th time after the incident. He was safely in his room. No Kakashi to make him have blood loss. No Kakashi to dress him in ….outfits. No Kakashi to-Kakashi appeared with Pakkun and an even skimpier outfit than before.
‘Let’s go, Iruka’
‘Goodbye Kakashi’ said Iruka before passing out again.

Shino finally met up with Kiba, Shika, Chouji, Lee and Neji.
Everyone was just staring at her eyes open, and all in line until they realized who it was.
Shino walked down that line slapping each one of them then leaving muttering, ‘stupid boys…’ Shino DEFINETLY was messed up.

Gaara and Kankuro were watching carefully as Temari left the room. Kankuro peered out the window only to see Sakura and Ino. They started talking.
‘Hey Temari’
‘Have you seen and thing weird, or any one weird?’
Temari thought for a second then remember the two konoichi.
‘Oh yeah!’ she looked straight at the window Kankuro was at. He was sure he was spotted. ‘Gaara, we have to go NOW,’
Gaara looked at Kankuro, ‘W-w-who are you?’
Kankuro slapped his forehead, ‘I’m Kankuro’
‘Pfft! Nice try, but Kankuro is a GUY’
Kankuro smirked as Gaara put on a pleased face. ‘Take a look in the mirror.’
Gaara had a silent scream on his face. ‘I look….PRETTY!’
Kankuro was eventually forced to pull Gaara away from the mirror as Sakura and Ino burst in. They just managed to run away.
‘Ya’know,’ said Temari, ‘there was something familiar about those girls….’

Sasuke and Naruto were still stuck in the Hyuuga’s residence. Hinata had gone to make tea for them.
Sasuke stared out the window, ‘We need to get outta here!’
Naruto lay back of Hinata’s pillow. It was so soft. Sasuke turned to look at Naruto, ‘the windo-’, Naruto had fallen fast asleep.
‘Great!’ said Sasuke sarcastically as he flopped on the pillow beside Naruto just as Hinata walked in.
‘Oh my! You two must be exhausted. Shall I leave?’
Sasuke immediately said yes and escaped, but Naruto was still dreaming of Ichiraku’s.

Sasuke was wondering in the shadows trying to find anyone who was in the same position as he was. A konoichi with stylish sunnies walked by.
The girl turned around.
Sasuke dropped his jaw in amazement.
‘What are you looking at?’
After getting no answer, Shino suspected the worst.
‘Boys these days…’

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28 / F / Sky Realm
Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/16/08
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