Ohana Loves Ko????!!!!!!!

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Posted 6/26/11 , edited 6/27/11
What do you think does she ?
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Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
NO, I think she cares a lot about him; I mean - it looks like his been around her for years. So they have a bound, but its just friendship. I wouldn't be suprise if she decides to date him but it doesn't look like she has a thing for him at least not yet.

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Posted 8/21/11 , edited 8/22/11
Seeing as how whenever she is troubled or deep in thought she tends to always think about Ko and a situation that relates to them, as soon as she does she'll end up getting herself worked up. (ex. the knitting scene in the latest episode.) She always depends on Ko in one way or another, most of the time indirectly. I'd say the feelings of love are there, although not yet realized.

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Posted 9/1/11 , edited 9/2/11
I think she does, and I wish they'd get together already, or she should at least give Ko a definite answer so he's not left hanging after that confession.
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Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
Yes! She does! Its obvious in the latest episodes, she'll try to confess to Ko...can't wait for the next episode... >______<
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