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"Wow, this issue sure sold like "hot cakes" cuz of the calender giveaway. I find lots of stores where also sold out. At last my friend was able to buy it for me. Here you go, enjoy!" - From someone else!

DBSK/TVXQ Traveling. When they are overly exhausted, just a mere 2 to 3 days holiday can let them regain their vitality.

U-Know Yunho future journey

Meeting with himself from 10 years in the future!
I wish to have a magical journey, or sit in a time machine to meet with the me, 10 years from now. In the past, I wanted to meet my 21-year-old self. I wanted to see by that age, what results would I have achieved, and also as a motivation to the present me, but now that I am already at the age of 21, I want to meet with my 30-year-old self, see if I have become a true musician, or have I become an outstanding father like my dad, and make my children feel proud of me.

Bring her home for traveling!
When I met the girl I love, I would hope to bring her back to my hometown ~ Gwangju, let her have a feel of natural atmosphere and get-to-know the place I have grown up in. At that time I would bring her to the lake garden in front of my house, tell her that every time when I am in a bad mood or plain depressed, I would come here and do something. (What would you do there?) Well ~ Not too long ago there was also a few days break. I once came here and did a little dancing; although there was a lot of passerby that suspect whether I was U-Know Yunho, but at the end no one recognize me because I kept denying it! Haha~

Hero Jaejoong journey toward passion for his country

Let’s go to the seashore!
When I am in a relationship, I would want to go with my girlfriend to the seashore, it’s not a must for the both of us to play water, just holding hands walking by the seashore, gives a very romantic feeling. If possible, I hope my girlfriend together with my family members; go traveling at my birthplace. Just like Yunho, I hope the girl that I like can understand the environment for which I have grown up with! Besides, it is also a very great place with lots of historical places. As it is leisurely and carefree, you can relaxingly enjoy the vacation! Every time I went back to my hometown, I feel as if my pace has slow down.

Korea is good enough!
I really wish I could go for a true traveling in Korea! Although I had the chance to perform in many areas of Korea but it was only for a short period. I hope to have more time to better understand my own country, our country has quite a lot of famous places too~

Max Changmin Life Perishing Journey

Scary year 2006 memories!
I am the kind of person that is afraid of tight-schedule-trips, so when a traveling gets too exhausting, I will come with many conditions. Just like in year 2006, we once went on a ‘life perishing’ worldwide traveling. In a short period we started from Korea to Thailand, Europe, Korea, Japan, Czech Republic then back to Japan. That time we were really worn out, really feels like we went around the world. When we made our PV at Czech Republic, the scenery was really beautiful, but maybe because we were really tired and sick, so we didn’t have the mood to enjoy the scenery ~ Thinking back, it really freaks me out.

Give me some time!
Instead of a tight schedule traveling, I'm hoping for a more leisurely and carefree holiday. For instance, just sitting at home doing nothing but think, eat a lot of food, and keep sleeping. If I feel bored, I will go learn some stuff I wish to learn, like swimming and photography, then occasionally meet up with my friends, or like when not busy with TVXQ activities, I will go to an amusement park with my family.

Xiah Junsu Summer Journey

I can never find such a fun vacation again!
We once went to Bora Bora Island for one of our artist book, that was really my most unforgettable traveling till now. Some one once told me that I shouldn’t have gone to Bora Bora Island so soon because you won’t be satisfied no matter where else you go after you have gone there! That time I was really shocked by the scenery, I never believed there was such a beautiful island in this world, you can see the sunset glow at the milky way at night, even during dusk you can see the sky filled in rainbow colors! That scenery till now, are still very clear in my mind. When I have a girlfriend, I would definitely want to go there once more with her. Really miss it.

Journey to visit famous musicians!
If it is possible, I wish I could be invisible for two weeks, then I can be free and go travel around the world. Not only that, I would use the time to visit outstanding musicians, go observe their skills and their effort, this will really help me a lot in my determination to be a musician! Of course, being invisible is an impossible thing, so till now I'm still not able to go out traveling freely.

Micky Yoochun Dangerous Journey

A journey without bringing anything!
I am the kind of person that doesn’t like planning; even in traveling I am the same. I remember when I was in America; I once went traveling to the seaside with my friends and my brother, and we didn’t do any planning at all, it’s the kind that ”you think you want to go and you just go”! A group of us drive for 4 hours straight until we reach our destination, at that time because we were on impulse, we didn’t bring any money or food, the only thing we remembered to bring is a tent, so just like in a drama, we stayed in the tent by the seaside for 3 days 2 night. Although our bodies ached all over, but that impulse move has became a precious memory now.

Go shopping with my girlfriend in a market!
When I have a person I love, I wish to go shopping with her during the holidays. No matter if it’s going to a market or high-class shopping mall, I feel that two person together discussing what to buy, gives a really warm feeling, especially when buying foods and drinks, two person together pushing a trolley slowly picking and buying, it really gives a special kind of romance.

TVXQ 2008 wishes revealed!

Hero Jaejoong
Recently I have been working out because one day I have seen our staff members with “beer bellies”, I got a little shocked. I started thinking as I age; will I one day become like that too? That would be really freaky! As I work out and exercise properly, this year I hope to have the strength to climb Mount Fuji.

U-Know Yunho
Because there are still many fans that haven’t meet TVXQ, so in this year I wish to go to farther places like Brazil to have a concert, because there are also our fans there.

Max Changmin
Recently I have started analyzing myself, felt that I must work harder, so this year I would continue working hard, especially hoping my Japanese language skills can improve more, and also hope that I can faster master guitar playing.

Micky Yoochun
If possible, I wish this year could occasionally have a few days break. I remembered during Christmas in year 2006, we had to rush back to Korea in the middle of the night after our work was done, then we had a little drive at “ Han Jiang”, that was a really comfortable feeling, hope we can have more chances to do so.

Xiah Junsu
The memories of last year’s concerts were unforgettable, this year I hope to be able to have a concert at a bigger place, Resting time? I don’t need it…
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Posted 1/15/08 , edited 1/16/08
OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! That was just so freaking CUTE!!! OMG I just freakin' LOVE DBSK 4EVER!!!!!! XOXOXO ^_^
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