Does Crunchy Roll delete shows?
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Posted 6/27/11 , edited 6/28/11
Hello, I am currently on my free trial for Crunchy Roll, and I will be buying my full account soon.
I have a question/confusion.

Just around last week or so I was looking through the available shows, I was planning on watching them soon, but, once I get my free trial they appeared to have disappeared..

The shows I am talking about were Black Butler, Gurren Lagann, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Was I just seeing things, or were these shows really on this site just a week ago an recently removed?
I am very confused by this, why would three shows on the most popular list suddenly just be all together deleted?

Somebody please hep me by explaining this too me or by telling me that I am just a total noob-face bein' a 'tard...

Thank you..?
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