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Chapter One


Danny's hand reached over to slam his alarm clock. "I guess this is what you get when you buy the World's Loudest Alarm Clock," Danny said. Danny rushed to his closet on threw some clothes on quickly. He ran back to make his bed. "Crap! Forgot to put my homework in my backpack!". He slid into his shoes and ran over to his desk and shoved all his homework in his backpack. He opened the door and fell downstairs. " Oh my god, are you okay honey?" Danny's mom asked. "I think so," Danny replied. "Do you want breakfast?" Mrs. Isle asked. "Nah, I'm good," Danny breathed. "I'm gonna miss the bus....Bye mom!". "Bye, honey!" Danny rushed up to the bus stop and leaped on the bus. Little did he know that he would discover something that would change his life forever.
When Danny arrived at school there were the same kids there to greet him or beat him every morning. "Hey dude, what's up?" Jake asked. "Almost late for school again." "Again? Dude, unless you wanna get screamed at by Birdbeak, don't be late." "Well, my new alarm clock helped me not get yelled at by Mr.Sullivan." Danny and his friend run into class and then suddenly walk quietly to their seats as soon as they get into the doorway. "Ok kids, since this is your first week in middle school I will go easy on you. NOT. Today we will be having a pop quiz on the Louisiana Purchase." Mr. Sullivan said. "But we haven't even recieved our textbooks yet!" Susie exclaimed. "Too bad." Mr Sullivan replied nastily. "At least I studied this during summer," Danny thought.

Chapter Two

Kids squirmed in their seats at their first pop quiz and their first failed pop quiz. Danny stared confidently ahead. The test was slammed onto his desk. Danny looked down at the first question. When was the Louisiana Purchase made? Easy. This test is a piece o' cake. After answering about twenty more questions, he had a sudden uncontrollable itching in his foot. Not wanting to scratch it in public he raised his hand. "What is it, Danny?" Mr. Sullivan. "May I use the restroom?" Danny asked. sounding a little impatient. "Alright, but make it quick."
Danny ran off into the restroom to see that he was completely alone. He yanked off his shoe and was astonished by what he saw. His entire foot had become muscular but had changed shape. It was now a large paw and was covered with glossy silver fur. Instead of toenails there were now claws. Large black claws that clicked as he walked and curled dangerously. He trembled with fear. When did this happen? Why? How? All he knew was that nobody, absolutely nobody, could know about this. He slid his shoe back on and hid the sock. He went back to class, trying to look refreshed. He finished up his test, but his pencil shook as he wrote down the answers. He put the paper on Mr. Sullivan's desk and went to sit back down. He pulled out a book and pretended to read but was really thinking about his foot. Maybe its just a rare disease, or a disorder that didn't kick in when I was younger. He felt calmer at thinking these answers, but deep in the pit of his stomach, he knew that his foot had nothing to do with medical disorders or diseases.

Chapter Three

"Congratulations Mr.Isle. You got an A+ on your pop quiz, which means I will therefore be expecting more out of you." said Mr. Sullivan evilly. "Nerd," a few other kids snickered. "Now children, pull out you spirals and take notes on this video,which is about Lewis and Clark's expedition." As students reached for their backpacks and yanked out a spiral or two, Danny just sat there, gazing off into the distance. "Hey. HEY!!!" Mr. Sullivan yelled. Danny snapped out of his trance-like state and fell out of his chair un-ceremoniously. The entire class roared with laughter, even Jake, Danny's loyal friend and somewhat protector, rolled on the floor, choking with laughter. Danny's cheeks began to burn with embarrassment as he stood up and sat back down in his seat.
He reached for his backpack and reached into it, pulling out a spiral but noticing that his hand was slightly smaller. Not paying much attention to it, and no longer thinking about his foot, he began to take notes on the video. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. "Hm?" Danny looked behind him. THUNK! A large stone hit his face, causing his upper lip to bleed. Danny raised his hand. "Mr. Sullivan, can I go get an ice pack?" "Why?" "Somebody threw a rock at me and my lip won't stop bleeding." "Oh dear, go immediately to the nurse's office." "Yes, sir." THUMP! A rock struck him in the back of the head and he fell forward onto the white tile floor. Everything went black.

Chapter Four

Oh my god, his head is bleeding!" a girl screeched. Jake ran over to the desk and grabbed a roll of paper towels and ripped off his coat. he lined his coat with paper towels and lifted Danny's head up. He tied his coat around Danny's head, securing it tightly. "Does anyone have a cell phone?" Mr. Sullivan cried out. Jake dug around in his pockets. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. Mr. Sullivan pulled out his own phone and called Danny's mother. "Mrs. Isle speaking." "Mrs. Isle, your son has had an accident. Please come to the school immediately." "Oh dear. I'm on my way!"
Meanwhile, Jake was telling the situation to the police. "9-1-1 What is your emergency?" "My friend has had an accident because someone threw a stone at his head and he fell on the floor and his head started bleeding." "What is your current location?" "Carliean Middle School, Merlanda City, Hambush Street, in Idaho." "We will be arriving there shortly with an ambulance." "Thank you so much!" "Now we need to figure out one more thing." Mr.Sullivan said. "What?" the class asked. "Who threw the rock."

Chapter Five

Darkness. No other word could better describe what Danny was seeing. Darkness. Suddenly everything seemed to be very blurry. His surroundings slowly came into focus. He was laying on twigs and leaves and he was looking up at the thick canopy of leaves and branches. His nose itched. He reached for his nose and saw that he didn't have hands anymore. His hands hand transformed into paws and at the end of every pawtip was a large, sharp, black claw. He rolled over and realized that he had become a wolf. He examined himself and realized he looked rather great for a wolf. He walked over to a puddle of water and looked at his reflection. All wolf. No human left on his body.
"We have been waiting for you." "Huh? Who said that?!" "Our identity will remain a secret unless you accept your duty to this world." the voice said. "What duty?" Danny asked. "As you may have noticed earlier, your foot has become a wolf foot. Your body will continue changing until the full moon. When the full moon comes, you may either accept your duty to the Wolf World, and forever be a wolf, or forever be a human, normal, without difference. You have fifteen days to decide."

Chapter Six

There was a faint beeping. Danny opened his eyes again. Everything was blurry. "Don't tell me I'm still in the forest." Danny thought. His vision began clearing. He was looking up and a blurry white light. A large lamp came into focus. Suddenly, his head began throbbing painfully. "He's awake, he's awake!" his mother cried out. Many doctors rushed to his side and held out shots and tubes. "What, what's happening?" Danny groaned. "Someone threw a stone at your head and you fell and hit the floor honey!" his mom replied. "Of course..."
"Fifteen days....Fifteen days....Fifteen days...." the voice echoed in his head. Danny sat up and realized that he was still wearing his clothes. "I feel a lot better. Can I go home?" "Well we gave you your stitches and plenty of medicine and rest so you should be fine. Mrs. Isle, keep him away from activities that require a lot of energy or concentration, make sure he gets plenty of rest, and he should be fine!" the doctors said. "Oh thank you so much doctors!" Mrs.Isle cried out in relief. "I need to tell her about it."

Chapter Seven

Danny opened his eyes once more. He was back at home, lying in bed. His mom cried out happily. "You were asleep for 3 days!" "Wha-WHAT?!" Danny shouted. He sat up in bed. "Calm down honey!" "Mom I need to tell you something." "Anything honey!" "This is going to sound crazy and act crazy but I need you to not call up any doctors or some mental facility or something ,alright?" "Okay...." Danny pulled off his shoe. His mom gaped in shock. "I am changing. Into a wolf." "That's not possible! Honey tell me more!"
"I was visited by a wolf in my dream. She said I had until the full moon to decide if I wanted to be a wolf or be a human. What should I do?" "Son, please listen. I support you in all ways. If you want to go to the World of Wolves...then I will allow it. It will be hard to lose you...but its like that is what you are destined to be. If you choose the wolves, will I ever see you again?" Mrs.Isle said. "Maybe. If a wolf walks into your yard or anything at night it'll be me. I only have 12 days left. I want to be in both worlds but I just can't. I love you mom. Please don't tell anyone." "I won't. I love you honey." "But mom. One more thing. What do I do when I go to the wolves? I still go to school so what do you say?" "I'll have to think about it. But honey you are sure about going to the wolves? Any doubts?" "Mom it's like they're summoning me. No other person in the world will have this opportunity. I have to take it. I'm sorry mom." "Okay Danny. But always remember. I love you."
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