iPhone player issues
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Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/29/11
The topic description pretty much sums my issue up. When watching an anime, the video will stop, then it'lll show the spinning loading icon. This happens constantly. Even if you leave it paused a while, it will keep doing it.

Ever since I have been a member of this site, I have noticed a trend of video player issues. Honestly, it's a bit ridiculous. How can Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube (with 3g unrestricted turned on) work just fine, yet your app continues to lag behind?

This isn't a question of network speed, there's another underlining issue. I hope it will be resolved soon, otherwise my business here will end and I'll find other sources to watch shows I like.
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Posted 7/1/11 , edited 7/1/11
Haven't has any issues at all with the iphone app at all. If I'm not mistaken the app is the most stable it has ever been at this point at least for me it has been. Also Crunchyroll is not nearly even close to big as what netflix and youtube is so that is not a fair comparison. As for Hulu I'm constantly having huge problem and the video usually randomly stop. It's pretty much unusable for me.

As for the issue at hand. I had this problem on a older ipod and older version of the app. Are you positive your iphone/ipod is up to the latest version as well as the app? I hate to say this but If you dont have the newest iphone/ipod things tend not to go as smoothly as one would want. That just how apple does things just to make you buy its newer version.

Also 3G is not all that fast for the size and quality of video CR sends to the phone. I believe it's 720p, so I highly recommend using wifi as it will play more smoothly and you will be able to stream the video much better then on 3G. CR app should have an option to change the quality in the next vesion for those that have limited bandwidth on their phone.
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