How to buy NicoNicoLIVE tickets for Mikunopolis in LA
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Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/29/11

This Saturday (7/2/11) at 8:30pm PDT (GMT-7) the Hatsune Miku concert that will be happening in Los Angeles will be broadcast on Nico Nico Live. There is no region restriction on viewing the stream (that I can tell), but there are two barriers that may prevent international viewers.

First, Nico Nico Douga requires that you register to view any of their content at all. The site is 100% japanese. This guide assumes you have already overcome this obstacle. If not, now's a good excuse to grant yourself access to Nico's content. There are certainly guides out there for this, but educated guessing or Google Translate can also get you through it.

The second barrier is that you need to buy a ticket for this live showing with Nico Points. If you intend to do this, it will cost you 1500 yen. You can do this from outside Japan. If you're logged in with you're Nico account, I've got you covered. With pictures!

First, go to, which will look like this:

Click on the red button ("Buy Points"). If you haven't done this before, you'll see their Terms of Service:

Click the yellow button at the bottom to accept. You will be prompted for which increment of points you want to buy:

You need 1500 points, which is directly equal to yen. I advise going through this twice to get exactly 1500, the second time will be easier. I clicked 1000 first.

This is where the main annoyance may be, payment method. If you use Visa or MasterCard, you can definitely do this, but you may have to do a sidequest. Nico has chosen to use these companies' "extra layer of security" services. As far as I can tell, PayPal is not supported.

If you use Visa, you need to be signed up for "Verified By Visa". Do this through their official site. Here's the quick link for those in the US: Just follow the plain english. It isn't too difficult and is completely trustworthy.

I assume it's similar for MasterCard, but I'm afraid I can't give you a starting point there. And I cannot advise at all on the other payment methods Nico accepts.

Continuing where we left off, the page you should be at after having clicked points is this:

If you use Visa or MasterCard, click that first large rectangle for Credit (not the small ones to the right). Next is a confirmation:

Paying with credit, getting 1000 Nico points, costs 1000 yen. Click the gold button to continue:

Enter your card number (no hyphens or spaces), enter the expiration month and year, type what's on the image (only numbers are used). After this, the data will be sent through that extra layer of security with whichever service you use, as well as anything your individual bank has added to the prompt. After successfully submitting that, you will be brought back:

A "thanks for buying" in short. Success! Click the gold button to go back to where you started. If you have less than 1500 points, go through the process again. It will take fewer clicks this time, and your card information will have been remembered (you still have to go though that extra security though). When you have enough points, click the main button at one last time to spend your 1500 points. The page will then look like this:

Congrats! You can now watch the Mikunopolis in LA event live! You can watch it live at, save that link! You can also watch the rebroadcast at

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Thanks for this guide!
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